Guddan update Friday 8 July 2022


Guddan 8 July 2022: Choti is drowning. Niiya says few more minutes. Let’s take a good bye selfie. You missed your mom, I sent you there. Bari Guddan runs out. Niya leaves. Choti’s hands and legs are tied. She tires to release herself. Niya says nice pictures. Bari Guddan comes after her. She runs out to the pool and sees Choti. Guddan jumps in to save her. Saru says why did you call us? She shows them photo of Guddan drowning. Niya says she must be dead by now. He story is over. Shona says now two ghosts will haunt us. Niya says shut up. There’s no ghost. We won.

Guddan brings out Choti. Guddan says Choti open your eyes. Mama is here. Nothing will happen to you. Choti breathes. she opens eyes. Guddan says Choti.. Choti recalls always fighting with people that her parents are alive. Guddan hugs Choti. She says my Choti.. Mama will never leave you alone. Krishna listened to us. They both cry.Niya brings everyone out and says see with your own eyes. Bari Guddan hides. Choti is out of the floor. NIya says how did she come out of the pool herself? Choti moves her lefts. Shona says she’s alive. Niya says I won’t let her live for a second. She picks a piece of glass and goes towards Choti. Agastya comes there. He says Guddan… Agastya runs to her. Agastya says Guddan are you okay? Who did all this? He says to NIya you’re behind all this right? Shona says yes it’s her. She slaps Niya and says you’re such an evil girl. You won’t listen until we teach you a lesson.

Agastya twists her hand and says my wife is pregnant and she isn’t well. I warned you. I will send you to jail. She says you will send me to jail to heal your wife? Agastya says what do you mean? She says when normal treatment wasn’t working, I got the idea of shock treatment and see Guddan is better now. Choti tries to sit. Agastya holds her. He says you’re well now. I am so happy. He hugs Choti. Agastya says our baby is also fine. Let’s go. He picks her and takes her inside. Guddan says I can walk now. He says you can walk all your life. Choti says in heart I can tell Agastya but mama and I have decided to expose all of you. Now see what I do.Pushpa says to NIya shock therapy? Niya says I wanted to kill her and I didn’t know she would get better. Pushpa wonders why didn’t Choti tell Agastya? Something is cooking. Bari Guddan looks at them and says we will teach you a lesson on right time. Shona and Niya fall in the pool.

Agastya says do you feel better? Let’s call doctor. Choti says you’re with me. I will be okay. Nothing will go wrong now. This payal will irritate you now. He says I can listen to this noise all my life. Choti stands up and walks. Her anklets make noise. Agastya pulls her close. He kisses her forehead. The song tum ho apny plays. Agastya says I am sorry you had to go through all this. I couldn’t protect you. I won’t go away from you for a second. Choti says you can’t be upset. What will happen to me. I got better because of your love and mama’s prayers. He says yes maa did so many prayers for you. Choti says in heart how do I tell you this happened because of my mom not yours. Choti says since everything is better, you should go to temple. He says we can go together. Choti says I will be okay. Agastya hugs her. Choti says in heart if I have to be with mama you will have to go away from me. Agastya leaves. Choti says mama come in. Guddan hugs her.


Choti hugs Guddan. They both cry. Guddan recalls when Choti was born. Choti says I knew you were there. People called me an idiot but I was right. Guddan says God kept me alive for this day. but I am mad. How are these people fooling you and you don’t get it. Choti says I am not wise like you. Guddan says I should have been with you. DJ has taken care of you. My mom left me as well. But AJ taught me so much. Agastya does the same for you. Choti says will you stay with me now? Guddan says yes, I will always be with you. All problems would resolve. It’s time to make them cry. We will teach them a lesson together. I promise you that. Choti hugs her.

Guddan brings CHoti to a place. She says what’s here? Guddan shows her a painting of Pushpa, Shona and Saru on donkey bodies. Choti laughs. Choti says you’re so unique mama. Choti hugs her and says I really missed you. they will be making dangerous plans. Guddan says we will start before them. Let’s start with Saru and Sona. They think my ghost is in this house. For Niya and Pushpa, we will take them next. Choti says I can’t handle them. Guddan says you can do anything. I trusted people like Ganga as well. But then I taught them a lesson. We have to teach them a lesson now.

Sona comes to kitchen. She says so hungry. She hears a voice that says see this as well. Sona says I have to stop fearing. She opens a pot. Guddan comes in front of her. Sona screams ghost.. Pushpa comes. Sona says ghost. Pushpa says are you crazy? She says there was blood in the pot. Choti says this is pomegranate juice. Choti drinks it. Sona says this is blood. Choti says let’s eat. NIya should not be here but it’s okay. She can eat as well. they all sit on the table.Saru says Guddan how did you heal? Were you always okay? Or.. Choti says why are you asking that? I wasn’t doing drama. Saru says no no. Why didn’t you tell Agastya? Guddan says in heart I know how you tried to harm my daughter. Guddan says what you did was okay. Saru says I don’t remember anything. Sona says you forgave us right? Choti says what forgiveness? Why ar eyou behaving like this? Pushpa says Agastya didn’t ask you anything? Choti says about what?

Pushpa says how did you fall and all? Guddan says I don’t remember anything. Sona says neither do we. Pushpa wonders if she’s doing drama or not. Guddan eats the foor and says my daughter cooks just like her dad. I hope Choti is ready. She has to face her fears. Guddan says maa ji let me serve you.Pushpa goes upstairs. She hears anklet. Pushpa says i if Guddan is there who’s here. She says who is there? Choti comes in front of her. Pushpa is scared. choti locks her. Pushap screams someone save me. She falls down. Choti comes near her. Pushpa shoves her. Choti screams mummy ji.. She holds her leg. PUshpa is scared.She screams leave me. Choti says in heart it feels bad doing this to you but we have to show you that you’re wrong.

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