Guddan update Saturday 14 May 2022

Guddan 14 May 2022: AJ gives Guddan her ring back and says here’s your ring. You dropped it outside. Guddan says you don’t care right? He says your fiance got such a good ring and you’re not wearing it. Guddan says please go from here. He says calm down. Guddan says I won’t. AJ says I wanted to say something. He says congratulations on your wedding. I am very happy. Guddan says go from here. AJ says in heart I will carry on the drama now Guddan.

Kunal says I can’t marry Guddan. AJ will kill me. Saru says I will leak your video. People will spit at you. Kunal says please let me go. Saru says you have to marry Guddan. You can’t back out from this plan. AJ decorates the house. Guddan says wow he’s decorating mandap of his own wife’s wedding. Guddan says what is this? You’re a chef right? He says I got you flowers. It’s your wedding. Flowers sprinkle on them. Guddan and AJ look at each other. AJ says you will be welcomed with the same flowers. Go get ready with your bridals. Saru overhears this and says they made it so each for me. Saru says I will part them forever.

Guddan says to Dadi what is wrong with AJ? He so excited and decorating the whole house. What will I do? He has no plan of stopping the wedding. Dadi says calm down. God is with us. Laxmi says this is the climax of your love story. Dadi says Aj won’t let you marry anyone else. Durga says but what if he doesn’t stop. The wedding starts. Guddan comes downstairs. Dadi says be shy like a bride. Guddan says he won’t care. Dadi says AJ, Guddan is going to the temple. AJ says how will she?? He comes to Guddan. AJ says I will apply teeka on her so she doesn’t catch evil eye. He says come, I will take you to the mandap. You might get lost. Let’s go. He takes her hand and takes her to the mandap. AJ shakes hand with Kunal and says best of luck. AJ says in heart I want to listen something from you Guddan. He says take care of her Kunal. He goes away from the mandap and says in heart say it Guddan.

Guddan stands up and says I can’t do this drama anymore. Dadi says AJ would hear. Guddan says he doesn’t care. I can’t do this wedding drama anymore. Kunal says stand here. I won’t let you go anywhere. You have to marry me now. Guddan slaps Kunal and says are you out of your mind? He says you have to marry me now. Durga and Laxmi shove Kunal. Durga says how dare you to touch her. They all hit him. Kunal says wait. Some thugs come in. Saru asks Kunal to run. He says you came on right time. Stop them till this wedding is over. The wedding starts. Guddan says leave my hand. Durga and Laxmi shove Guddan. The thugs run after Guddan. Durga says run Guddan. Guddan looks for her phone. She calls AJ. AJ doesn’t pick up. The thugs are outside. They break the door and come into AJ’s room. Guddan screams leave my hand. She screams AJ’s name. The thug says he’s somewhere he can’t hear you. Come the groom is waiting for you. The thugs have tied everyone. AJ is tied somewhere.

Kunal says I will kill this dadi. Dadi says don’t worry about me. Don’t marry him Guddan. Guddan says please save me AJ. I only love you. I have your name in my hands only.AJ is fainted. He opens his eyes. Kunal pulls Guddan. He screams no. Saru says in a few moments Guddan would be someone else’. Kunal forcefully takes rounds with Guddan. Pandit ji says fill her hairline. AJ comes and beats the thugs. Saru says thank God you came. The thugs hit AJ. AJ looks at Guddan. Kunal picks a gun and places it on Guddan. He says if you do anything now I will kill her. AJ steps back. He says come back to the mandap Guddan. This wedding will happen. Kunal is about to fill Guddan’s hairline. AJ throws a pillar on him. His gun falls.

AJ says Guddan is my wife. Who planned all this? Tell me? AJ hits him and says how dare you. The police come and arrest Kunal. AJ says he needs to tell me who planned all this. Inspector says he will tell in the police station.AJ asks Guddan are you okay? Guddan says your head is bleeding. AJ and Guddan clean each other’s wounds. Guddan says it’s all my fault. Will you forgive me? I planned all this to make you realize. He says I knew. So I planned a little too. I heard everything. Then I decided to make you confess too. Guddan says you could tell me. What if my heart failed?Kunal says it wasn’t my plan sir. It was Saru, their DIL. I was only helping Guddan. Saru comes there and says these people are actors. They came before real police could. And you were going to say my name? I will kill you if you take my name. AJ says I was so disgusted with my own self that I decided to go away from you. I insulted and didn’t trust you. I said you don’t deserve Jindal name. But the truth is that you don’t need my name. I need yours. I can’t take my words back. But I can promise that I will love you till I die. You can kill me as a punishment. I can’t live without you. I know you have moved on but won’t you give me another chance?Guddan says do I have any option. She hugs him. AJ says aren’t you mad? Guddan says I was. But I know you love me the most. Guddan hugs him. Guddan says no one can love me like you do.

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