Guddan update Saturday 9 July 2022

Guddan 9 July 2022: Pushpa screams for help. Everyone comes there. Pushpa is scared. Niya says what happened. Pushpa keeps falling. They all fall on each other. Niya says it must be Guddan. Why can’t you understand her plan. There can be no ghost. Lights spark. Everyone screams. Niya says you can’t fool me Guddan.Guddan says Niya.. Guddan comes in ghost attire. Niya says enough of your drama. Choti comes from other side and says I am here. They’re scared. Niya tries to stab her. Guddan comes on the other side. Everyone is scared. Shona says there are two Guddan. Guddan says you want to kill me right? Come. Niya says I will kill you. Guddan climbs up on the wall. Bari Guddan is pulling her from other side. The rope drops. Choti falls down. Guddan tries to get up. Niya and everyone is running. Pushpa tries to open the door.

Shona calls police but phone isn’t working. Guddan walks in from the gate in an old woman’s attire. Pushpa says who are you? Guddan says she has all the answers. She points at the wall. Shona says no one there. Guddan says you can’t see. The light sparks.They see a red mark on the mirror. Choti is projecting it. Pushpa says who are you? She says I am Kali. I kick out ghosts and witches. Shona says you came on right time, we have ghosts in this house. Agastya comes in. He says what is happening in this house? Who is this woman? Pushpa says she’s Guddan’s caretaker. Agastya says thank you maa for taking care of Guddan. Pushpa says she’s your wife. Agastya says where is Guddan? I have to give her parsad. Bari Guddan comes to him and says I will give it. Agastya goes in. Guddan says we will do a send ghost away pooja tomorrow morning at 4. Get these things ready.. They look at the list.

Guddan comes to Choti. Choti says who are you? Guddan shows her hair and says your mom. Choti says U was kidding. I can recognize you anytime. Guddan says Agastya brought this paarsad. It reminded me of your dad. The way Agastya cares for you. Choti wipes her tears. Guddan says no matter how difficult time it, AJ was always with me. Agastya is the same. He will never leave you. Agastya comes.. Guddan hides.Pushpa says to Shona you will bring all this stuff. I don’t want any argument. Shona says will she fix everything? Niya says you people are crazy. Do something mummy ji.Guddan fixes her wig. Agastya gives flowers to Choti. Choti says what? He says you are special. Choti says they’re so pretty. He puts them in her hair. Choti says she is here. Agastya says she’s bust in her work. He caresses her face. Agastya kisses her. Choti says I hope mama is okay downstairs and this plan doesn’t backfire.

Guddan starts the pooja. She says I will capture her with my mantras. The smoke spreads in the room. Everyone coughs. Guddan says the ghost is there. Choti comes there with a scary face. Saru says aunty why are you laughing? Guddan says don’t call me aunty. Pushpa says please save us frm her. She says come in this bottle. Choti says I won’t. Guddan says you have to come in this bottle. Choti says I will kill all of you. Sona says she will kill us. Guddan says come in this bottle. She spreads smoke again. Choti hides. Guddan says she’s in my pouch now. Pushpa says you’re so powerful. Guddan says tie this. Sona says you tie it jiji. Pushpa says how dare you shove me? She says we are dying here. Do it first. Pushpa slaps her. Sona slaps her back and says go and tie the pouch before we die.

Pushpa tries to tie the pouch. Smoke comes out of it. Guddan says you couldn’t tie a pouch? your faces are blackened. Choti says you all have to confess your crimes or I will kill you all. Sona says I will accept it. Please don’t kill me. Choti says not just one. All of you will have to accept and confess that you tried killing that girl. Kali (Guddan) says she will come. One more lie and she will kill you all. Sona says save us please. we will tell who all tried to harm her. Pushpa says no one will say a word. Kali says don’t take her lightly. She will make you do what she wants. Pushpa throws money on her and says I want to get rid of this ghost. No one will confess anything. She leaves. Guddan says I have to make them confess.Guddan wipes Choti’s bruise. She says why were you hiding it from me? My Choti can never be in pain when I am there. Gudda says they are not ready to confess. Choti says what will we do now? Gudda says they will have to accept it. You don’t have to worry.

Sona holds Pushpa’s feet. She says I am sorry. Forgive me. I was in tension. Pushpa says I will see you later but for now we need to get rid of that ghost. Niya says will Guddan’s ghost leave us so easily? Saru says she was so difficult as a human her ghost won’t leave us. Pushpa says only Kali can save us from that ghost. My money should work. Choti says on speaker only your confession can save you. If you wanna live confess your crime.Choti comes in and says the help you’re taking from is a human, and I am a ghost. And in this battle only ghost will win. You will all die. Everyone is scared. Choti laughs. Sona says you’re right. We will do what you want. Choti says anything? Saru says yes. Choti says okay you both will slap each other. It should be louder than each other. Niya laughs. Choti says you will count their slaps. If you make a mistake they will slap. They start slapping each other. Choti laughs. Saru slaps Niya.They all slap one another. Pushpa says stop. What drama is this? Kali? Where are you? Choti says she’s a human. She can’t fight with me. Call her here.

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