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This is fate 13 July 2022: Janki smells Shristhi who questions what is she doing, Janki asks if she has used her cough syrup, Shristhi says she has not used any, Janki questions then why is she talking like this, Shristhi replies that she feels if they both are travelling together then would be able to fight any problem that comes their way as she would not get scared,

Janki questions why would they be in danger, Shristhi explains they both are going to Preeta in lonavla at the moment, Shristhi explains she is going to pack her belongings while she should get ready, Janki stopping her explains they would have to inform Sarla, Shristhi explains that she doesnot want to get her feet broken by irritating the lion, Janki exclaims Shristhi is going to make sure she is killed.

Mahesh comes with Karan to Dadi, he asks if she is angry with him because he is not giving her due attention, she says he must take care of Preeta, Mahesh replies he is not taking care of her because he was with Rajat and not taking care of Preeta, Karan questions what is he doing as he desires to get him scolded, Dadi mentions that he would be punished and must do ten situps for not taking care of Preeta.

Sala wakes up in the night wondering why are the entire lights of the house lit, she is angry that no one cares about the electricity bill that she has to pay, she even gets angry after seeing the clothes wondering why does she not place them in the cupboard, she thinks she would not do anything for her and will take them to her in the room, she calls Shristhi who is not there, she thinks Shristhi would be in the bathroom so going out says she would not leave and if she gets ill, she would tell Preeta that it is because of Shristhi, Sarla wonders where is Shristhi and even Janki is not in the house, she sees the letters so picks them up but is shocked to see the handwriting, she reading it is shocked as Shristhi says that she has left the house for the sake of love, in the other letter Janki says she is going to stop her from doing what she desires.

Shristhi and Janki both are really smiling in the car, Shristhi explains that when Sarla would wake up she will get mad after not seeing them but would not be able to find them and will call Preeta, but till that time they would have reached Lonavla. Janki explains she would get relieved after seeing her letter, Shristhi questions what sort of letters, Janki replies she saw it in a movie that a boy writes the letters before leaving the house, she therefore wrote a letter with her name saying she is going for her love, Shristhi gets mad questioning why did she do it as she has ruined everything, Janki assures her she also wrote another letter explaining that she has gone after Shristhi to stop her, Shristhi after a while asks if she wrote both the letters then says that Sarla would know it is the handwriting of Janki so will only scold her.

Sarla exclaims they both are making fun of her thinking she would not know it is the handwriting of Janki, they both went to Lonavla even when she instructed them to not, she tries calling Shristhi who is worried, Janki advises she should say they were just joking with her, Shristhi explains she is still trying to mend her image, she requests Janki to talk with Sarla but she refuses, the call ends after which Shristhi is relieved, Sarla starts calling Janki who gets worried, Shristhi asks her to take care of the situation and answer the call, Janki apologizes saying she did not come by her will nor did she brought Shristhi but she was forced, she just wrote the letters as a joke, she asks her to talk with Shristhi, Sarla asks what is this behavior to go away from the house without informing the mother,

Shristhi says that she desired to meet Preeta but Sarla was refusing to let her leave so this is why she did not tell her, Sarla asks if she feels good without informing her but Shristhi mentions she left without saying anything, Sarla asks why is she always so dumb as she doesnot use her brains, she explains that Rakhi and Dadi invited her but they are not related to the Luthra family, this is why they should not go to the wedding because they donot the girl, Sarla says why does she not listen and left without saying anything in the night without any invitation, Shristhi replies that Karan invited her, Sarla agrees hearing Karan invited her, she advises Shristhi to not make any mistake and also take care of Janki as she must not fight with anyone, she asks Shristhi to come back as soon as possible, Shristhi ends the call, Janki questions why did she lie, Shristhi says that it is not anything to worry if the lie if for any good deed.

Preeta is crying when Sarla calls, she explains that she was not feeling good, asks Preeta if she is healthy as she went by bus, she questions if she has not contacted any cold, she should have kept a shawl, she questions if Preeta went to the doctor, Preeta says she did not, Sarla exclaims she would call karan asking him to take care of her, Sarla explains this is why she asked Rakhi to allow Preeta to bring her back as Shristhi would make her rejoice, Sarla says she is having really bad thoughts about this all, Preeta explains that she is not pregnant and would not be pregnant anymore.

Karan is doing the punishment explaining he would make them both get scolded by Preeta because she told him to leave with Rajat, he would take care of her, Dadi says she would make him promise three things, one that he would not leave her and that would also make her drink the milk, Karan asks them to not teach him, Mahesh standing explains he should do it before he puts Preeta to sleep, Dadi explains that he must kiss her, Karan says he knows how to do, Mahesh says he must not get into the details.

Sarla asks Preeta to not say such things because she has a lot of elders with her in the house, Dadi who even said that she is pregnant, she asks her to consult the doctor, Preeta replies that she went to the doctor and get her tested, Preeta replies she went to it and had all the tests conducted, it is when she got to know that she just had food poisoning, Sarla says she must not get worried, they would get her tested when she comes back.

Karan while walking up the stairs exclaims; he must not let the news come out of the room.

Preeta sitting up exclaims she decided to tell everyone it was all just a big misunderstanding, after the accident of Sherlin, Mahesh came out of the room after three months, he was really happy with the news, she did not have the strength to tell them as they all were really happy with the news, she feels that her heart is just as small as her pregnancy.

Preeta mentions she was not able to say it to Rakhi and Mahesh papa as she did not want to hurt the feelings of anyone, she mentions they have also been broken once before when Sherlin got in the accident, Sarla questions what is she made up off as she is still thinking of everyone else while she is suffering from such pain, she wonders what would happen to Karan, Sarla explains that while everyone got so happy because of the news regarding the children then she must till the time they all come back to Mumbai and then inform the family because it is now the wedding of the children, if she says then it will ruin everything, she must say it with intense care.

Preeta standing questions how can she say it with care, she questions why is life taking such test of her as it is really wrong, Preeta mentions Karan was swinging the cot and got really happy so how can they reveal the news, Sarla advises her to calm down and not worry as she is sure Preeta would be a mother and it might not be written in her Bhagya now, neither it would be in the life of Karan to be a father at the present moment, she must not worry, Karan is walking towards the room, Sarla explains she is a really nice women so would be a great mother, Karan opening the door of the room is shocked to see her crying, she doesnot realize he has come, Karan going to Preeta questions what has happened and why was she crying, Sarla also gets tensed asking if Karan has come.


Janki sees Shristhi is worried, she questions what has happened, Shristhi replies that she has said Karan invited them but what would happen now, Shristhi replies they have not invited her but she has forcefully invited herself, Janki mentions this means she has blackmailed him, Shristhi requests her to not give her more tension, she thinks of calling Sarla as it would relieve her stress as she will come to know if she has talked with Karan, Shristhi is trying to call Sarla however it is not connecting.

Sarla is sitting, she wonders if karan has listened to their conversation and prays that he should not have listened as he was really happy and if he came to know the truth then would ruin the feelings he has.

Karan questions Preeta what has happened, he requests her to speak the truth as he is getting really tensed, Preeta mentions that she was crying because their was something wrong in the house that caused her to be emotional, Karan taking the mobile asks Sarla to not give any news that causes tension to Preeta mentioning that he is always there to take care of her, Sarla replies that it is just Shristhi left a note in the house and ran away, Karan moving away explains she is coming to lonavla as he called her to cheer up Preeta, she must not be worried as he will tell Preeta that they have found Shristhi, Karan turning to Preeta explains they have found Shristhi outside the house, she hugs him and is still crying.

Sarla in the house is crying thinking why are Karan and Preeta being tested so much, they have the right to be happy but why are they forced to go through so many troubles.

Karan asks Preeta the reason she is crying when everything has been sorted out, he is making her sit on the bed asks her to drink the milk because Mahesh and Dadi sent it, they have also punished him ordering that he must take care of her, she says that she doesnot want to drink, He explains she doesnot want him to be healthy as if she drink then he would be happy and remain healthy.

She once again starts crying, he questions what has happened explaining that when she cries he doesn’t feel good and might get an heart attack in the young age, she requests him to not talk like this, wiping off the tears, he leaves to change the clothes and questions what happened, Preeta while sitting thinks she would not have tears in her eyes as the entire family is really happy, Sarla is right to say she must wait for some time, she knows that they all would suffer a lot of pain someday when she reveals the news but must keep the news to herself.

In the morning the instructors are dancing to show the steps to Rajat and Sonakshi, he calls them both on the stage to follow their moves and practice, while performing Rajat steps on the feet of Sonakshi, the instructor immediately ends the practice explaining they would do it after a wait, Sonakshi mentions that she needs some rest, Karan says that she cannot dance when Sonakshi mentions that she is a really good dancer, Shristhi coming from behind explains she can take the side of Sonakshi as she is a really good dancer, Shristhi hugs Karan, who is about to introduce but Shristhi insists on introducing herself so explains she is the younger sister of Preeta and the sister in law of Karan, Janki also comes forward, Sonakshi thanks her to taking her side,

Karan questions if she has come to surprise or taking the side of Sonakshi, Shristhi mentions he knows she speaks the truth and saw that Sonakshi dances really good and performed every step but if someone needs some practice it is Rajat as if he moves his feet a little early then would not step on the feet of Sonakshi, Rajat explains that he cannot hear she is saying he cannot dance, Shrishti questions if this is the case then he can show her and perform, some steps with her, she questions Sonakshi agrees and forms a team with Shristhi, Karan them also goes to stand with Rajat and her father.

Shristhi and Rajat both come on the stage and start performing the dance, during the performance Rajat steps on the feet of Shristhi, she ending the performance explains this proves Sonakshi is a really good dancer and Rajat would be given minus one for his performance. Rajat asks for some water and then Harshvardhan asks them to rest and not pull the leg of his son in law, he asks them to show Shristhi and Janki their room, Shristhi asks Karan about Preeta, karan replies she is showring, she then questions about Sameer, Sonakshi mentions she saw him in the corridor, Shristhi leaves to scare him.

Preeta comes to greet Karan, Sonakshi explains she should see how happy he got after seeing her as it shows how much Karan loves her, someone comes to Harshvardhan asking when would the people come to apply the Mehndi, he replies the will come at four, Preeta coming to him, requests that he ask her to do anything which he likes as he is taking care of everything, he must consider her to be the sister of Sonakshi.

The women comes Rakhi what is she taking, Rakhi replies she made almond milk for Preet so is taking it for her, Archala jee asks why did she not ask anyone, Rakhi replies it is the duty of the mother in law to take care of their daughter in law, besides she knows how Preeta likes the milk which is why she is taking the milk for her, Archala jee explains she doesnot think she would be a mother in law like her, Rakhi explains Preeta has built these relations by herself, she became a member after marrying Karan but she had considered Preeta her daughter before their marriage as she should used to consider Rakhi as her mother, Archala jee explains she has tears in her eyes, Rakhi asks if she thinks that she has to tell but Archala jee replies they are tears of happiness, Archala jee mentions that if Preeta had a sister she would be the same, Rakhi replies she has a sister Shristhi who is also a really nice girl but there is no one like Preeta.

Sameer is walking in the hall, Aanaya calls him from behind, he asks how is she, she questions how is he liking the resort, he explains he is liking it but then tries to leave she says that she has something to say so says that she has started to like him,

Sameer questions how can she be impressed with him so easily, as they have just met yesterday and the talks about the stars was just of the books, she questions if he has girlfriend, he replies he doesnot have, he recalls that Sonakshi said that she can be a girlfriend, Sameer mentions there is a complicated case in his life which he doesnot understand, he explains she is a really beautiful women and has a beautiful smile but there is something in his life, he while explaining sees Shristhi standing behind him, she leaves and when he tries to stop

her Shristhi doesnot listen, she mentions she is a really bad women and he can be Devadas like if she cares, Shristhi leaves, Aanaya comes asking if she is the complicated chapter in his life, she explains she has a proposal for him, they both can be friends so she will help him so Shristhi herself comes to say she loves him, they both agree, Sameer questions what has she planned, she requests him to wait for the Mehndi function to start

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