My heart knows update Sunday 10 July 2022

My heart knows 10 July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani calling Shera a mannerless guy and throws a mattress, pillow and blanket on him, and asks him to sleep quietly on the floor. Shera says ok, I will sleep on the floor, atleast I will be near you. Kalyani hopes Malhar returns and thinks she will find the guilty and get him punished. She sleeps. Shera wakes up in the night and makes Moksh sleep on the floor. He says Kalyani ji…I am coming and lies down on the bed. Kalyani wakes up and finds Shera beside her. She takes the slipper in her hand and shouts. Moksh gets up. Shera sees the bed wet and says your son wets his bed even now. Kalyani asks Shera to go out. Shera comes out and washes his hands in the tap water.

Someone hits on his head. Shera turns and hits the guy. The guy asks him to return Vittal and calls him Malhar Rane. Shera says I didn’t know anyone and is about to hit him when the goon throws sand on his eyes and hits him. Shera catches him, but he escapes. Shera finds the ring there and thinks he knows who has done this. Kalyani tries to make Moksh speak and asks him not to tell anyone about Shera until he gets his voice.

Avni tells Sarthak that they shall get fake Malhar’s DNA test done. Sarthak says it is of no use, as Kalyani must have already handled the DNA report. He asks if she remembers how she handled Moksh’s DNA report. Avni asks shall I try to prove him as an imposter and tells that Aao Saheb told her that she heard them speaking about money. She tells that if they give greed to the imposter then he might reveal the truth. Sarthak asks her to find out and tells that because of Kalyani, their life is ruined.

He goes. Avni tells that she married him with her wish and tells that she will make sure that Anupriya don’t return in Sarthak’s life. Kalyani gets emotional and thinks of Malhar. She reminisces their moments and tells that she will make the guilty punished, and feels apologetic to him for letting Shera stay in the house as him, else she will lose Moksh. Just then Shera entangled her saree pallu in the pedestal fan. She asks what is this misbehavior? Shera blames her for sending goon to get him beaten. Kalyani asks him to stop the fan. Moksh comes there and keeps something on his eyes. Shera goes to wash his face. Kalyani frees her saree pallu and thinks what he was talking about. She comes out. Shera blames her and asks her to go and see his goon. Kalyani asks why will I get you beaten in my house? Shera tells that he was attacked by the goon, when he came out of house and the goon talked about Vittal.

Kalyani says Malhar ji never told about Vittal. Shera asks her to give another lakh and gives her ring which he got from the goon. Kalyani calls Anupriya and asks her about Vittal. Even though Anupriya knows, but don’t tell her and asks her not to call her again. Kalyani calls Pawar and asks him about Vittal, but he doesn’t know. Kalyani finds someone’s number in Malhar’s mobile and calls him. She gives her introduction. The guy tells that he is Sudharshan and tells that Malhar used to come and get info about the jewellery. Shera tries to steal the jewellery from the locker, as get trapped by Avni and Aao Saheb. Avni asks inspector to arrest the imposter and recalls trapping him. Moksh sees them and goes to alert Kalyani.

Kalyani ends the call and tries to come out of the room, but Aao saheb locks the room. Avni asks Shera to tell who is he? Kalyani comes there through the balcony and asks what is happening. Avni tells that you have only brought this imposter. Inspector checks the bag and says it is empty. Avni says I have seen him keeping the jewellery inside. She types the code and the locker spark and fire break out. Avni is shocked.Inspector telling that the bag is empty. Avni says how can this be possible, as the jewellery was in the bag. She tries to open the locker and the locker sparks and sets on the fire. Shera tells that the jewellery is of his sister Swara and the thieves are they and not him.

Kalyani says he is saying right. Shera says how to handover my sister’s jewellery to them. Inspector says it is your family matter and goes. Shera asks if they are feeling hot and blows wind with his scarf. They see gold necklaces in his neck and asks him to return the jewellery. Shera says it is of my sister and your jewellery is burnt in the locker. He says you have your eyes on my sister’s jewellery, I will go away with these jewellery. Kalyani comes to the room and asks Shera, what is he doing? She tells that these jewellery is of Swara. Shera says now this is mine. They had snatched these jewellery from Swara, and I have snatched these from those two witches. He asks what wrong did I do? Kalyani says you are over confident, but I won’t let you steal it. She says your next work is that, you have to go to a jeweller’s shop and have to enquire why Malhar ji used to go there.

Shera says ok and reminds her that she has just given him a ring, and not any money. Sarthak comes there and says you want to prove this man as Malhar. Shera says I am Malhar and asks what’s wrong if I wear my sister’s jewellery in her memory. Kalyani says you can think what you want and tells that he is Malhar ji. Avni comes there and asks Kalyani to bring him to the place, if she is so sure that he is Malhar.

They reach the temple. Pandit ji does the puja. Avni tells that if a husband life his wife and take 100 rounds around this holy tree, then their wishes gets fulfilled. Aao Saheb says Sarthak will lift Avni and take 100 rounds, so that they get Moksh. Avni tells Kalyani that if Malhar lifts her and take 100 rounds then Moksh can get his voice. Sarthak tells Avni why she didn’t tell him about this. Avni says Kalyani will not let him touch her. She asks Kalyani if she will not do this for Moksh’s voice. Shera lifts Kalyani and asks Sarthak to start too. Kalyani asks how dare you to lift me? Shera says if I had not lifted you then they would have got doubtful and tells that he will give her 30 percent discount. Kalyani closes her eyes and thinks of Malhar. Sarthak lifts Avni and starts taking the rounds, but he soon drops her and says he can’t do this.

Shera completes 100 rounds with Kalyani, and doesn’t notice his injured feet. Pandit ji says 100 rounds are completed. Shera thinks what happened to his feet and sees it wounded. He then tells Avni to go and apply balm to Sarthak. Kalyani says lets go. Aao Saheb tells that husband shall apply sindoor to his wife after the rounds. Panditji says yes. Avni asks if he is your husband then what is the problem? Shera looks on. Kalyani goes to take the sindoor and injures her finger intentionally. She then comes to Shera. Shera asks if she is getting mad and making him father of her son. He says I don’t want to be. Kalyani makes him touch the sindoor and holds his hand to apply on her forehead. She then applies her blood with her finger.

Shera whispers you have injured your finger. Avni thinks there is something wrong surely.Aao Saheb threatened Moksh and asks him to say if the imposter is not Malhar. She beats him with belt. Shera comes there and laughs…He ties Aao Saheb on to the chair and tells that her life is in his hands and says if she moves then he will blast her. He asks her to start talking good about him. Aao Saheb feels bad. Shera asks Moksh to be a man. Avni comes to Kalyani’s room. Moksh plays Shera’s recorded message. She goes out. Kalyani comes to Shera and says we have to go to jewellery shop. Shera tells that he can hear only when money speaks. Kalyani says you are so greedy. Shera thinks he will get the money.

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