Unspoken Bond update Saturday 9 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 9 July 2022: Episode starts with Nandini saying Darsh can’t see me in trouble. Darsh leaves. Nandini sits waiting. Darsh recalls her and cries. He steps in the pool. He gets angry and splashes the water. Shobit check the recording. Charmy says Vanlata kept this condition in front of Rajvi, Nandini will marry Darsh if you marry Gunjan, Nandini tricked us, I was coming to meet you, Nandini locked me in a room. Shobit cries. She says I don’t understand why is Darsh silent, I told him everything, I had seen him fulfilling rasams nicely, you can’t hear a word against him, but he didn’t tell the family, maybe he would have ousted Nandini, I m sure they are enjoying their wedding night. Darsh goes.

Unspoken Bond  8 July 2022

Nirali sees him and thinks why is he going in study room. Charmy says I m not in your life, maybe Darsh changed, learn to know people, you didn’t change, you just know to sacrifice love, Darsh couldn’t sacrifice his love for you. Shobit cries. He says Darsh would be planning to bring out her truth, he can’t let anything wrong happen with me, I trust him. Rakla calls Gunjan. She turns and sees him in her room. They argue. She insults him.He says I don’t have an AC, but I have a wife, you sleep in AC without your husband. He laughs and goes. Nandini says what did I do, why is Darsh doing this. Shobit says Darsh would be in his room. Nirali says no, he is in the study room, any problem. He says no. He goes and sees Darsh. He thinks he would be angry on Namrata. He says I m seeing since childhood, you sit alone when you are upset, I know you don’t like anyone disturbing you, Charmy attempted suicide, she would have died because of me, I know Charmy told you everything, could we imagine that Nandini can do this, I m feeling bad for you, Nandini took an advantage of all of us, I can’t even meet Charmy. He asks Darsh to bring him out of this situation, Nandini should have not taken an advantage of us, I know you love her, but we have to solve this, I m ready to do anything you say, bring me out of this mess, I can’t live without Charmy, I love her a lot.

He goes. Someone else was inside. The man removes the ear plugs and goes. Shobit cries.He says my brother is imp than my parents, he will find some solution soon. Darsh says whoever makes my brother cry, I will fill that person’s life with tears, welcome to hell, Nandini. She sleeps in the washroom. Its morning, Darsh wakes up Nandini by opening a shower tap. She asks what are you doing. He catches her. She says I have spent entire night in the bathroom alone, you were outside, I heard you, why did you not open the door, it was our wedding night, why, what did I do, why did everything change, answer me. He applies soap to her face. He says my answer is, I don’t like dirty people.

Rajvi calling out Darsh. Darsh asks Nandini to get ready soon, he is waiting, don’t dare to say anything that hurts Rajvi. He goes. Nandini cries. Shobit looks for Darsh. Chetan teases him. He says Darsh will come, everyone is waiting for breakfast. Shobit says I will freshen up and come. He calls Charmy. He says Darsh, just save me from this cheat marriage, Charmy and I won’t get separated. Nandini recalls Darsh’s words and cries. Aapki nazron ne samjha…plays…She asks what did I do that Darsh changed so much. Gunjan feels sleepy. She says Nandini used to do all the work there. Rajvi says she is going to some other table. Vipul says maybe she is sleepy. Namrata says hello, we are here. Gunjan goes to their table. They laugh. Gunjan says sorry. Namrata taunts Gunjan. Rajvi asks Gunjan to sit. Shobit asks didn’t Darsh not come. Darsh says you got married now, all okay. He jokes. Everyone laughs.

Darsh asks him to come and have breakfast. Shobit thinks why is Dars behaving like this, now he knows Nandini had trapped me in this marriage. Nandini comes. She thinks everyone is so happy, how shall I tell them what happened at night. She sees Darsh and thinks I should hide this matter until I know the reason for his anger. Darsh says mum, don’t say we will do first rasoi rasam in the resort. Nandini says I m ready for it. Darsh says good girl, pretend in front of everyone, they should think we have love, its a big lie. Shobit thinks Darsh looks happy with Nandini. Darsh asks Shobit to sit with his wife, he got married now. Shobit thinks I thought he will bring me out of this wrong relation, but he looks relaxed. Shobit sits with Gunjan.He sees Darsh. Nandini says I can’t do this acting. Rajvi says you know the respect we have, the relations are the real identity of our family, people don’t give imp to each other, they end relations and can’t make a sacrifice, but we keep relations.

Dada ji says yes, my parents’ marriage stayed for 69 years, I was also with my wife for over 45 years, love is imp for keeping relations. Rajvi jokes. She says we have an interesting rasam before rasoi rasam, I will explain it after breakfast. Shobit thinks Darsh said I m his life, it was just a drama, I know Darsh doesn’t love me, he got what he wanted, he won’t go against Nandini. He gets up from his place. Darsh stops him. Shobit says I have some work. He leaves. Darsh thinks I will never forget your sacrifice, until I sort out this mess, I can’t tell the truth to you and mum. Shobit cries and calls the doctor.He asks about Charmy. He asks what, she wasn’t permitted to leave. He sees her inner self replaying the accident scene. He says both the brothers lost eyes in the same accident, Darsh lost eyesight, he is very smart, you are a fool, look at yourself, Charmy left, you got married to a greedy girl, does anyone care for you, you are so stupid, you deserve this, you are a coward, where is Darsh now, did he come to wipe your tears, Darsh got Nandini, he is happy, Charmy was right.

Darsh just wants his happiness, Charmy left, you are alone, what will you do now, will you see Darsh happy with Nandini and keep a fake relation with Gunjan, take a stand for yourself, you have to rescue yourself. Shobit cries and falls into the pool. He shouts no, I won’t cry, I can’t get Charmy, but the one who did wrong with me have to pay a big price. Darsh has seen my love, now he will see my hatred, Darsh forgot me, I won’t let him stay happy with Nandini, and I mean it.

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