Unspoken Bond update Monday 11 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 11 July 2022: Episode starts with Rajvi scolding Darsh. She asks Darsh and Nandini to adjust. Nandini says sorry, respect is more imp in life, I will not stay here. Everyone stops Nandini. Rajvi says give me the bag, don’t go. Nandini says forgive me. She leaves. Rajvi gets a panic attack. Everyone worries for Rajvi. Nandini hears them shouting and turns to see Rajvi. She runs to Rajvi. Darsh asks what happened. Nandini asks are you having chest pain. She asks Gunjan to rub her feet. Dada ji asks them to call a doctor. Shobit comes and looks on. Rajvi asks Nandini not to go. Nandini says fine, I won’t go. Darsh says we will take her to room. Shobit says move, you can’t do it. He takes Rajvi to room. Doctor checks Rajvi.

He says you were lucky today and got saved. Rajvi says yes, the outcome would be really bad. Doctor says don’t take chest pain lightly. He asks her not to take stress, is there anyone to take care of her. Rajvi says I will make my bahus take care of me. Gunjan says I will take care of you. Rajvi says Nandini…. will you take care of me. Darsh gets angry. Rajvi says when I had an anxiety attack, Nandini handled me well. Darsh says she will stay back, it will happen as you say, Nandini and I will together take care of you. Doctor asks her to take care. He goes. Rajvi says I m okay, don’t make me feel sick, I just want Nandini in this room, you all go. Darsh says I m not going anywhere. Rajvi says I will talk to you later, I want to talk to Nandini, please. Everyone goes.

Rajvi apologizes for Darsh’s mistake. She cries. She says thanks for staying back. Nandini asks her not to say sorry and thanks. She says you have all the right to pull my ears and get me back. Rajvi says I know it was Darsh’s mistake, you have two options, either leave him and go away or stay back and make him realize his mistake. She pacifies Nandini and hugs her. Nandini asks her to not take tension. Rajvi asks her to make soup for her. Nandini goes to make tomato soup. Gunjan comes to disturb her. She says I will go and give the soup to her. Nandini says she is like our mum, she needs our support. Gunjan sees Namrata. She scolds Nandini. She says whatever happened today is because of you. Namrata asks who asked you to make soup for mom, do you know which soup she likes, I will make it. Nandini stops her and says I have asked her like and took doctor’s advice, she needs potassium, that’s present in tomatoes, I didn’t steal the coins, I m not stealing your mum, if I m serving her, you don’t need to take tension. Namrata goes.

Rajvi asks Darsh how would you feel if we check you when we lose something precious, humiliating right, think how would Nandini feel, when our family doesn’t trust us, Nandini is part of this family, her husband checked her for coins, its ridiculous. He says sorry, I had to keep Namrata’s word, else Namrata would feel I m taking Nandini’s side. Rajvi says its wrong, Gunjan and Nandini came to our house, its our responsibility to comfort them, Nandini is sensitive, I m sure that she can never do this, you won’t do this again. He says yes, I m sorry, you take rest. He thinks Nandini has to pay a price for what she did with us.Darsh comes to Nandini. He acts sweet. She gets confused. He says I realized that I made a mistake, you read this letter for my sake. He gives a letter. Shobit looks on and goes. Nandini smiles. She reads the letter. He tells the expenses. He says mum said you have esteem, you said you want to manage the expenses of marriage, I thought to give you the bill, you came here to rule, I will make it a hell for you. She cries.

Darsh saying we have to pretend that we have much love between us, if Rajvi gets hurt, then I will hurt you a lot, its not a big thing for you to act of love. Nandini says I have prepared soup for Rajvi. She goes. Gunjan says until Nandini makes soup for mom, I will order soup for her. She gets confused. She asks Shobit to help her order soup. He says Nandini and you are competing, who will impress mom. She says Nandini had stolen my idea and made the soup. He asks did she go to make soup. She says yes. He smiles. Nirali takes the soup. Shobit says Rakla is looking for you. She goes. He puts the soup in the microwave. He keeps it and goes. He asks Darsh where is he lost, we will go and hear match commentary, we will have cheese sandwich. Darsh stops him. Darsh recalls Charmy’s words. He goes with Shobit.

Shobit acts that his hand burnt by the boiling soup. He says Nandini made this for mom. Nandini comes. Shobit says soup looks nice. Darsh asks Shobit to go and play the match. Shobit says alone time. He goes. Darsh asks are you going to give this soup to mom. She says yes. He says how irresponsible, touch it and see. She touches the bowl and asks how did this get heated up. Shobit goes. Darsh says I m scared of your intention, if anyone happens to mom, then… you have this hot soup, else I will feed it to you. Shobit burns Darsh’s pics. He says you were my best friend, a girl came and everything changed. Darsh asks Nandini to have the soup. Nandini says you can’t force me. He says you have to stay afraid of me. She drinks the hot soup and cries. She says I had the soup, not because I m scared of you, because its not easy to scare me, until I m in this house, I will stay with respect, I won’t stay afraid or in anyone’s control. She goes.

Shobit says just you didn’t change, even I changed, I will create a rift between you and Nandini. She gets the list and says you forgot to put the expenses for jewellery, 6 lakhs, total crosses 15 lakhs, until I give it to you, I will not leave this house, I m here just for Rajvi, until she gets fine, I will not leave this house, I have promised her, you think I married you for money, think anything, I m just here for Rajvi. Darsh goes. Nandini cries and says Darsh isn’t saying the truth. She makes soup for Rajvi again. Rajvi likes the soup. Gunjan gets soup and says I didn’t make it, I ordered it, I got a discount also. Rajvi laughs and asks her to sit. She says this is called luck, you both will spoil me. Rajvi gives them envelops. Rajvi says its honeymoon tickets, Bansuri told me where you wanted to go. Rajvi says I didn’t ask you, tell me, if you want t go somewhere else. Gunjan says no, I had a dream to sit on the camel with my husband. Rajvi asks sure, don’t you want to change tickets. Gunjan says no. She goes. Rajvi says I sould have asked her.

Nandini says she would have told you if she had to go. Darsh comes and says Nandini, I knew you will be here. He asks Rajvi how is she now. Rajvi says I m fine. He says I got this for Nandini, she likes munching. He asks Nandini to have it. Rajvi says feed her by your hands and make up for your mistake.Nandini feels hurt having it. Darsh asks is it spicy, you like spicy. Rajvi asks how can anyone eat so spicy, look at her, there is no water here. Darsh thinks this is the result of acting oversmart. Nandini says its okay, I m fine. Rajvi gets honey for her and feeds her. Nandini says you should have told me that chana is spicy. Rajvi asks her to eat honey. Nandini goes.Darsh says its not a big thing. Rajvi says I care for you and Nandini is not different. Darsh thinks you are innocent, Nandini is clever, I won’t let her win.

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