Guddan update Monday 11 july 2022


Guddan 11 july 2022: Choti says to Guddan things are going well. On my birthday Agastya will know everything. Guddan says your new life with start with this baby. Pushpa comes there. Guddan hides. Pushpa goes towards that curtain. She says I heard someone talking. Was someone here? Were you eating laddus alone? Choti says my baby and I were eating together. Pushpa hits the curtain with a rolling pin. Choti says mama.. Pushpa takes off the curtain. No one is there. Pushpa says you said mama? Choti says I was scared you might hit a bird. Pushpa says give me water. Choti gives her water. Choti leaves. Guddan says choti you rest. Guddan’s hand is swell. Choti comes. She says I know your pain even when you don’t tell me. She puts a medicine on it.

Choti says you have suffered so much because of me. Guddan says you have are my biggest happiness. You were never a problem to me. She hugs her and says everything will be okay on your birthday.Agastya decorates the room for Guddan’s birthday. He kisses her forhead. Guddan is asleep. Agastya says happy birthday. She says did you sleep? He puts on her glasses. Gudadn sees her glasses. She is shocked. Choti says all this? He says this is half of the surprise. He closes her eyes and says come with me. Choti says where are you taking me? HE shows her the cake. Choti says it’s all so pretty. Agastya says make a wish. Choti makes a wish that Shona confesses everything and it all gets better by tomorrow.Kali comes in. Agastya says you? She says it’s my daughter’s birthday. I am not with her. I heard it’s your wife’s birthday as well. So I thought if she cuts this cake, I will feel like my daughter did.

Agastya says sure come in. Choti cuts both the cakes. Guddan and Agastya wish her happy birthday. Agastya says give us blessings. Guddan says always stay happy and together.Shona says I made a huge mistake God. Give me courage so I can tell everyone. Pushpa comes. She says I know you have decided to tell Agastya everything. Shona says I tried to kill Guddan and her baby and she saved my son. Pushpa says I can stop you. I will tell him before you. I will tell him before he finds from another plan. Shona says it’s your game plan again.You can’t fool me. Shona says I swear on my son Agastya’s life that I will tell him everything today. Shoan says what are you doing? Pushpa says do you trust me? She says yes I do. Shona hugs her and says I know you will tell him everything. Agastya gets everything ready for the birthday. shona says such a big party. Money says you have decorated the house so well. Agastya says I hope Guddan likes it. Chacha says where is Guddan?

Choti comes downstairs in spotlight. Agastya looks at her and holds her hand. The song tumko paya hai tou jaisay khoya hun. He brings her to the hall.Shona says to Pushpa do you remember your promise? She says yes I always do. Pushpa says Agastya I got a gift for Guddan. Their delivery boy isn’t there. Can you bring it? AGastya says yes I will bring it. Agastya says to Guddan you stay here, I will be back in 10 minutes. He leaves. Choti recalls how Pushpa sent Agastya out of the house last time as well. Choti says to Guddan would everything be okay? She did the same last time when they hit me.

Shona asks Pushpa why aren’t you telling? She says I want to do good before Agastya finds out. Money says to Choti don’t worry even Pushpa is ready to tell the truth. Have this juice. You will fell better. Choti drinks the juice. Guddan says are you okay? Sit here. Don’t move from here until I come. Choti’s head hurts. Choti is drunk. She gets on a stool. Pushpa says what are you doing? Choti says I heard you are gonna tell the truth today. Let me tell one secret as well. My DIL never said truth.

She dances on sasu ji tu ne meri. She dances around Pushpa. Agastya comes. Choti puts cake on her face. He says Guddan.. He’s angry. Agastya says did you drink? Are you okay? Maa isn’t well and you’re misbehaving with her. At least think that she’s my mom. Pushpa says it’s okay. she can’t understand anything. Agastya says see maa is still taking your side. Shona gives her water. Agastya says why did you do this? Maa was insulted. Choti says why would I answer? Mummy ji will answer. Agastya says what are you saying? Choti says mummy ji tell him truth. You were gonna confess something. Say it. Agastya says maa what is she saying? Shona says jiji it’s time to say the truth.

Pushpa says Agastya I am your and Gudadn’s culprit. She tells him how they beat up Guddan when he went out. Agastya is shocked. SHe tells him how she tried to kill Choti. Agastya shouts why? Choti says mama’s strategy worked. Where is she? Agastya says why did you do this? What did you get? He breaks things in anger. I thought you changed. Agastya sits down and cries. Guddan says Agastya.. Agastya says I can’t even face you. Choti says don’t say that. It’s not your fault. Agastya says everything is over. All relationships are over. I will take revenge for all pain my wife wen through.

Money says I can’t believe you can try to kill someone. You’re not my mom. Shona says MOney listen. Chacha says it’s my mistake. I asked to support bhabhi in everything but you became a criminal? He leaves in anger as well. Choti goes upstairs.Agastya is upset in his room. He recalls how pushpa did this drama of being nice. Money comes to AGastya. He says I can understand your pain. What happened wasn’t right. Your anger is justified. But you have to stay strong. Agastya says I never even talked back to my mom because I loved her so much. I want to be alone. Money leaves. Agastya looks at his photo with Guddan. He recalls when he found Guddan injured and when she was in coma. He cries. Agastya says I couldn’t be a good husband.

Choti says where is mama? She went to bring lemon water? Everyone accepted their crime. It all happened because of mama. Where could she go? Choti looks for her.Agastya says you left me with no option. You will be punished ma. He calls police.Pushpa takes hi phone and says you heard half truth. Decide what you want after you hear the complete truth.

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