A new life update Friday 13 May 2022

A new life 13 May 2022: The Episode starts with Nimmo asking Dadi about Soni. Amrita and Dadi say Soni has forgotten this. Pritam comes whistling. Amrita smiles. He says madam has mood swings, she is smiling now. He looks for his underwear. Kamli asks whose underwear is this. Guneet comes and asks for Kabir. He says he is missing since an hour. Nimmo says Amrita asks me not to get angry on him. Pritam says Kabir is clever, where is my underwear. Angad says this isn’t my underwear. Amrita asks who wears such colourful underwear. Pritam looks on. Nimmo says its not of Guneet. Dada ji comes. Amrita says so its of Dada ji. Dada ji says its not mine, this underwear has a hole also. He laughs. Pritam says they had torn it. Soni asks is this Kabir’s underwear.

Angad says no, he doesn’t wear such. Kamli says I got this from the terrace. Amrita asks Guneet not to be shy, take it. Guneet says no, it will be of dad. Dada ji jokes. They all laugh. Pritam asks who is so colourful in our house. Guneet says we will check the size of this underwear. Dada ji throws it to Angad. Amrita jokes and laughs. Pritam asks what are you doing, this underwear isn’t bad, what’s the problem, its too much, you are having a discussion on an underwear, how much time do you have. Dada ji asks is this yours. Angad says yes, take it. Dadi says it has a hole, why do you wear it, do you feel hot. They all laugh. Pritam says Amrita is laughing so much now. They laugh again. Soni asks Pritam to take his underwear. Dada ji jokes and asks him to take the modern hole underwear. Pritam asks Kamli to see the clothes well and take it.

Guneet says don’t get angry, we were having a laugh. Nimmo asks Pritam to tie a rope to dry his clothes. Pritam says fine, I will do it. He goes upstairs. They all laugh.Meera thinks of Naveen. Kabir comes to meet her. She asks why did you come by terrace way. He says your dad would have got a heart attack if I came from the main door. She asks why did you come. He says I don’t want to sit at the saree shop, ask your dad to set me somewhere. She says Angad is talented, you are a fraud. He says I was behaving good with you. Krishnakant comes. She hides Kabir. Krishnakant asks who are you talking to, who is here.

He says I heard you. She says I was talking on phone, it was on speaker, I was talking to doctor about Naveen, his behavior changed. He says he is misbehaving, what happened to him. She asks why are you going there. He says we will sit in the balcony and talk. She says we will go downstairs, I will make coffee. He says I will make it. She asks him to go. He says I was worried, who are you talking to. He goes. Kabir says you lied to me, Naveen has hurt you, where is he, I will see him. She says don’t become a hero, he is my brother. He says he got spoilt since your dad got money. She says enough, you leave now. He says talk to Shetty, please help. She says okay fine. He thanks her. She asks him to go now. He leaves.

Pritam hammers a nail to fix the rope. Pritam says they lectured me for a rope, fine, I will fix a rope. Nimmo asks will he break the terrace now. Amrita asks Dada ji to stop him. Dada ji says Nimmo asked him to fix a rope. Pritam says Dada ji has widened the small hole, I can’t wear it now. He says I will fix my rope now. He hammers on his finger and screams. Soni goes to see. She asks are you fine. She says his hand is bleeding. They all worry. Pritam says I m fine, don’t shout. Dada ji says come down, Amrita will do the aid. Pritam says I m fine. Soni asks him to come. He says I will see what to do. Amrita scolds him. She says don’t become a superman, we know you wear a colourful underwear. He asks how did you say that. She says the matter started on an underwear, come downstairs, else I will come there. He says I will come.

Shetty says no Meera, I can’t keep Kabir on job again. Meera says his dad is so sad. He says yes, I m disappointed, Kabir is a fraud, I can’t tolerate him in this office, if you worry for him, then get out. She says sorry. She goes. Kabir eats chaat at a stall. She calls him and says Sir didn’t agree, he is more angry after meeting Guneet, he said you are a fraud. He asks what will I do now. She says work in saree shop, what else. Pritam says I m fine. Soni says you are a tough man. Dada ji jokes. Amrita does the aid to Pritam’s hand. Dadi says she is our family’s doctor. Amrita says don’t do work in anger, it brings own loss. Pritam says I understand, thanks. Nimmo says I just told about the rope, you started fixing it. Dada ji says its fine, you put your clothes on our stand on one side, and put a sticker on your underwear. They laugh. Dada ji asks from where did you buy that underwear, I will also buy one. Amrita says holed underwear. Pritam says you are having much fun. Amrita says get your bandage changed tomorrow. He asks why.

Soni says you can come, I will change it. Dadi says you faint when you see a wound. Soni says you can tell me. Pritam says no need. Nimmo says take tetanus injection. Amrita says he won’t take it, he just acts like a hero.Pritam telling the underwear story to Nitin and Monty. They laugh hearing him. Pritam praises Amrita who did the aid to his wound. They tease Pritam. Monty asks did you hammer your hand to get the bandage done. Pritam runs after him. Nitin laughs. Pritam pushes them down and smiles. Monty asks what did you do that impressed Amrita. Pritam scolds him. Nitin says forget it, we are happy that you are getting love and care there, that house is lucky for you. Monty says you always said that you have no family, you got a family. Pritam recalls Amrita’s words. He says I have to get tetanus injection, Amrita has taunted me. They laugh at him. Nimmo asks Amrita to take rest.

She asks Soni to make food. Amrita says I can do the work. Amrita laughs. Nimmo says your delivery is in few days. Angad says I agree with mummy, what’s the need to go to the kitchen all the time. Amrita agrees. Guneet gets Kabir and scolds him. Nimmo says you will never change. Kabir says I can’t do this work. Dada ji asks him to learn it. He asks Soni to get a saree, he will show wearing it. Dadi says you don’t even know to wear a dhoti. Dada ji asks Kabir to see. Everyone smiles. Dada ji says Kabir, you have to talk to customers, while wearing the saree. Guneet says I will show you how to wear a saree. Dada ji says don’t snatch mine, take another one. Guneet also wears a saree and shows Kabir. Pritam comes home and sees them. He asks what are they doing. He goes to see. Guneet says see, saree is tied this way. Pritam smiles. Dada ji says no, this way. Everyone laughs. They see Pritam. Guneet says we are teaching this to Kabir. Pritam asks will Kabir wear saree from today. Amrita says no, he has to wear it and show it to the customers. Pritam says make him stand outside the shop all day. Kabir asks him to go. Pritam says this house should be declared as a museum.

Amrita asks what did you say. He asks why are you after me, you threatened me in front of everyone. Soni asks how is your wound. Pritam says I got the tetanus injection. Amrita says this is breaking news. He says you think I m lying. Soni asks why will you lie. He says I have a proof, you are a spy, you should know. He shows the slip. She says give its copy to me, I told that for your betterment. She goes. He says she should stand at the museum’s main gate. She says you become its watchman, I heard it. He says congrats.Meera asks Krishnakant why are you laughing. He says its better than a joke, I got Kabir’s CV for a job in my company, I don’t want him. Meera says get him a job somewhere. He says Sinha was regarding us wrong, that’s why, Angad is talented, he deserves a job, Kabir is useless. Divya comes. She says I m worried for Naveen. He asks did he steal your money. She says no, he is scared in his room, he is asking if police has come. They worry. She says something is wrong. Meera says I will go and see her. Naveen talks to his friend on call. He says get some drugs for me. His friend says okay, but you have to give me cash. Naveen says fine. Krishnakant comes and asks him is he fine. Naveen says yes, I have no work today. Meera says we worry for you, we are family. Naveen says there is no problem, I realized my mistake, I m fine. Krishnakant hugs him.

Nimmo asks Soni to study, and not worry for Pritam, Angad will do the aid. She says Amrita had stomach pain at night, I will take her to the hospital for checkup. Nimmo and Amrita leave. Pritam comes downstairs and says my hand is okay now. Soni says get the bandage done. Pritam gets Nitin’s call. He asks him to find out the drug dealer. He says there is a bad news, Rathi is going to sell the rdx, if he knows that rdx is fake, then we will get caught. Pritam leaves. Nimmo asks doctor to check Amrita well. Doctor asks her to relax. Vishaka comes there and clicks Amrita’s pic. She hides. Nurse asks Vishaka who is she. Vishaka lies. She goes. Pritam, Nitin and Monty meet Naveen’s friend. The guy asks them for drugs. Pritam says you will get it, don’t get scared, tell me how did you get the drugs, and tell about your friends and peddler. The guy says let me go. Pritam says we have your pic, see. The guy says I will tell you the truth, this is Naveen Sehgal. He runs away. Vishaka sees Pritam running after that guy. She stops the car.

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