Guddan update Sunday 8 May 2022

Guddan 8 May 2022: AJ comes close to Guddan. Guddan says did you feel anything? AJ says no. He says did you feel anything? Guddan says no. He says then why are you asking this question? Guddan says things became serious all of a sudden. AJ says let’s play truth and dare. Guddan says when Iast did you miss me? AJ says I missed you every moment of my life. When you left I realized I figured I was so dependent on you. I love you.

My love for you can never die. Guddan says drunk truth but the truth. AJ says have you moved on? Guddan says I can never move on. My heart is still in the same streets it used to me. My feelings and emotions are associated to you. AJ says prove it. Guddan says aren’t the words enough? AJ says sometimes the words aren’t enough. AJ says kiss me. Guddan comes close to him and falls asleep. AJ laughs. He falls asleep next to her.Guddan wakes up next to AJ. Guddan says you? He says what am I doing with you? Guddan says my head hurts. What am I doing here? Why can’t I recall anything? Bell rings. AJ opens the door. Media storms in. They report Guddan spent the night with her ex-husband. AJ says shut up. You can’t invade our personal space. The reporter says Guddan is a public figure.

AJ says how dare you. The reporter says looks like you had a long rough night. You are having an affair with your ex and someone’s husband? AJ says shut up. I will kill you. Guddan says stop blackmailing you. You can’t create fake news. They say wow you both mind for each other too. Guddan says calm down. AJ takes her hand and takes her outside. He says we won’t stay here for a moment.Antra gives money to the media guy and says defame her so much that she leaves this city forever. There will be my entry then. The media reports Guddan was found in a hotel with her ex. Saru says wow we have no respect now left in the media. I am going. Durga says what is happening? Dadi says I am so happy. They were together.

Laxmi says they would come close now. Durga says can you understand the impact of this news? We are being dragged into the dirt. Durga says what about Bhushan? Bhushan comes to her house.AJ and Guddan are on their way. Guddan and AJ are coming back. AJ says it all happened because of you. Guddan says if you drink I will drink too. AJ says you are totally mad. I am so stuck with you. Guddan says to wear the seat belt.He says don’t give me the lectures. Guddan takes the keys and says wear it first. AJ tries to take it from Guddan. She falls on him. AJ says so fat. Focus on your weight heroin. Guddan says I am an actress. Acting is done from the mind. He says excuse me, seatbelt.

Bhushan says to dadi how could you do this? Why did you bring my Guddan here. Durga says please calm down. Bhushan says I always respected your family. My Guddan has suffered so much. Revati says please calm down.Bhushan says you stay quite. How long would my Guddan suffer? Do you have an answer. Antra says I have an answer. Dadi says you stay out of it. Ask your daughter for answers not my MIL. Her MIL is here to protect her. Guddan comes in and says papa it wasn’t anyone’s mistake. Bhushan slaps AJ. He says it was my mistake that I didn’t do this four years ago. It was all my mistake. You’re doing the same to my daughter again.

Dragging her in the filth and suffering. Guddan says papa please listen. Bhushan says I won’t listen to anyone. Antra says how dare you to touch my husband. I will call police on you. AJ shuts her up. He sits in Bhushan’s feet and says I know you’re mad at my papa. I am ashamed that you’re defamed because of me. Please forgive me. I am very sorry. He goes to his room.Antra says how dare this Bhushan hit you. I will file an FIR AJ says shut up. What did he do wrong? Any father would do the same if he hears such a thing about his daughter.He is still like a father to me and I respect him, I hate Guddan not her family. Guddan says papa you did wrong. Bhushan says it’s my responsibility to protect you. Guddan says it was all my fault. AJ didn’t do anything. He says aren’t you here because of him? Guddan says I am here with my choice.

The condition is very serious. His health due to drinking. Bhushan says I won’t let you stay here. Guddan says you taught me never to give up on humanity. He says how can I give up on you? Guddan says nothing would happen to me. I need your blessings only. I will come back home soon. Bhushan says my prayers are always with you.Antra does a press conference and says this news is just gossip. My husband is very loyal and loving. The reporter asks why is Guddan living here then? Antra says for her profession. The reporter says it looks like something else entirely. Antra says it’s just a misunderstanding hence we have decided to do a Shivratri pooja. Only husbands and wives do it. Antra says did I do right? AJ says we will do the pooja together.

Guddan says God, please help me accomplish my mission. Dadi says you would succeed but you have to stop this pooja. Guddan says Antra is his wife. Dadi says this relationship is made with love. Guddan says after I am done with my mission I have to leave. I can’t disappoint papa anymore. Laxmi says what will we do now? Dadi says Guddan and AJ will do the pooja together. I will fast for them. Laxmi says no you can’t do this. Dadi says I will. Next day, the pooja starts. Pandit ji says this day makes husband and wife even more closer. If a married couple does it together it would be really good for them. If anything disturbs it, it would ruin their relationship. Antra says to media see we will do the pooja together. They ask Antra would Guddan be there? Antra says no why would outsiders be there? AJ says yes this is pooja of our family. Why would we need a heroin there? Guddan leaves.

Antra says to Guddan do all the drama you want. I am AJ’s wife. You’re going out of the house. Guddan says I am leaving because I wanted to in any case. I have no interest. I am very happy in my life. Antra says you said AJ would never love me. This pooja is the proof of our love. You will all see. I feel very bad for you.Revati says we aren’t having a race here. She has no interest in that man. Guddan takes Revati from there. Revati says how can she talk to you like that. Guddan says I don’t care. Revati says what she did was wrong. Guddan says I can’t lie that I don’t care. I do. I feel it. But this house isn’t mine. we have to go from her. Antra says to AJ would you make me wear this mangalsutra? He says I pay you to do this drama. Stick to it. Don’t take any pooja seriously. I can’t stand you for a moment.

Durga says what is this fast dadi? Think about your health at least. Drink water, please. Laxmi says because of her parikirma Guddan came back. Durga says are you out of your mind? Laxmi says we are sure something would happen. Laxmi says let’s bet. If you lose, my bangle would be yours. If I win, yours would be mine. Durga says okay. Pandit ji starts the pooja. He says AJ, call your wife. Saru says Antra is here. A leaf flies and falls on Antra’s face. Her eye hurts. Revati says di let’s go. Guddan says let me pray a little. Antra’s eyes hurt. Pandit ji asks AJ to pick milk and pour it on Shankar idol. It falls from AJ’s hand. Guddan runs and saves it. They both catch and pour it together.

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