Guddan update Saturday 7 May 2022

Guddan 7 May 2022: AJ says how dare you break my bottles? Guddan says I didn’t know these were yours. I thought these were productions’ property. I will tell them to be careful. AJ says don’t act smart with me. Guddan says but it’s good that all your stock is gone. AJ says shut up.Guddan cleans her wound. Dadi ties bandage on her wound. She says we couldn’t do this in four years. You broke his bottles. Guddan says his habit isn’t gone but he will get over it. He will recover it. You will smell his tasty dishes again instead of the wine. Guddan says come let’s eat. We will eat with everyone. Dadi says after so long someone has asked me to eat. It’s been long. Antra never let’s aneyone eat together. Guddan says let’s go.

Guddan comes to the table. Antra says don’t cross your limits. We are all modern people and eat alone. Guddan says people don’t care about what you think. This is AJ’s seat. Antra says he didn’t sit on it for years. AJ comes in and says how dare you. I want my wine. He goes to his room. Antra says he only drinks. Stop him if you can. Two orphans come and give AJ flowers. They say good mroning AJ. AJ says you guys here? They say yes we thought you aren’t well. So we came with flowers. AJ says are you two hungry? They say yes. AJ says come let’s eat. Guddan says I knew he won’t say no to the kids.

Aarav says I will eat with everyone. All my friends eat with their families. Only I eat alone. Durga says we will eat with everyone tomorrow. Laxmi says not tomorrow today. Durga says don’t give him false hopes. Laxmi says it’s true. There are two more friends Aarav. He runs downstairs. Aarav says baray papa. AJ says come Aarav let’s eat. He serves the three kids. An orphan asks AJ to sit on the head seat. Aarav says I am finally eating with everyone. Aarav asks Guddan to sit next to Guddan. The orphan asks Antra to get up from the seat. She says this is AJ’s GF’s seat. Aj says do it. They ask Guddan to sit next to Guddan. Guddan sits there. Antra says in heart they can’t change a thing. Prathna says AJ make Guddan didi eat please. AJ says okay. He makes Guddan eat. The kids say now your turn didi. Guddan makes hiim eat.

Parthan says AJ please pinky promise you won’t drink from now on. AJ says I have to go for some work. Prathna says pinky promise, please. She looks at Guddan. AJ leaves. AJ stops Guddan and says stop using my kids for your mission. Guddan says use? I love kids more than you. You should thank me. I made everyone happy. AJ says you are wrong. Guddan says you are wrong. Your heart is full of hatred. You are the problem. AJ says this is my life not your movie. You can’t do what you want. He leaves in anger.AJ’s wines are delivered to the house. The inspector says you’re buying wine on Friday? I have taken your photos. I will leak them if you buy them again. AJ leaves them and goes inside. Guddan thanks the inspector. Guddan says I will make you give up on this habit.

Guddan gathers many things. Revati says what are you doing? Guddan says I will auction all of them. I will charity that money. People give me so much love. I will return that. It will go to rehabs. I should do this regularly. Revati says well done.Dadi says Guddan you have done wonders in one day only. Everything would be fine now. Guddan says you know I will leave once AJ stops drinking. We can’t be back together so false hopes would hurt you.Antra comes to AJ and says I know you are angry. You’re in pain. I got you something. He says go from here. Antra gives him a bottle. He drinks it. Antra says in heart this is my four years of effort. AJ tries to walk but he can’t. Antra holds him. He says how dare you. Antra says I was just saving you. He says no one can save me. Laxmi tells Guddan AJ was drunk and he went out in anger. Laxmi says please do something. Antra gave him the drink.Laxmi comes and shoves the cucumber from Antra’s eyes. Laxmi says do you have any shame? You gave AJ wine. Antra says who are you to question me? Durga says you can’t play with AJ’s health. You are here because of him. Antra says you two are talking a lot ever since your Guddan came back. Durga says Guddan loves him that is why she went after him. She cares and you are evil.

Guddan comes to AJ. She says I would drink too. He says you can’t. Guddan says because I am a girl? Guddan says why because I am a woman? He says are you crazy? Okay drink. Come on. Guddan turns back. He says drink in front of me. Guddan coughs. AJ says you can’t do this. Return my bottle. He says give it to me. Guddan says I would drink too. He says okay let’s share. He pours the drink in the glass and says same to the same. Guddan says are you offering me alcohol? He says no, I am giving because you asked for it. Guddan says in heart if I even have to drink to stop you I would. AJ says stop. Don’t drink the whole glass. Guddan drinks it.Dadi is worried. She says where would they have gone? Revati says don’t worry Guddan is with him. Just that I hope Guddan doesn’t do something out of line. The driver calls Revati and tells her Guddan is drinking with AJ.

AJ and Guddan both are drunk. Guddan says give me more. AJ says I would drink. Guddan says I won’t let you. Guddan says you finished it all. He says stop irritating me. Guddan says wow so english. I am very local. Let me sing you a desi song. Guddan sings mujhy buddha mil gaya. He says your father is old. Guddan says no he is a senior citizen. Someone comes there. AJ says who is this? AJ says go from here. You don’t know who I am. He says run. A man says I was only trying to help and they ran.Guddan and AJ are running on the road. They see a hotel. Guddan holds his hand and says let’s go. Bhushan calls Revati. He says where are you two? I am worried. Revati says the shift is extended. We would be back in the morning. Bhushan says take care, please. Revati says what should I do? I haven’t told papa anything. Guddan and AJ come to the hotel. AJ says they gave you this room for free for one stupid movie. Guddan falls on a sofa. AJ takes off his shirt. Guddan holds his hand. She falls on him. AJ comes close to her.

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