Guddan update Wednesday 13 July 2022


Guddan 13 July 2022: Doctors take Guddan. Choti screams. Please ask them to leave. Pushpa says let her go, this is for her treatment. Agastya sits down and cries. The song Judai plays. Doctors take Choti away.They bring Choti to mental asylum. Choti says open the door, I am not crazy. Open the door. Let me go. They lock her in a room. Choti cries and says I have to find mama. Agastya cries in his room. He recalls his moments with Guddan.Arushi and Rashi call Agastya. Arushi says how are you? Rashi wants to talk to Guddan. Agastya says Guddan is sent to mental hospital. Arushi says what?

How is that possible? He says please come back. I need you. Arushi says we are coming. Stay with her. She needs you. Agastya says Arushi is right. Guddan needs me.Choti cries. She says no one is trusting me. Where did you go mama? She recalls her moments with Guddan. Choti sees idol and prays. Choti says I can do anything. I have to make Agastya see the truth and save my life. Choti says even if you’re not close to me, I will have your strength mama. Nurse come and says sit here. I have to give you an injection. Choti hits her with a pillow and runs out.

Niya and Pushpa laugh. She says Guddan was fooling us and now she’s in mental asylum. Pushpa says both mother and daughter are clever but we didn’t give them a chance. Niya says what about Sona and saru? They can ruin our game. Pushpa says let them be confused that Guddan is actually mental.Choti tries to go out. Doctors hold her and try to take her out. Choti says leave me. A senior nurse comes there and says leave her. Is this how you handle patients? Go and do your work. I have spoken to the doctor. Choti says please sit here madam. Relax. She takes Choti to a room. Choti says why did you lock the door? Leave me alone. Aagastya says I can’t leave you alone.

Choti is shocked to see him. Choti hugs him and says I knew you would trust me that you will believe me. You will know that I am not lying. Agastya says I don’t know if you’re well or not but I can’t leave you alone. I have to take care of you. I won’t let anyone mistreat you. He kisses her forehead. Choti hugs him and says thank you. Choti says if he stays with me I can make him realize I am not lying and will find mama.Agastya says to Guddan let’s go. She says why hide? We can tell them we are going. He says maa admitted you, we will need her signs on discharge papers. I can’t take my bride from here? I can pick you and take you from here. Guddan thanks God. Guddan covers her face and Agastya takes her out as a nurse in a wheelchair. Another nurse stops them. She says this is Guddan? Who are you? Agastya says I am a senior nurse appointed by her MIL. You can ask her. The nurse says let me ask her. She calls on reception. Agastya says Guddan run. They run out. The nurse calls security. Choti recalls when they ran in childhood. Agastya throws pebbles. Choti says I am tired.


Agastya takes her out on a stretcher. Choti and Agastya run out.Niya comes in Agastya’s room. Money is in the bed under the blanket as Agastya. Niya says I know you’re worried Agastya. But staying here isn’t okay for Guddan. I am your first wife. money says she’s the trouble not Guddan. He says oh God she will see me. Niya says don’t worry. I am here to take care of you. She touches him. Money falls from the bed. Pushpa comes in. She says what are you doing in Agastya’s room? He says it isn’t my mistake. He asked me to stay here. Pushpa shouts Agastya..Agastya and Guddan sneak in. Pushpa and Niya come. Pushpa says why did you bring her? Agastya says she wasn’t safe there. She’s safe here with me and her family. Pushpa says she’s crazy and you are acting like one. I am calling them. Guddan takes the phone and says sorry. Guddan sits in her feet and says I am sorry. I wasn’t in my senses. I accept my mistake and I am sorry. Please forgive me. If I am with you, I will be better. I can’t stay there alone. there will be no problem. You can forgive your DIL. Will you? Agastya says maa I agree to everything you say, please give her a chance. Pushpa says okay, I forgive her.

she says in heart I know you’re playing a game. I will show you what a real MIL is. Guddan says in my heart I will end all your games and find my mom as well.Guddan thinks about what happened. Agastya brings her food. He gives her a shawl. Agastya says everything will be fine. Choti says in heart to show you mummy ji’s reality and find my mom, I have to do this. Agastya says what are you thinking? Agastya says I am always with you. Agastya hugs her. Choti recalls how he saved her. They enjoy the tea together. Agastya caresses her face.Niya says that Guddan has outplayed us. What will we do now? Sona says why does it look like you haven’t slept? Agastya brought Guddan in the house. What will you do now? Saru says that Guddan is fooling us all. Niya says she won’t do anything. We have cut all her wings. Sona says what are you saying? She came back home. Jiji your players are useless. Find a new plan.

Niya says she came home with your son’s support. What will we do now? Pushpa says we have to kill her mother now. If she thinks she can blame us and show his mom alive. She’s dead in front of the world. We will kill her for real. No one will know. Choti will lose her mind for real as well. Guddan comes out. Pushpa says how did you come here? Pushpa says in heart if Agastya sees her her will know the truth and our game would be ruined.

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