Anupama update Sunday 10 July 2022

Anupama 10 July 2022: Samar video chats with Nandini and asks her not to inform Anu the issue which he has kept a secret till now as Anu is already already in a tension and he will inform her when appropriate time comes. Vanraj sees that and warns if he cannot understand his warning, should he use another way. Samar says he can use many ways he wants to, he will not understand even then. Vanraj shouts he will repent if he doesn’t understand, warns that tomorrow is his biggest day Maha Shivratri and he shouldn’t do whatever he likes. Samar thinks he wasn’t, but now will. Next morning, Anu makes pooja arrangements. Vanraj in traditional attire walks to her. She says she made all arrangements. He says its perfect and says Baa and Kavya are getting ready for pooja; he asks her if she can get the pre-pooja rituals done as she is doing it since years and nobody knows better than her.

Anu says if someone is sitting in pooja, getting him ready is also a pooja and prepares him for pooja with rudraksha mala and vibhuti on his forehead. He applies kumkum on her forehead. Kavya gets jealous noticing that. Vanraj prays Mahadev to forgive him if he makes any mistake during pooja.Baa asks Bapuji to explain Vanraj not to get angry on Samar as he is young and may do a mistake like Toshu. Bapuji asks how to explain as Vanraj doesn’t listen to his father and Samar doesn’t listen to his father, hence she should handle this department of explanation. She says she already scolded Vanraj regarding maide ki katori Kavya, so he should explain Vanraj to stop his adamancy and Samar to stop his stubbornness as men don’t have etiques of fighting and women fight whole day but cook together at night, etc. Bapuji says he will try to explain them individually after pooja. Baa hopes there won’t be any problem in pooja today.

Vanraj gets angry when he gets a call that his job request has been rejected. Anu asks if he is fine. He says nobody is giving him a job even when he is ready to work for half salary. Anu says Bholenath will set everything right. He asks not to inform Baa and Bapuji about it as he doesn’t want his family to pity on him. She nods okay and leaves. Bapuji hearing their conversation says he can understand Vanraj’s situation as he was feeling same when retired from his job. Anu says she worked for just 2 days and when she lost it, she felt as if she lost her work; Vanraj worked for years and she understands his condition. Bapuji says when a man earns, he is a tiger and when he loses jobs, his paws are lost; men are taught since childhood that women should handle house and men handle job, after retirement they feel furniture is more valuable than them; Vanraj has not retired but is jobless and must be feeling really frustrated. Anu says their duty is to pray with faith.

Samar walks to Nandini and hugs her. She asks why did he come early morning. He jokes and says he missed her. She says even she missed him, asks how is Maasi and situation at home. He says fine and asks her to get ready for pooja at his house. She says she cannot come. He says its because of Vanraj’s warning; they don’t like Kavya, but Vanraj brings her everytime and why can’t he do that. She says she doesn’t want to hurt family. He wants to perform pooja with her and pray for their better future, their fight is long and tough and she shouldn’t accept defeat so easily.

Pooja starts. Kavya tries to sit next to Vanraj. Baa stops her and says father and sons will sit next to Vanraj and asks Bapuji and Toshu to sit with Vanraj. Rakhi asks Kavya to sit with her. Baa doesn’t find Samar and asks where is he. Samar enters and sits next to Toshu. Rakhi explains her family ritual of submitting kheer to go and pray and asks if she can do it here. Anu agrees. She fills kheer in katoris and says one for Kavya, one for Vanraj’s job, and one for Vanraj and Kavya’s new home as she heard they are searching a new house and are leaving from here after pooja. Vanraj angrily looks at her She asks if she said anything wrong, she knows he has a bit of self-respect left and doesn’t want to stay in Mrs. Shah’s house. Anu says this is Baa and Bapuji’s house and not hers. Baa warns not to create problem now.

Rakhi swears on Bholenath. Baa says whole world’s dogs’ tails can be straightened but not Rakhi, god must be feeling guilty after making her, etc. Rakhi says fine if she doesn’t trust her, she was genuinely concerned. Kavya says she is right. Rakhi warns her to keep her attitude herself as she is not Anu to blindly trust her repeatedly. Vanraj shouts this is not kitty party and warns to shut their mouth.Vanraj performs pooja and his sons help him. They all 3 then perform aarti. Everyone sits for meditation. Vanraj reminisces all the recent incidents where Baa scolded him and opens eyes. He gets more angry seeing Samar bringing Nandini.

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