King of hearts update Tuesday 4th June 2019


Tuesday update on King of hearts 

The episode starts with Sid reaching courier office and asking manager who sent courier to DD’s address. Manager says he cannot give info to anybody like that. Sid takes out 1000 rs from his wallet and says courier boy dropped 1000 rs by mistake and he wants to return him back. Manager gets happy seeing money and says courier boy will come in some time. Sid gives him number and money and asks him to call him when the boy comes.

Once Sid comes home, Mona asks him where did he go. He says to courier office to find who sent that courier. She says it was Rajveer’s courier. He says he knows but wants to confirm it. Rajveer hears their conversation and thinks he has to do something to Sid now.

Sid comes to his room and show a big grocery list of room freshener, etc., to Roshni and she has to start living a middle class life from now. They both hear Mona shouting on someone and comes out to check. Mona scolds servant for bringing egg at home and alleges that he must have brought chicken home the other day. Servant says he did not. DD also starts scolding servant and asks him to get out of her house. Servant says even he does not want to hear her rubbish and work under her and leaves.

Roshni says DD that it is proved Sid did not bring chicken home, so she should apologize him for scolding him. Naani also says she should. DD slowly says sorry. Sid says he did not hear it and asks Kesar and Bablu if they heard it. DD says she will slap him near ears, then he will hear her sorry. Sid says now he heard it. Rajveer smirks and reminisces how he kept egg in servant’s bag.

At office, Sid says DD that her jewelry design is not good and she should try something else than sapphire in her design. DD says she said sorry, that does not mean she will accept all his nonsense. Rajveer comes and says DD she is right. She asks what is he doing here instead of attending doc’s appointment to remove his bandage and says he is losing on his American business and should think of going back soon.

Roshni serves dinner for Sid. He asks what is it. She says chilli sabji as it is month end. He eats it and tears starts rolling down his cheeks. She gives him water and asks if it is really hot. He says she is like her mother who gives pain first and then tries to sooth it.

Sid calls his mother, tells her about eating chilli sabji and asks her remedy. She says her bahu did right. He asks if he is not her son and asks to tell remedy soon. She tells him and cuts cal. She gets call again and thinks it is Sid, but a call from police station. She says Raj that they have to reach police station soon and they both run towards police station.

In the morning, Sid knocks bathroom door and asks Roshni to come out soon as he has to go to office. She comes out and says watering is not coming, he should get plumber. He says he will correct the mistake and instead breaks tap. Water starts gushing and he gets wet. She starts laughing and goes to help him, but herself gets drenched and they both fall on ground and they both get romantic. Bablu and Pratima comes, looks them in that position and say it is a good idea to have bath together and they can use same idea even tomorrow. They both get conscious and wake up. Roshni asks Bablu to give her plumber’s number. Pratima jokes there is no need to call plumber. Roshni says boys always try to be heroic and break things instead and says she will take bath in her NGO instead.

Rajveer takes DD’s blessings and gives her prasad. She asks what is special. He says he has an inauguration ceremony of his new business and he wants her to inaugurate it. Mona says it is a good thinking, they way DD runs her business well, he can get some inspiration from her. Naani says DD she should go. DD agrees to inaugurate his business. Rajveer thinks old lady is trapped and smirks.

Raj and Simran discuss if they tell Sid what happened yesterday night. Sid comes just then and asks what they want to talk. Simran says they are planning to go on a long vacation. Sid says he cannot even take 1 day leave, there is no question of vacation. He says he will freshen up and will go back to office. Simran and Raj try to stop him and ask him to go to use their bathroom.

Sid runs to his room and sees a lady there smoking cigarettes. He asks who is she. Raj and Simran come there tensely. Sid asks who is this girl. Lady starts misbehaving with him and asks Raj and Simran to tell who she is. Sid gets angry seeing lady’s misbehavior and drags her out of his room. Simran stops him and says this girl will not go out. He asks her why is she talking to her like this. Raj says lady is his friend’s daughter and will stay here for some days. Sid asks her to relax and goes saying he will have to attend office without bathing. Simran says Raj how will they tell him that this lady will not go from here now.

Rajveer comes to a godown with is goons and laughs looking at empty cartoons with his name, says he will do export/import business now. Goon says they can get a lot of money by fooling people. Rajveer slaps him and asks not to reveal their plan.

Sid comes home reminiscing lady encroaching his room. He sees Roshni angry over something and Mona trying to console her. Sid asks her to calm down, but she is still angry. He thinks he has both mom and daughter to ruin his life.

At night, sid sees Roshni writhing in pain in sleep. He applies balm over her back and massages. She wakes up feeling good and acts as sleeping. He then falls back asleep and she smiles looking at him.

DD with her family reaches Rajveer’s export company and inaugurates it. She gets impressed seeing his godown. Rajveer says his garments first assignment is ready to be delivered and after pooja, he will send it. During pooja, Sid gets Prashanth’s calls and while talking to him he classes with empty box and it falls down. Rajveer gets tensed that his secret will be out. He signals his goon to stop Sid. Sid is about to pick up empty box.

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