Geet starlife Update Thursday 12 March 2020

Geet 12 March 2020: Geet in her green dress is sitting on the bed. Resting her back to the headboard with folded legs and her palms entwined at her knees…. Her eyes are at the door and she is waiting for her Maan.

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She mumbles that he still has not come back.. I hope all is well at hospital and her gaze is shifted to the door.. She sees curtain floating with the breeze and sees Maan coming in her vision with that beautiful smile on his face…. He slowly walks toward her and stands at the foot of the bed.. Geet got her smile back.. Maan comes in the room and calls her out saying Geet once again you are thinking all those negative stuff. I already told you that all will be ok. Geet says yes I know but when you are not around I really feel frightened.. Maan looks at her and saysGeet when is the time I am not around .. Geet smiles at that… Maan continues saying I am always here with you & near you. C’mon Geet it is time to go home. From now on you will stay there not in this outhouse.. Come, saying he extends his hand toward her.. Geet smiles and gets up keeping her eyes on him.. she takes couple of steps still looking at him but then suddenly she feels pain and looks down and sees that her foot was on the beads.. She looks up and does not see Maan.. she then comes to the foot of the bed and keeps looking arond for him then she smiles at herself saying Geet you have gone mad.. you are dreaming about him with your eyes open!!!

Parking garage of the hospital ..
Maan is opening the door and holding for dadima.. before sitting in the car dadima says she wants to say something to him.. Maan says dadima what happened. Dadima says she wants to say something about his decision.. Maan looks at Dadima without a word.. Dadima continues.. son I know what you feel about Geet and I do not have any objection about your decision but son the right now the timing of your decision is wrong.. Maan lifts his gaze and looks at Dadima.. Dadima says I do know that NT is getting for her wrong deeds but we cannot forget that she is still the DIL of our family and still a part of our family.. this news upsets Maan he knows where it is going.. He turns his face away from dadima but does not say a word. Dadima says NT is fighting for her life (oh please dadima she is acting….) and in the time like this it is not good to talk about marriage and we also do not want any blame coming on Geet again

Part 2:
Dadima says so son it is better we should wait till NT is ok.. Maan looks at dadima and takes deep breath and after couple of moments says Ok dadima whatever I am doing is for Geet’s happiness. I would never ever want to make Geet unhappy with any of my decision. And any way Geet always ends up paying for all that NT does but I will never let that happen. He then gives his decision saying Ok Dadima I will do the way you wish. Dadima looks at her grand son and smiles a little. Maan gave the promise to dadima but then he gets little upset remembering his words to Geet…. that I want to marry you and I will do anything to bring the smile on your face…. Maan thinks now what am I to do about my promise to Geet….

Once again Geet is seated on the bed with her dresses in her hand talking to herself why he hasn’t come yet.. She is packing her suitcase and the phone rings.. Geet picks up the phone.. Maan: Geet what are you doing? Geet: I am waiting for you.. Maan’s expression is pretty serious.. Geet: how is NT.. Maan: She is better but she will need some time to recover.
Maan: Geet, I want to tell you something…. Geet: I know you want to tell me something but you do not need to tell me anything. She continues saying I know that you are feeling bad that you are taking little more time to fulfill your promise.. Maan is listening to her intently.. Geet is on says sweetly but please do not worry about me and complete your work there because I completely trust you and your promise. Maan is still listening to her sweet voice which has the touch of smile and happiness and he is getting bit restless.. Geet says sweetly that you already brought me in the house but I have full confidence that you will accept me in front of everybody. She adds that you have done so much for me so couldn’t I wait little bit more for your family. Maan says hmm and disconnects the phone…. he turns and says to his dadi let’s go.. Who was still waiting near the car for him to end his call. Dadima was about to sit and Dev walks in.. Dadima looks at Dev then she looks at Maan but Maan says curtly please sit in the car Dadima. Dev stands afar off and looks at them painfully…. But Maan then goes around and sits in the car without giving a second glance to Dev and the car moves on.. Dev stands there with hurtful expressions.
Part 3:
NT is in the hospital room thinking oh may I say plotting some more. She gets up and sits on the bed.. Nurse asks her where she is going. She says she is feeling bit suffocated and wants to go for a walk in the lawn.. (OMG.. who allows suicide patient to walk outside without an escort!!!!)

Maan is entering the outhouse…. He is walking very slowly and is in dilemma thinking about Geet.. He is thinking…Geet must be waiting for me with so much hope. What will I say to her…. how will I make her understand.. Geet is waiting near the door with a hopeful expectant smile on her face…. Maan is at the door and was about to knock but stops thinking what would I say to her?? Geet as if feels him and moves toward the door and thinks why do I feel that he has arrived?? She holds the handles of the door and opens them to see him standing at the door with his hand raised up to knock on the door.. She looks at him with a tender smile but fails to see his serious expressions. She looks at him and he is avoiding her eye contact.. but Geet is oblivious to all these minor details.. She is just so happy to see him she moves towards him and throws herself at him and hugs him. Maan hugs her back but his face is really too serious. After a while Geet pulls herself back and looks at him with a smile. Maan says Geet I have to tell you something. Geet says since you have filled my maang you are thinking too much before saying anything. She adds teasingly since when did you start asking permission to speak.. Once again Geet is on with her I know what you are trying to say’ ( oh Geet please let him speak.. with your I know.. you are making his life more complicated’ please stop.. u r putting him in really in precarious position with added guilt of letting him know what is in your heart ….)
Anyways Geet says I know what you are going to say.. and it is that .. It is time to go home.. Maan looks at her & feels horrible inside.. She adds with a smile that I knew it and that is why I prepared myself before hand. Saying she moves toward the foot of the bed to bring her suitcase…. she comes near him and touches his arm saying let’s go.. Since the time Maan came in the room he is standing in the same position without uttering a word but this does not register in Geet’s brain.. In her bubbly happiness she fails to see the unresponsive behavior of Maan.. But now.. when Maan does not move she looks at him with a little surprise and as if sees his serious face for the first time…. She looks up at him and says with an anxious voice what happened?? Maan just was very miserable and could not meet her eyes.. He was feeling awful to break this news to her but he had to.. He holds both her hands in her hand and says seriously.. Geet right now we cannot go home.. Geet is devastated and looks at his face with a really hurt expressions.. Maan adds demurely that they will have to wait little bit more…. Geet was so shocked that she pulls her hands back from Maan..

Maan looks at that and feels really wretched to give his Geet this bad news but he stands there seeing the hurt on her face.. Geet is standing there with hurtful eyes and heart. Maan says Geet right now I do not know what to say. I know that you have been waiting for this since so long and I was even more eager then that. But what should I do Geet.. I could not keep my promise.. Maan had sheen of tears in his eyes. Geet slowly turns in the room with her eyes overflowing with tears.. Maan walks behind her.. She quickly wipes her tears and turns to him.. Saying demurely sometimes we cannot control the situations and you are not to be blame.. It is that I might have expected too much and I forgot that dreams do not fulfill so easily.. (are Geet why do you say too much.. why couldn’t you see that your this extra dialogues are hurting Maan.. ) Geet then quickly pulls her suitcase in the room and starts mumbling as why did she wear this outfit and she need to concentrate on the job at KC and starts pulling some other outfit from the suitcase.. Maan looks at all these without a word and leaves the room….
Part 4:
Geet says over her shoulder for him to wait outside till she changes and turns to look at him but sees that he was already gone.. She feels really bad and sitting on the bed with her outfit in her hand the tears were rolling from her eyes..
MSK walks in his practice room and works with his stand thinking about his proposal to Geet. He really feels helpless that he is not able to keep his promise to Geet. And thinks why every time the happiness just takes its time to come in to Geet’s life
Dev is entering the sitting area of the hospital and sits on the chair. Meera comes and sits beside him and says that he should not worry as Maan and geet are one one and NT will not be able to touch Geet at all..
NT was about to walk on them but sees them and hides behind the room hearing them talking about her she gets mad. Meera says do not worry let’s go home. Dev is upset with something.. he does not meet her eyes but gets saying that he will go to Doctor and asked for NT’s latest news.. NT watches them. After Dev leaves she walks toward Meera with a wicked smile on her face. She comes in front of Meera and starts screaming at her. saying don’t you have any shame? While I am still alive you are having an affair with my husband.. Meera says NT stop this nonsense and your drama. NT starts screaming at her saying oh I am being dramatic.. then she looks around and says this woman is determined to break my family. She screams some more saying I have not died yet only have come to the hospital and this woman is keeping my husband with her at her home. Meera was just too shock to utter a word…. NT keeps with her bad mouthing Meera. Meera is in tears and NT looks around and see all her audience gone.. she comes near Meera and with gritting teeth utters each words precisely telling meera to stay away from her husband and then shouts at her to get out of the hospital right now and not to come near her husband.. Meera walks away from there running in tears’

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