Guddan update Thursday 12 May 2022

Guddan 12 May 2022: Guddan looks at her mom’s photo and cries. She says what does he think of himself? He asked me to leave his life again. I loved him once otherwise I would have left so easily. He’s repeating what he did four years ago. I shouldn’t care. I will manage my life and move on. Kaushaliya, Revati and Bhushan come to her. Kaushaliya says you’re such a big superstar and crying here like this? Eat your lunch. Don’t worry about them. You have to do big things. Bhushan says I know it’s tough for you. I told you not to go back to that house. You have to move forward in life. You’re very lucky. Guddan says I know. Bhushan says they don’t deserve you. Forget them and be the happy Guddan you are.

Dadi says I have to unite them. Laxmi says everything is over. They are way too far. Durga says there’s one way but I will only tell you once you take your medicines. Dadi takes them. Durga says so AJ and Guddan think they don’t deserve each other. And they won’t come back to each other. If AJ thinks another person can come to Guddan’s life he will have to show his life. When he thinks he can lose Guddan forever he will be scared. She shares the entire plan. Dadi says wow, your brain always works. Laxmi says how will we involve Guddan is all this? Durga says I have a solution to all that.

Revati says Guddan has suffered a lot already. I hope it all ends. Guddan says ma ji isn’t well. Revati says is she okay? Guddan says she can’t speak. Guddan says I have to go. Bhushan says I won’t let you go. It’s not okay for you. Guddan says I have to go please. Kaushaliya says it won’t end until Guddan gives up on them. Guddan leaves. Dadi is sitting there. Guddan says why are you sitting here? Let’s go to a hospital. Dadi says I am sorry I lied. I am fine. Laxmi says we can’t give up you. Durga says what he did to you is wrong. We will make your life better and find you a new life partner. Guddan says what? Am I a joker? Dadi says want to make your life happier. We have decided we will find someone who will keep you very happy. AJ comes in and says what nonsense?

Dadi says you said you can’t live with Guddan. So we can find her a new guy. Durga says she is young. She can’t live alone all her life. Laxmi says we found our FIL an MIL. So now we will find our MIL a new FIL. Dadi says you have nothing to do with it. AJ says to Guddan every time you come here you have a new drama. Guddan says I didn’t even know. AJ says it was all your plan. I have no interest in marrying twice like you. AJ says you couldn’t manage the first one. Guddan says I didn’t have a choice. AJ says you can’t marry again. Guddan says don’t challenge me. I will do it now to prove you wrong. Maa ji find me a groom. I will marry from this house. AJ says you will stay here till then. I give you 24 hours. Get married if you can.

Guddan sits down and recalls what she said. AJ breaks his bottles in anger. He says you deserve someone who loves and respects you. Someone who trusts you. I don’t deserve your love. So I challenged you so you can get married to a good guy. Guddan hears all this. She says I knew you were lying. Guddan got a call from the doctor. She said to Guddan that reports were negative. She was never pregnant. She says we sent the same reports to AJ. Guddan says I know you know the reality. You’re going away from me so I stay happy and you punish yourself. I will make you confess your love. That’s why I said yes to Laxmi, Durga and dadi’s plan.

Antra is in jail. Guddan comes there. Antra says you.. Guddan says hi. Antra says how did you know I am here? AJ lied that I.. Guddan says that you went abroad. But it’s not difficult to find out where everyone is. How is it going to be at your right place? Antra says you’re happy as if you got place in AJ’s life back. You were doing the drama that you have moved on. Guddan says he is punishing himself because of you only. I suffered for four years, just because of you. He burned himself in anger just because of you. But not anymore. I am back and I will bring him out of your swamp. I won’t let him drown there and repeat the same mistake. Dadi says her MIL is with her. Laxmi and Durga say so are here DILs. Laxmi says your game is over Antra.

Guddan says thank you for coming for my support. Durga says we are always with you. Dadi says why is AJ still keeping you away from him? Guddan says he is punishing himself. Durga says why don’t you tell him that you have forgiven him? Guddan says it’s to show him my love for forgiveness. We will unite this time that no one can ever part us again.Dadi and Laxmi get the house decorated. AJ says what is happening in my house? Guddan says it’s my Roka today. Saru says what drama is going on here? Dadi says why are you worried? AJ says I don’t care she can do what she wants. Guddan says yes he’s chill. He doesn’t care. Maa ji you shouldn’t worry either. We will do the roka peacefully.

AJ says your face is a problem. I am going to a restaurant. Guddan says meet the guy first. A guy comes in. Laxmi says the groom is here. Dadi says let’s go welcome him. Guddan says where were you? You got late. AJ recalls hitting him. He says you found this stupid only? Guddan says Kunal is an amazing guy. Kunal says we are hit in movies as a couple. Now in real life too. Guddan says yes we make an amazing couple. AJ is angry. Guddan takes Kunal to the hall. Dadi says let’s start the ritual. Durga give Guddan this chunri.Durga makes Guddan wear bridal chunri. AJ is standing with his back towards them. Dadi does Guddan and Kunal’s arti. AJ looks at them. Dadi gives them shagun. Laxmi says Roka is done. AJ comes to Kunal and says congratulations on your Roja. He says thank you. He leaves. Guddan says he’s so stubborn.

Saru takes selifes. Aarav hits her phone. She says you cracked my phone. Aarav scares her from a slingshot. She falls. Saru runs after him. Dadi says to Kunal thank you for doing all this for us. To be part of this drama. Kunal says Guddan is my friend. I can do this for her. I will make him so jealous. He will confess his love. Saru says what should I do? This means this wedding is a drama. I can’t let AJ and Guddan reunite.AJ comes home. Guddan sees her photos with Kunal on the projector. AJ says what drama is this? This is my house. Guddan says look at how good the pictures are. Made for each other kind. Help me choose the photo for the media. AJ says what do you want? Guddan says in heart your love. Guddan says come help me choose. AJ says stop it. I don’t want to do anything. The video of Kunal on his knees plays. Guddan and AJ recall the same moment together. AJ is upset. Guddan says in heart don’t let me go. AJ comes close to Guddan and shuts the projector. He says do it in your house. Guddan is doing yoga. Laxmi says what happened? Calm down please. Guddan says I got Roka done yet AJ doesn’t care. What is his problem? Revati says he would confess soon. I have a solution. She shows her sindur.

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