Guddan update Sunday 10 July 2022


Guddan 10 July 2022: Choti says call here. Kali comes. Pushpa says where were you? I gave you money. Kick her out. Kali drops smoke there. Choti leaves, Kali says she’s dangerous. Even I don’t know what will she do next. Accept your crime or she won’t leave you. Pushpa says never.Choti says I hope they all agree to confess. Guddan goes to take shower. Agastya comes out in towel. Choti says what is this? He says my room, my wife. We can shower together. Choti says have so shame. Go now. He says yeah I am going. Choti opens eyes. He’s still there. He comes close to Choti. The song sanu ek pal chain plays. Agastya comes close. Choti shoves him and says now shower alone.Choti comes to Guddan. Choti says the door wasn’t locked. What if it was someone else? Guddan says I know your steps. Guddan says you don’t care of yourself and where were you? She says Agastya wasn’t letting me go.

Guddan 9 July 2022

Gudda says I will make them confess to make your love stronger. It’s time to activate plan B. Choti says dance party? Guddan says yes.Shona sees many coconuts on the floor. She says what is this? The chandelier blasts. Shona cries and screams. Shona says these coconuts are bombs. Pushpa says what? Kali says that ghost is doing all this. She will take what she wants. Saru says what does she want? Choti says on mic entertainment. You all have to dance non-stop. Niya says I am not a dancer. Never. Choti blasts a coconut. Shona says see.. Kali says leave me. Choti placed firecrackers in the coconuts. Kali says she’s breaking my hand. Please dance. Shona says I am ready. We have to dance. We didn’t dance in Chiku’s wedding. We are ready. Kali claps. Music plays. All four of them dance.

Shona says we will confess everything. Please don’t blast. I don’t wanna die. Kali please save us. Kali says then confess your crime. This is the only way to save yourself. Tonight on dinner table everyone will confess.Choti serves food. Guddan says where are those 4? They all come. Money says mummy why are you acting like a culprit? Agastya says where is ma? Why is everyone so stressed. Shona says I wanted to tell you something big. I had to get courage but there’s no other way. We conspired Guddan’s attack and her death. Agastya is shocked. Shona says Pushpa was also part of this plan. We hit her madly with hockey sticks. Everyone is shocked. Agastya is very angry. Pushpa comes. Money says mummy what are you saying?

Agastya stands up and shouts maa. He says were you involved in all this? Agastya drags her out. Pushpa says what are you doing? I am your mom. Agastya says you have lost all right to be called a mother. you’re nothing to me. He shuts the door. Pushpa wakes up. She says this dream can’t be true. Agastya can’t leave me. She goes out. Shona is telling Agastya. She says we planned to.. Our DIL.. Pushpa says Agastya. She screams.Pushpa faints. Agastya to runs to her before Shona could tell him. Doctor checks her. He says she had a shock. Shona says yes big shock. Saru says no we meant it’s stress. He says we will have to admit her if she doesn’t get up. Agastya says first Guddan, now maa. I can’t see you like this maa. Please get up. He goes out and hits the wall. Choti says what are you doing? He says I couldn’t be a good husband or son. Guddan hugs him and says it’s not your mistake. Be strong please. agastya says I can’t see her like this. We are respect in this society because of her. She did this all for us and I can’t do anything when she’s in this condition. Choti says in heart he’s so attached to his mom. I fear what will he do once he finds out the reality.


Shona says this all is happening because of what we did with Guddan. Guddan says you can’t dp this drama. I will get you on your feet. Kali says Pushpa ji ge up. What will happen to us if you are on bed? Get better. Shona says at least give me power of attorney before dying. Shona cries. Kali tickels her with Shaon’s hair. Pushpa gets up.. Agastya sees her. He hugs Pushpa and says amaa are you okay? She says yes I am fine. Pushpa says in heart how do I hide the truth from him now.Choti says to Guddan, Agastya really loves Pushpa. We have to make them confess one by one. Guddan says you’re right. Let’s start with Shona.

Shona says I hope the ghost doesn’t kill me. Someone knocks at the door. Shona is scared. She screams. Shona hides behind the sofa. Shona says she will kill me. Someone keeps knocking. Shona says I don’t have to be scared. Shona says I will have to open the door. Shona opens the dorr and throws flour. It’s money. He says what did you do maa? She says sorry Money. You don’t know my situation. He says what is wrong with you? Shona says the ghost is after me. He leaves in anger. Money falls from the stairs. Shona scerams. Choti holds his hand and saves him. She pulls him up. Shona says in heart she saved my money and I tried to kill her. She did a favor on us and we did this to her.Choti says to Guddan I had to save him. Guddan says you did right. I am not mad. You got a bruise to save him. this tells me my daughter is a good person. Choti says but how will we make Shona confess now? Door knocks. Shona comes in. Choti says what happened? Shona sits in her feet and says I am sorry. I want to apologize for your sins. We hit you with a hockey and you got so injured that you went it coma.

You don’t remember anything. You saved my son and saved me. I am want to ask for forgiveness. I want to repent. I will confess whoever you want me to. I wanted to tell everyone because I was scared of the ghost but now I have remorse. On your birthday, I will tell Agastya all the truth. This is a mother’s promise. Choti hugs her. Shona says did you forgive me? Let’s go, I will make you laddus.She takes her downstairs. Choti is confused. Guddan is happy. She says this is all happening because of her goodwill. I will make sure Agastya knows everything.

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