Guddan update Friday 13 May 2022

Guddan 13 May 2022: AJ is cooking. He recalls his moments with Guddan. Saru comes and touches his feet. She says you have a great heart. AJ says what are you doing? Get up. What is all this? She says you knew everything yet.. Saru says Guddan wasn’t pregnant. Antra is in jail. AJ says you don’t have to tell this to anyone. Saru says Guddan knows everything but she is living her new life with her new partner. She would be happy with him. Let it happen. AJ asks her to leave. Durga asks Saru what were you doing in the kitchen? She says water. Durga says she’s cooking something.

Guddan calls Kunal. She says I hope this method works. AJ comes to Guddan. Kunal comes and says this if my first and only love. There’s no one like you. AJ says what drama is this? Kunal says will you marry me? She says no one but you. Guddan looks at the ring and says this is our love’s symbol. Guddan is about to make him wear the ring. AJ says stop. You can’t make him wear this ring. Guddan says why? Do you have a reason to stop me? He says yes I do. Come with me. AJ takes Guddan to a room and says you can’t do this engagement. Guddan says why? He says you deserve a better person than this stupid guy. You need someone who encourages you. Someone who thinks about you all the time and ruins himself if he has to go away from you. Guddan says there’s only one person like that. You. Should I find another AJ? Or marry the one in front of me? AJ leaves.

Saru says to Kunal I know all your sins. Let me show you your MMS. He says how do you have it? Saru says if you don’t want the entire country to have it, marry Guddan for real. Kunal says how can I do that? Guddan is my friend. Saru says you have to. Guddan says I am in so much tension. What if AJ doesn’t do anything today? Saru says your career would end with this SMS. Guddan says what if our plan doesn’t work? Laxmi says I won’t let that happen. Kunal says what will my GF do? I can’t marry Guddan. Saru says do as I ask. Durga sees Kunal coming out of Saru’s room. She says what was he doing here? What is Saru planning?

Guddan collides with AJ. Her facepack is all over his hands. He says what did you do? Guddan says it’s a special day for me. It’s my engagement. AJ says don’t waste my time. Guddan applies it on his face and says you enjoy the day too. AJ tries to run. Guddan falls and trips. AJ holds her. He says are you okay? Apply ice on it.Durga asks Kunal what was Saru saying? She says I won’t tell you anything. HE says Saru was saying.. Saru says I was asking about Bollywood life. He’s a hero. Kunal says yes. Saru says you scared him. Durga says to Saru if you do anything against Guddan I will not leave you. Saru says Guddan is marrying what did I do? Durga says I have to be careful.

Laxmi says will our plan work? Dadi says yes God is with us. Dadi says AJ where are you going? HE says for work. Dadi says it’s Guddan’s engagement. AJ says but with Kunal not me. Laxmi says you should stay we will all feel safe. Guddan comes there. She says in heart please stop this engagement.Durga says AJ please give the way Kunal is waiting. Guddan says don’t want to let go? AJ says why would I stop you. Durga says this engagement would be a shock for AJ. Don’t worry dadi it’s all a drama. Dadi says let’s start the engagement. Media comes there. The guards try to stop them. Revati says who called them? A reporter says two huge stars are getting married. We will cover our story. Saru says in heart only I could do this. The entire game is in my control.

Durga says who called the media? Kunal says media is always after us. Laxmi says but someone must have told them. Kunal says they will cover this engagement. Dadi says what will we do with our plan then? Guddan says this engagement won’t happen. I am only AJ’s. Laxmi turn the lights off on the right time.The function starts. Media asks Guddan to make Kunal wear the ring. Guddan says in heart please stop me AJ. She drops the ring. It rolls towards AJ’s feet. Guddan says please don’t remain silent say something. AJ and Guddan recall their moments together. Saru says AJ.. Give me this ring I will give it to Guddan. She will be very happy after this engagement. She has suffered a lot in these four years. AJ comes to Guddan. He gives the ring to Guddan. Guddan is shocked. AJ says I hope you get all the happiness in the world. The reporter says what are you waiting for? Start the engagement. Kunal makes Guddan wear the ring. Guddan is shocked. Saru claps. He extends his hand. Dadi says what will happen now?

Laxmi goes to turn off the lights. Saru comes and says engagement is going on outside what are you doing here? Laxmi says leave my hand. Saru says let’s go in and enjoy the engagement. Laxmi says leave my hand. Saru drags her. Guddan wonders why didn’t laxmi turn off the lights. Kunal says Guddan give me your hand. Saru drags Laxmi back to the hall. Guddan is shocked. Kunal makes Guddan wear the ring. Saru claps. Everyone is upset. Guddan says what happened to AJ? Why didn’t he stop it. And Laxmi why didn’t you turn off the lights? Laxmi says Saru stopped me. AJ says this is wrong. I have to repent by being with her not against her. Guddan says I changed the finger on the right time. Guddan says to Kunal this engagement and wedding is a drama to make AJ confess.AJ overhears all this. AJ says you were acting very well Guddan that you converted a lie into a truth. AJ says enough I won’t let this happen. Now see what I do.

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