Guddan update Wednesday 3 August 2022

Guddan 3 August 2022: Rashi is doing her homework. Choti says what are you solving? Choti gets a call and says I am coming to the restaurant. Choti says I have to go to the restaurant. Agastya comes and says what’s up? She says I am sad. Mama didn’t help me. He says I am here for you. I am here for both you and your mom. Pushpa looks at them. Niya comes and says our plan is working. Pushpa says it never fails. Guddan thinks we returned to her restaurant. Our plan started there. Niya says this Guddan is so stupid. Pushpa says we have to target Agastya. Guddan will be busy with her order and the restaurant. She won’t have time for Agastya that’s when we will launch our task. When wife goes for work and the husband sits home, it’s easy to hurt his ego. Niya says what an experience. Niya says I will get so close to Agastya. Pushpa says we will win at all costs.

Agastya and Rashi are cooking. They video calls Choti. Choti tells them how to cook. Agastya says best of luck Guddan. Aarav says to Agastya can you please fix the tap. The plumber isn’t coming. It’s leaking, you’re free, I have to go I am running late. He says okay I will do it. Don’t worry. Agastya fixes the tap. Sona comes there. Sona says can you bring these things from the market? Aarav is busy, Guddan is out for work, you’re free. Agastya says okay.Niya comes to Agastya. Agastya says what are you doing here? She says I can’t see you like this. He says what? Niya says these people are making you work like a servant. They are making you fix taps. No one even asked you about food. Come with me and have food. Pushpa comes in and says I got food for my son. Agastya says I am not hungry. He shoves her hand. Pushpa says I care about you even if no one does in this house. I am your mother. I brought you up. I didn’t bring you up to act as a servant here. That’s how a house SIL is. You won’t be as respected in this house. You’ve lowered in their eyes.

Agastya says you can never change. Stop manipulating me. I smell your plans from afar. It makes me happy. This is my house, I feel like I have a family. Don’t do this acting and never come between me and Guddan. He leaves.Niya sats it backfired. Pushpa throws the food. Pushpa says we have to do something big.gastya recalls what Niya and Pushpa said, He drinks. He locks the door. He says you must be tired. He looks at Choti sleeping and says can’t wake her up. He hugs her and says when I come close to you, I forget everything. My Guddan. He falls asleep. Agastya sleeps next to her. Her face is covered with a blanket.Agastya wakes up the next morning. Someone knocks at the door. Agastya opens, it’s Choti. Choti says I came late and fell asleep in mama’s room. You were not opening the door. He says Chashmish? She comes in and sees Niya in the bed. Agastya is shocked. Choti is shocked as well. Niya covers herself.Agastya recalls he didn’t see her face at night. Choti says what is all this Agastya? Niya says oh God, what happened with me. Agastya is confused.

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