Lost in Love update Friday 13 May 2022

Lost in Love 13 May 2022: Pakhi walks into Virat’s room and asks if he called her. He says yes. She says his mother has problem if she chats with him, so he should take his mother’s permission before speaking to her. Virat says there is nothing like that and says he needs a favor. She says as a friend she can do anything for him as a friend. He requests to get Sayi ready for tonight’s function. Sayi walks in saying she can get ready herself and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Pakhi says Sayi is right. Virat says he wants Sayi to learn from Pakhi’s experience as one cannot learn from their own experience.

Lost in Love 12 May 2022

Sayi says he should understand what a girl feels whose father died and she was forcefully married to a man she didn’t like. He says they can speak about it later and not in front of others. She says Pakhi didi know everything as he informed her already, she heard them chatting at terrace last night. Pakhi says its wrong to hear their conversation and anyways friends discuss their issues with each other. Sayi says she doesn’t have any interest in their discussion, she was feeling suffocated in room and hence came to terrace and heard their conversation. Virat says even he is following this wedding without his wish, she should understand the situation and let Pakhi to get ready for tonight’s function.

He walks away. Pakhi asks not to doubt her as she is on her side. Sayi says her wedding is just a deal and she already informed Virat that she will leave him once her education completes, Pakhi can get her ready for the function now. Pakhi says jodis are made in heavan and she was destined to marry Sayi, so she shouldn’t think its a deal. Sayi says she knows about her well. Pakhi says she is a married woman whose husband is missing, so Sayi shouldn’t speak something wrong which will hurt her. Sayi says she cannot hide the truth that Virat is more than a friend to Pakhi, she knows about their relationship and doesn’t have any problem with it. Pakhi drops bangles tensed. Sayi asks to get her ready the way she wants now.

Ashwini takes care of arrangements and scolds decorator to decorate flowers soon. She catches sunny munching jamoons and asks him to take care of guests first. He says he is checking if its good or not. She then seeing Krishma and Mohit asks them to go and greet guests. Mohit says Ashwini made arrangements so well, but nobody performed any function after their wedding.Karishma says family distinguishes between him and Virat as he is just a struggling actor and Virat is a decorated IPS officer. He asks if she is praising or insulting him. She says praising. Saloni with Omkar enters and praises decoration. Karishma comments that Sayi is lucky to have Ashwini as MIL, everyone are not lucky like her.

Saloni asks if she is taunting her. Karishma says she is talking about Pakhi, her husband is missing and her MIL is not worried about her. Virat hears their conversation and walks to Mansi’s room where she is crying looking at Virat’s pic. Mansi asks how can he he celebrate his wedding when Samrat is missing. Virat consoles her. Sayi walks to venue with girls. Ashwini praises her beauty and applies kajal behind her ear to ward off evil eyes/nazar. Sayi does same. Ashwini says she feels special since Sayi entered her life. Sayi says she is special. Badimaa enters and starts her drama, says guests already started coming.

Pakhi’s parents enter. Pakhi runs and hugs them emotionally. They ask if she is fine. Shailesh says Samrat will return home and she shouldn’t get sad. Vaishali comments that a bother is missing and another brother got married without informing family and is celebrating. Shailesh asks her not to speak ill. Virat consoles Sai that Samrat will return home soon and will be fine, he is not crying as he knows his brother is fine, how will Samrat feel when returns home and learns that his mother didn’t attend his brother’s function, she should attend function at least for Samrat and Ashwini’s sake. Mansi agrees. Shailesh suggests Pakhi that Virat has moved on, so he married Sayi and is celebrating big, nobody waits for someone, she should hope that Samrat returns soon, Virat and Sayi are made for each other.

Sayi waits for Sayi. Ashwini asks him to have patience. Virat enters. Ashwini says here he came and goes to attend guests. Virat walks to Sunny. Sunny says he is looking handsome. Virat asks about Sayi. Sayi walks to them followed by Ashwini who says they are both looking pretty, asks Sayi to remember her advice. Virat asks what is it. Shanti says Ashwini bhabhi asked Sayi to keep calm. Sayi asks Virat if he thinks she is short-tempered. He says even his mother knows and asks her to prove them wrong by keeping calm.

During reception, Sayi asks Virat if she looks angry. He says not only him, even his mother feels so. She asks if she is hot headed/short tempered. He asks her to prove that she is not short tempered. She stands fuming. Ashwini introduces them to guests. Pakhi walks to them with parent next. Shailesh wish happy married life to Virat. Sayi thanks him for his wishes. Virat thanks Pakhi for getting Sayi ready so well. Guest comments that Virat married a much younger girl. Virat hearing that confront that their compatibility matters and not age. Karishma says they both are looking very pretty.

Ashwini performs their nazar and giving money to Pakhi asks her to give it to poor and ask them to bless Sai and Virat for their happy married life. Karishma taunts Pakhi that she may not like giving money to poor as she doesn’t go out of house and takes it from her saying she will give it to poor. Shailesh suggests Pakhi to be happy and stop thinking much. Ashwini next introduces Ninad’s friend to Virat and Sayi. They both greet. Ninad asks Sayi to touch their feet and even every elder guest’s. Sayi gets angry, but Virat reminds her to keep her calm.

Sayi says respecting elders should be by heart, one should respect both elders and youngsters, she is standing here respecting everyone but cannot touch everyone’s feet. Badimaa comments. Saloni says her bahu is talkative, but touches elders’ feet and respects them. Sunny diverts attention and takes guests for dinner.Virat asks Ninad if respecting elders means touching their feet. Bhavani yells that he is questioning his father taking his wife’s side and disrespecting him. Virat says he was just. Bhavani warns not to protect his wife, its not about touching feet or folding hands, its about obeying elders, his wife didn’t obey Ninad and disrespected him. Sayi says she doesn’t know the people whom they ordered to touch feet of, if touching feet means respecting elders, why didn’t they bless her when she touched her feet; respect should be mutual and not one sided. Saloni says she should learn to behave with elders. Bhavani says its waste to expect behavior from Sayi who doesn’t know to respect her FIL in front of everyone; its her father’s mistake that he didn’t teach her good morales and died putting her in Virat’s neck. Sayi warns to scold her as she doesn’t have right to insult her father.

Omkar asks Bhavani not to bother about arrogant girl. Sayi says she hasn’t yet finished. Bhavani asks how dare she is to insult Omkar. Sayi asks how dare she is to insult her father whom she really doesn’t know at all. Bhavani orders Virat to control his wife’s tongue. Virat says Mansi shouldn’t have insulted Kamal sir as he was not only Sayi’s father but also his guru. Sayi warns that nobody should dare to insult her or her father from hereon. Virat says Sayi is Chavan family’s member now and should be respected like everyone.Sayi asks Bhavani why she is hell bent on insult her repeatedly while other family members don’t have any problems with her, especially Ashwini. Bhavani yells that Ashwini taught her to misbehave with elders.

Ashwini says Sayi is not a kid and she taught Sayi to behave with others the way they behave with her. Bhavani yells at Ashwini again. Sayi warns her not to insult Ashwini now. Bhavani says she is a habituated to misbehave with everyone. Pakhi interrupts and suggests Sayi that she shouldn’t insult elders in front of everyone. Sayi says she just spoke truth.Bhavani says she is tired of this saas-bahu jodi and will not stay in a house where she is not respected. Ninad and Omkar walk behind her. Pakhi says Bhavani is elder of this house and she should respect her. Virat says Pakhi is right, she shouldn’t let house break and should stop her. Sayi runs behind Bhavani and requests her not to go. Bhavani says when she denied to eat her served food, she threatened to leave house; now when she wants to go out, what right she has to stop. Sayi says she will bear her bitter taunts. Bhavani asks why should she stay back even then.Sayi says once she leaves, Shivani will take her king size bed, Karishma her big mirror, and Usha her lavish room. Bhavani warns Shivani, Karishma and Usha that nobody should dare enter her room as only she will stay in her room. Sayi says she should and insists for a selfie. Bhavani pushes her and calls her jungli mulgi. Sayi says she is jungli and if she gets angry, she get roots. Bhavani smiles. Sayi says this much smile is enough and clicks selfie with her. Everyone smile and walk behind Bhavani. Virat tells Sunny that he is happy seeing the way Sayi handled kaku and is sure she will handle the any uneventful situations in life. He walks to Sayi. Ashwini praises Sayi and pampers her.

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