Guddan update Monday 1 August 2022


Guddan 1 August 2022: Choti says everyone is in so much pain. Please stop all this. No one is happy. Why? Would you like people saying I ruined the whole family? Would you like that? I am not like you. This is my house. I don’t like any of this. I don’t like my family torn like this. No one is happy. Please. Please stop all this. Guddan holds her hands and says you have grown up. When a person does wrong, they are all punished. All criminals have families, doesn’t mean they should be forgiven. You’re mu daughter as well. You have a family as well, did she think about us before doing all that to your family? I am not doing wrong, I am stopping you and Agastya from doing wrong. She can harm your child. She can harm you. We need law and justice. The person who does a crime should be punished. You’re not different. I did the same, I kept forgiving Ganga. But in the end I suffered. I lost my AJ forever because I was nice to Ganga. Was that right? No. People should realize they have done wrong. Agastya is doing the right. Be with him, make him strong not weak. Choti says yeah Agastya became a SIL, you became a mom, not it’s my turn.

Guddan does arti and prays for Choti and her family. She says Choti Agastya, Aarv, Arushi.. Everyone comes downstairs. Guddan says where is Choti? Agastya asks Arushi. She says I don’t know. Rashi doesn’t know either. Aarav says she must be out for some work. They start the arti.Pushpa, Sona and Niya come to the house. Everyone is shcoked. Guddan says who brought you out of jail? Hitank says Sona are you okay? Guddan says I am asking something, how did you come here? Choti comes in and says I brought them back. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says are you out of your mind? Why did you bring them back? They are criminals. She says to Pushpa don’t shed fake tears. I won’t let you fool my daughter. Do you have any shame? Choti says mama please, I don’t want any justice. I only want this family to stay together and happy. That would only happen if they live here. I withdrew from the case.


Guddan says are you crazy? how did you take that decision without asking me. Agastya holds Pushpa’s hand and drags her. Choti says what are you doing? Guddan stops Choti. Guddan says all of you go from here. I have to talk to my daughter. Guddan says are you crazy Choti? Look at God, he told us to walk on the right path. Pushpa should be punished. Do you think she would be nice to you this way? She won’t be. She will still harm you. Choti says please don’t be so negative maa. Guddan says don’t we need law then? She will never change and you did a huge mistake. You will see its consequences soon. She goes in. Choti says mama doesn’t understand my emotions. I only wanted my whole family to stay together.

Agastya says to Pushpa I know all your intentions. Your mission is to torture Guddan. What did you say to fool her this time? She says please listen.He says I won’t listen to anything anymore and I won’t fall for your fake tears.

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