Guddan Zee world update Friday 10 February 2023

Guddan 10 February 2023: Perv comes and dances with Revati. He says Vikrant has hosted a huge party. We will dance like owners and everyone else will be servants and waiters. Saru says so they will servants? Wow, this would be fun. I waited so long for this day. I will get ready like a queen. I will make Laxmi work so much. Perv says see we will enjoy now and they will serve us. Saru says this will be fun.AJ gets ready in the costume. He looks at Guddan. Guddan says won’t you say I look good? AJ says I run out of words. He says you look gorgeous. She says thank you. AJ says you look happy? Guddan says your smile makes my day. It kills all the stress.

Everything feels better when you’re with me. AJ says when I see you I feel like the luckiest person on this planet. Alisha comes there and says wow romance. My friends’ parents keep fighting but you two love each other. I am responsible for all this stress. Guddan says stop saying that. Let me tell you the solution. Let me tell you how are we positive in this stressful circumstance. That is because we are always together. If you want to stay positive, always think we are all with you. Everyone comes there. Laxmi says we will kick that Vikrant out. Dadi says yes. Guddan says see how he becomes a joke in front of everyone. AJ says what have you planned now? Guddan says just wait and watch.

Scene 2
Vikrant, Saru, Durga, Revati, and Perv come downstairs. He says where are all the servants? Guddan says we are here. Durga says finally wearing their worth. Vikrant says this looks good on you AJ. Guddan says you have such a huge party. Why do you have all the attention towards us? See the guests are coming. Welcome them. Dadi says let’s go and receive them. All the guests come in wearing red and black. Guddan told everyone this was a theme. Saru says wow how will people think they’re servants. Guddan says I thought everyone should wear this dress code. They would look good like us as well. Didn’t you see the invitation letter? I will get your new spectacles. Come enjoy the party. Wait, no one knows you. Durga goes upstairs in anger.

AJ meets everyone. Saru says Durga, your first bomb failed. Durga says not a single more word. Guddan didn’t win. She will remain a servant. Everyone will know their worth. Saru says what will you do? Durga says just wait and see how they get insulted in the party. Dadi says Guddan you saved our name. Thank you. Guddan says Durga and Vikrant will plan something now. The lights go off. A spotlight is on Guddan and the family. Durga comes on stage and says you all must be wondering why do they have a light on them? That’s because their position in this house has changed. Let me tell you who they are. A man says we all know who they are. AJ is one of the most famous chefs in India. Durga says wrong. They’re something else now. I will introduce them.

Durga says Dadi is now the senior supervisor of the servants here. Senior servant. She can’t do anything. We still gave her work. Laxmi is now a servant as well. She does the cleaning. AJ is angry. Alisha is the youngest servant. Intern servant. She will learn about her work from her parents. Vardan, he will work on the trash. Now AJ, entire city knows him as chef. So he will cook here.Durga says is our servant chef from now on. And his daughter Alisha calls him chef as well. Now Guddan, you all know how she keeps talking all the time.

She cleans shoes in our house. Saru says I will get my shoes cleaned today. Durga says when we run out of the polish she licks the shoes clean. So now you all are introduced to our servants. They are here to serve you all. Everyone laughs at them. Vikrant says they will serve, but they should entertain us as well.. Durga says of course. We have so many to entertain us. She brings some boxes inside. Durga says this clown costume is for Guddan. Wear them and get ready for our entertainment. Hurry up. Everyone claps. Durga says hurry up. We don’t have a lot of time. AJ says Durga.. Guddan says you know why are we doing this. This is just a phase. Everything will be fine. We have to do this. I would need your support. Guddan goes inside with the costume.

Vikrant says get ready and enjoy the drama AJ. Guddan comes downstairs as the clown. Durga says this would be fun. AJ is angry. Guddan entertains everyone. AJ says I am sorry you have to go through all this Guddan. I am with you. He serves drinks to her. AJ says I won’t leave you alone. We will do everything together. Vikrant can never part us.Guddan tells them a story. She says I became a DIL, MIL together. Then I entertained everyone. Then I became India’s youngest mother.

I made everyone laugh. Then I became joker to entertain you all. So let’s prepare for my entertainment. Alisha says I am responsible for all this. I should help them. Alisha serves everyone. Laxmi and Vardan also go serve everyone.Guddan does the tricks for everyone.Everyone is happy. Guddan puts a ring in Saru’s waist. Everyone laughs. Vikrant says she has turned this party into a happy show. This was to insult them. AJ looks at Guddan.Guddan comes to AJ and says you became a waiter from the best chef. He says yes but you are a joker anyway.

You look very cute. Guddan says you look s*xy too. Go everyone is ready to eat the food from your hands. He says you made everyone so happy here. He gives her a juice. Guddan says you have to make me drink. Guddan says I am thinking let me show you magic as well. You have to look into my eyes. Guddan gives him a rose and says with love. Vikrant says they are doing romance here. Let show them. He comes towards them. Someone throws pebbles on the floor. Vikrant falls. Everyone laughs. Guddan says you fell. Did you hurt yourself? Guddan says did you like my performance? AJ says everyone is laughing at you Vikrant. Everyone claps for Guddan. Guddan says thank you. Durga is angry.

Guddan goes to her room. Vikrant and Durga stop her. Vikrant says you acted well. Durga says you must be thinking you saved your face. Guddan says yes I did. I can do anything. I am not weak that you can insult my family. I am your MIL anyway. Always a step ahead of you. Durga says I will teach her a lesson.

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