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Unspoken 10 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh shouting on Nandini. She asks where will I sleep. He says I have a habit to sleep on the bed alone. She shuts the door. She says until I get my answers, we will not go out, what happened to you, why are you doing this, did I do anything that has hurt you, tell me, is it good to insult me, how did everything change in one night, you got a lovely gift for me, what happened now, I was so happy. He recalls Charmy’s words. Nandini says I was happy that I can stand on this stool and get equal to you. He says you want to get equal. He makes her fall. He asks did you fall, I can’t see, so I didn’t know. He stumbles to save his camera. She asks how did you save this camera. He says what’s close to my heart, I handle it. She looks at him.

Shobit comes to Gunjan. She smiles and shuts the door. She holds his hand and takes him. She says you left your bride on the wedding night, but its okay. She goes close to him. He gifts her a diamond necklace. He says you like diamonds right, tell me, what would you choose between me and diamonds. She asks what are you saying, I will choose you. He says liar, I can see the diamonds’ shine in your eyes. He makes her wear the necklace. He says its just the start, whatever you ask, your wishes will be fulfilled, you will get everything, don’t complain, that I don’t come close to you, its small things, make big demands, I will fulfill everything. She nods. He goes. She smiles seeing the necklace.

Nandini asks what happened to you, you did so much for me, when we are the same, then what has changed, talk to me, we can talk, I will try to rectify my mistake. Darsh shouts don’t take my name, I don’t want to hear my name, think you have married a problem, you will face a new problem every day, I promise that, call me a problem now. She says problem ji, tell me what to do to rectify my mistake. He says fine, go and get your bag. She asks why. He says don’t waste time. He asks her to leave. He throws the bag out. Rajvi comes and asks why is this bag fallen here. She takes the bag inside. Darsh worries.

He says it fell because of me. Rajvi asks why. He laughs and says this girl is very clever, I told her that I want the bed’s right side, she argued with me, she packed her bags and said she will shift to you, I was stopping her and bag had slide a bit. Rajvi asks him to keep Nandini happy. He says maybe she takes all the Laxmi of the house and disappears. Rajvi asks Nandini not to listen to him, he is mad. He says I will go and get the charger. Rajvi says stop, you have to do a rasam. He says I will come soon. Darsh goes. Rajvi says unpack the bag, I will just come.Nandini says I don’t understand, how shall I tell this to MIL, why is Darsh doing this. Darsh hears the drivers talking bad about Nandini and gets angry. Nandini looks on from far. Darsh says driver. Driver sees him and gets tensed. Darsh says get a pot filled with water. Driver gets it and says sorry. Nandini thinks where is he going. Darsh goes to the beach. He removes his shirt. He takes the pot. He plays Shraddh mantras on phone.

He does the Shraddh of his goodness. Nandini looks on. She asks why are you getting angry, do you really think that I was running away with Mopit, whose Shraddh were you doing. He says Darsh Rawal, the Darsh you knew is dead, I did Shraddh of that true, innocent and foolish Darsh, I just hate you, you deserve it, I asked you to leave the house, if you want to stay as bahu, then fine, you will see my anger and hatred now. He goes.Rajvi asking Nandini to come for rasam, where is Darsh. Darsh comes and says I m here. Darsh asks what’s this rasam, Parul said its interesting. Rajvi says yes, sit here. She asks Nandini and Gunjan to stand in front of their husbands. Gunjan says we need to compete. Rajvi says yes, your husbands will tell which sweet they want to have, you have to make it for them. Nirali says Nandini makes sweets, she can win easily. Rajvi says you have to sit in their lap. Gunjan sits and says we won. Rajvi says not now, when I tell you. Namrata taunts them. Rajvi says you will sit in their lap, when they praise you, they can demand for sweets. She asks Darsh not to make a face. She says Rukmani used to sit in Krishna’s lap, when he complimented her, she used to make sweets for him. Nirali asks Nandini not to be shy, go.

Nandini sits in Darsh’s lap. Rajvi asks Darsh to praise Nandini now. Darsh praises Nandini in a taunting way. Shobit sits silent. Rajvi asks him to say something. He says Charmy, I didn’t see a more charming girl than Gunjan. Darsh thinks I know Shobit can’t forget Charmy, I won’t forget that Shobit got away from his love because of Nandini. Shobit asks Gunjan to make anything she likes. Darsh says whatever you make will look bitter to me. Dada ji comes and asks them to see the gold coins, its auspicious for them.Dada ji opens the box and says two coins are missing. Rajvi asks what, I will check in your room. Namrata says you won’t get the coins back, better to keep gold and jewellery in locker. Gunjan asks lockup? She laughs. Dada asks why are you saying this. Namrata says we don’t know who to trust, its not safe to keep costly things. He asks are you doubting your Bhabhis. Namrata says yes, they can change intentions any time, better keep valuables safe. Nandini recalls Darsh’s words.

Nandini argues with Namrata. Namrata says maybe Bansuri and Naveen took the coins. Nandini scolds Namrata. Gunjan asks how are you talking. Nandini says Naveen is also accused, you should also answer. She apologizes to Dada ji. He says you didn’t say anything wrong, Darsh, won’t you tell anything to Namrata. Darsh says I have no mood to argue with Namrata, they shall prove that they didn’t steal anything to end Namrata’s doubt. He asks Namrata to check Gunjan, he will check Nandini. Dada ji scolds him. Nandini says let him check his wife, then he would know that he should have supported his wife. Darsh asks her to come. Rajvi and Shobit look for the coins. She asks are you happy after marriage. She says sometimes, I feel you love Darsh more than I do. She goes to get keys. Shobit says mum was talking to me with love, thankfully mum spoke about Darsh, why, everyone just cares for Darsh, Charmy its good you didn’t come in this house, I have no value. Darsh checks Nandini’s bag. She says you think I have stolen the coins. He says I can’t trust you, Gunjan changed the kamarbandh. She says I m not Gunjan, you think drivers were saying truth, I married in this house for money, tell me. He throws her clothes down. She says tell me why your love changed into hatred in one day, I can’t tolerate you insulting me, if a marriage lacks respect for a wife, I don’t accept such a marriage, I m leaving this house, you wanted this, right. He stops her.

He asks what’s the hurry, checking isn’t done, maybe you have hidden the coins in your clothes, you should be checked as well.He lifts her upside down. She says leave me, you have no right to insult me like this. He says I think you deserve this, you can go. She says I will not stay here. He says go fast, driver won’t come to drop you if you miss the bus. She leaves. Rajvi asks did you check Gunjan, Namrata what happened to you, how dare you. Gunjan says its fine, her doubt has ended. Rajvi says you have crossed limits. Namrata says its nothing to feel bad. Rajvi asks Dada ji why did she do this.

Dada ji says Darsh took Nandini to check her. Rajvi asks what. Chetan comes and shows the coins. He says I got this polished. Namrata asks did you have this. He says yes, why. Rajvi scolds Namrata. They see Nandini leaving. Rajvi says I just got to know this, sorry, I don’t know how Darsh came in Nandini’s words, you know how much Darsh loves you.Nandini says I can’t stay back. Rajvi scolds Darsh. She says you will learn to adjust. Nandini says staying with respect is imp than staying with husband, I won’t stay here.

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