Glow TV: Sweet Revenge teasers June 2019

Sweet revenge teasers June 2019. Teasers are updated daily, please check back daily. 

Monday 3rd June 2019

Dr. Sanjukta is taken aback when Shaurya is able to stand comfortably. Meanwhile, Aakash and Durga search Raima’s house for evidence against Rajnath.An infuriated Durga scolds Shaurya for his lewd behaviour with her. Meanwhile, Sakshi receives news that Durga’s DNA does not match Dr. Dayal

Tuesday 4th June 2019

An infuriated Sakshi confronts Rajnath for his misdeed against her and Shaurya. How will he react? Meanwhile, Durga and Aakash eavesdrop on Sakshi’s conversation.Aakash and Durga follow Sakshi to an orphanage. Meanwhile, Dev decides to meet Dr. Mohanti, in order to uncover the truth of Dr. Dayal’s murder.

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Dev discovers that Mr Mohanti and Shaurya are involved in Dr. Dayal’s murder. How will he handle the situation?Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked to see their son walking on his own again. Meanwhile, Shaurya pretends to be handicapped and take revenge on Durga.

Thursday 6 June 2019

Payal goes missing from the hospital. Meanwhile, Sakshi uses Payal’s absence to her advantage.Shaurya has decided to mislead Dev and plans to kill him. How will his plans go?

Friday 8th June 2019

Durga tries to save Dev’s life, leaving her in a pool of blood. Is she about to die? Sakshi is about to inform Shaurya that Durga is not Dr. Dayal’s daughter. How will he react?

Monday 10th June 2019

Dev wants Rajnath to get Shaurya punished, in exchange for the video evidence that he has against him. Will Rajnath get his own son arrested? Durga apologizes to Suchitra for hiding the truth. Meanwhile, Sakshi finds out that her son has died. Could this be true?

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Dev informs Aakash about Shaurya and Tarun’s deaths. Meanwhile, will Dev and Durga find out that Shaurya is still alive?Shaurya finds his way to Payal. Will he harm her?

Wednesday 12th June 2019 – finale! 

Rajnath informs Sakshi and Shaurya that the police have a warrant of arrest against them. Will the vicious trio be brought to justice? Mathur confesses to have helped Sakshi and Rajnath in destroying the evidence against Shaurya.

Sweet revenge has ended, and the time slot was replaced by Endless love.

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Sweet revenge shows on Glow TV Mon – Friday 5:00pm, the repeat shows  at 10:00pm, and the Omnibus at 11:30am on Saturdays.

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