Geet starlife update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Geet 11 March 2020: MSk is standing near the window looking out with a slight smile. Geet is sleeping peacefully on the bed. Maan looks back at his sleeping beauty and a slow tender smile comes on his face. He says in his heart that even his dreams are not this beautiful I wish that this dream goes on for ever and never breaks.

He keeps on looking at sleeping Geet for few more seconds and then turns back to window. Suddenly he feels Geet’s eyes on him and he turns back and calls out her name.. Geet’s gaze was on him and she asks him where he is going. Maan walks toward her slowly and comes and sits near her and put his right arm across her body and leans bit toward her saying.. Geet go back to sleep and until their relation is not accepted by all he has to go away from her and keep their distance.

Geet cuts him off and says that only because people will talk about us. She looks at him and says very softly.. I do not know what you are made of. You are still thinking about me that people will ask me questions and not thinking that people will be poiniting their fingers at you and will be talking about you too.. then she lowers her eyes and says but the truth is that I am not suitable for you. Maan looks at her lovingly and caresses her hair lovingly telling her that she is worried for nothing. He looks in to her eyes and says that he has already told her that no one is sacred then her and there is nothing holier then their relationship.

Geet tells him but they cannot avoid the truth and what ever NT told them has the ring of truth in that. Geet adds tearfully that she is not his life but his trouble. Maan looks at her steadily and shakes his head slowly but Geet is on with her troubled thoughts and Maan does not stop her as he wants her to say whatever is troubling her. Geet says that until today the people who were not able to look in your eyes are asking you lots of question. I thought I will be your strength but it feels like I have become your weakness. She looks at him and says do you think that the steps you have taken are wrong.. Maan leans forward and keeps his palm over her mouth silencing her sweetly. Then he cups her face lovingly and says Geet you are indeed my strength and this step is the first step of our beautiful life together. Do you understand that??

Part 2:
Geet says this is not a notion but after so many days today I really feel frightened. Maan keeps on looking at her. Geet says she does not know what is going to happen next. She says when she was all alone she used to be so sad but now that she has him in her life.. she is more frightened then happy. She adds I am afraid that I may loose this happiness once again. She says tearfully that today is the happiest day of my life but I am afraid as my life is not used to of happiness and that is the reason I am afraid of feeling those happiness.. Maan so delicately puts his index finger on her lips and silences her sweetly saying that what ever life has done in you life until now is done and from now on there will be only one color in your life and that is the color of happiness and beauty. G

Geet looks at him with all her heart in her eyes. Maan continues saying please remove all the doubts and fear from your heart as from now on I am with you all the time and will never leave you. Then he so delicately puts his hand on Geet’s which was on her stomach and says that from today on… this child is my responsibility… and continues after a pause… Our responsibility.. Geet has that beautiful teary smile and keeps on looking at her Maan. Maan continues with a tender smile saying from now on this child is our happiness and moving forward I do not not want to see any tears in your eyes. Then he wipes her tears looking sweetly in her eyes and puts his hand assuredly on her arms and asks her sweetly… do you understand that? Geet so sweetly nodes and smiles at him
Well we are leaving this beautiful heaven and are plunged in to ugly world of NT’s thoughts.

She is walking and remembers Geet words saying that you were not satisfied with troubling me and have become so low that you wanted to kill my baby!!!! She remembers Maan telling all that from today Geet has the name of Maan Singh Khurana behind her.. The more she remembers all the incidents the more agitated she becomes…. She recalls Maan’s voice telling her that Geet is not alone from now on and from today onward think twice before saying anything to Geet.. She keeps on looking at mirror and seeing those images of scenes of few hours before and gets so agitated that she takes the vase and throws at mirror and breaks it in anger huffing angrily…

Thank God we are back with Maaneet…
After that reassuring talk it seems that Geet is back to sleep. Maan looks at her peacefully sleeping face and moving toward the night lamp he puts it off. Then he looks at her and looks at the window and feels that it might be too cold for his precious Geet and goes near window to draw the curtains… He feels Geet’s eyes on him and turns to look at her and asks her with a smile what happened Geet.. Geet says Oh I do not feel like sleeping. Maan says in the light mood with his famous cocky smile that what should one do.. When MSK is in front of people they just loose their sleep easily.. Geet says lightly too.. oh Really??.. Maan says oh yea but I do have remedy for this problem. Saying he comes near her and slides on the bed sitting near her head. Geet looks at him with a tender smile and says oh so you really do know that. Show me please how do you do that… Maan then so delicately lifts her and takes her in his arms and let her snuggle to him.

And says so softly…just like that keep on looking into my eyes without blinking your eyes and catch me in your eyes and then just close your eyes and think that I have melted in your eyes and you will be able to have that sweet sleep.. with a tender smile she keeps on looking at her maan with those beautiful big eyes where as Maan keeps on looking in her eyes watching her capturing him with her big golden eyes all the time keeping her close to his heart in his embrace…. after a while keeping Maan in her eyesight her eyes were getting heavy and she closes them slowly and drifts in to Maan sleep.. She snuggles some more and comes to the most comfortable position holding his hand near her heart..

After a while she lifts herself little bit more closer to him and keeping her hand on his heart she drifts off to beautiful tender sleep. Maan looks at her cozy sleeping form and tenderly draws her closer to him and leans his head on her head with a tender smile.. and he kept his promise to her… He kept his precious Geet in the circle of his arms through out the night so that she never will be alone… He trully kept her… Apni Bahon ke darmiyan….
We are now with Meera and Dev..

Some one was on the door and Meera opens the door and is shocked seeing her visitor.. Well miss NT is on the door with a change of dress.. Meera says NT!!! Dev walks in the room and sees NT and is mad and says angrily how dare you come here. NT walks toward Dev but Dev says Go back right now. NT says yes I have come to go. Today I will go away from here forever Dev says he does not trust her for the moment that she would leave him or his family alone.. Wonder of wonders NT has sheen of tears in her eyes. She says I know Dev but today I promise you that today you will believe me.. Dev says sarcastically if you will leave us alone for believing you then I will believe you.. but for now Just go away from here… get out of here right now. NT says yes I will go but before that I just want 5 minutes for those moments I have spent with you.. Just give me 5 min before I go for ever from you life. Dev says stop playing games with me and get out of here. NT is tearful.. gosh I cannot believe that.. but anyways she says I do believe that today I have no place in your life but once we loved each other.. (Meera helplessly keeps on looking at them right from the door)..

Dev starts feeling little uncomfortable. NT says tearfully today every one is happy. Maan veerji with Geet and you.. You are with Meera… (Dev and Meera look at each other..)
Some how the tears were rolling (I have my doubts for this crocodile tears.. she is up to something…) Dev says you have already lost a minute out of your five minute. NT says thank you.. Could we have the last drink just for two minute.. and after that this life is also yours and this happiness too…. Dev has no word.. NT goes near the bar and taking two wine glasses she pours two drinks and then looks over her shoulder at Dev with a wickedness in her eyes… Then she opens a little packet and pours some kind of powder in the drink and swirls the drink with that wicked twisted smile on her face.. Well I knew that leopard cannot change its spots lets see what is she up to..

She walks toward Dev with two drinks in her hand and watching that Meera leaves the room. Dev watches that with totally disinterested heart.. NT hands over him the drink and smiles slowly at him. Dev looks at her and takes the drink in his hand.. NT says cheers but he just does not pay any attention and takes a small sip from his drink.. NT looks at it and smiles at him. Dev takes another small sip.. NT says Dev please forgive me.. Dev gets mad at her and says oh forgiveness… You better not use that word as you do not know the importance of the meaning of that word. As those words do not suit you at all. He keeps his drink on the table and tells her to get out.. NT says you will not forgive me right?? Dev gets irritated and says NT just leave from here’ Suddenly NT starts swaying and Dev looks at her and sees a blood coming out of her mouth.. N

NT is shaky and the drink glass falls off from her hand and she falls on the couch. With blood coming out of her mouth… Dev gets worried and says what happen NT.. Meera comes back in the room… NT says I told you Dev that I only need the last 5 min with you and now my voice will also not reach you any more and her eyes are getting close little by little. Dev and Meera are both trying to shake her to consciousness but she is getting deeper and deeper in to oblivious sleep…
Next morning and MSK is walking with a smile in the outhouse.. Geet is dressing and putting on her earrings.. Maan walks and stands at the door and sees her.. Geet is putting her hand on her forehead as if she misses her filled maang..
Maan looks at her and sees all those questions in her eyes.. He enters the room and slowly walks toward her.. he slides the curtain aside to walks in and suddenly the curtain falls and the beads from the curtain scatters around him as if the shower of beads were thrown at his entry to welcome him.. both of them look at that and finally Maan walks on the beads toward Geet. He comes behind her and holds her arms tenderly and turns her toward him and looks at her face and tells her Geet.. Geet lifts her eyes towards him… He looks in to them and says Geet I know the ocean of questions rising in your heart. He adds very tenderly that what ever I did yesterday was not because of the delicate situation created there.. I filled your Maang because.. Geet looks at him with a teary smile and her heart in her eyes.. Maan looks in those deep ocean of emotions and says very slowly because I want to make you my life partner.. Maan and Geet stares at each other..

MSK holds geet’s hand says, I want to marry you, will you marry me ( oops I thot he will propose to adi. ROFL, bechaara jab bhi propose karta hai, media ka panga ho jaata hai, aaj bhi NT ki suicide nautanki,) Geet is smart and sensible puts her hand on him and asks how can our marriage happen?? We neet to face lots of problem (how can I marry a person who is not guy, yadi ho tab prove karo )
and daadi?? He says do not worry when we are together we will get through, I will talk to her.

He says you gone through so much pain, many betrayal, even I tortured you and did not fulfill my promises. (3000 baar held your hand but pyaar tumhaare dupatte se hi hai ). Geet says no it’s not your fault ( aapko adi jo nahi mila , now manisha is behind him ) he does not agree and says no for your pain and sadness I am responsible too ( yeah right,stop only holding dupatta ) I will do anything to have smile on your lips ( hahha who you kidding you are all talk no action, so be man kuch kar )
He asks her to come with him to meet daadi, he takes her hand, holds it tightly and they walk while their anthem MAHIIIII playing in full volume ( ooooo ear hurt ). He pauses at the door ( hahahha wait kar raha hai kya daadi aartile ke aayegi, joote maaregi), walks in daadi calls his name, looks at their tight hand, geet tries to release the grip, he does not let her, daadi notices ( yaar yeh CV mislead kyu karte hai, kal they showed daadi saying ruk jaaiye maan??? Aaaj wahi gaayab )

Back in the hospital NT on lifeline support ( acchi khaasi pulse 98 hai, what danger for her life?? She is dangerous for maneet’s life ) doctor orders sister to have OT ready, NT holds nurse’s hand and signals her to get paper pen, she writes please call—- we were not shown what next she has written, sister reads it. Out side NT ka tommy and his stupid GF ( dev and meera) sitting. Doctors comes out dev asks about NT, He replies she is very critical, as she has consumed very strong and heavy dose of the poison. We soon need to wash her stomach out. ( yaar marne do usko aur get dev in jail, sach main DUFFER hai, daaru dekhi peene baith gaya, ab bhugat ) Meera tells him to call MK, chicken says no, I can not call him he won’t listen( kya darpok hai yaar, I wish NT could have given poison to him
). Meera says you need to inform them then call daadi (
bechaari daadi, ek bahu ghar ki chukhat pe doosri pretending to be maut ke chukhat pe )
Back to daadi MK tells her that he knows she is very well aware what ever has happened and why did it happen. Right now I want your blessing, you know that I am always weak in expressing my feeling in words (
tab kyu geet ko bolte the lavzo ko zubaan de do and tum words main hi nahi action main bhi phasaddi ho rite sini ) and you do read my heart. All I want to say geet is the one with whom I want to spend my entire life ( kyu ki woh mujhe kabhi kuch karne ko nahi bolti). If she is with me I want to smile and live. You also want to see me smiling and living so give me my smile and life. Your blessing and acceptance needed. Maneet stare at each other, daadi stares at maneet, before she could utter a word phone rings ( ho gaya bantadhaar , Ka**m**lo itni der kyu lagaai bolne main, dekho ab dev ne call kiya. yeh dev bhi na har baar geet ki khushiyo main aata hai )
Dev tells her what NT did. Daadi is worried and shocked. MK asks who has called, daadi tells him, he says it’s her new drama, ( bravo, sirf MK knows her very well ) Daadi denies it and tells MK whether or not you accept it, she is still part of the family, Mk says do not worry we will go right now. ( hmmmm now NT in, maneet out) Mk asks geet to stay there they will be back soon. Geet is speechless ( poor gal, MK do not let her go and NT do not let her live) She walks back slowly to outhouse. I truly felt for geet today awwwww
MK and daadi at hospital, dev hides seeing MK ( sach main coward hai) meera tells daadi NT is critical, doctors trying, MK goes to talk to doctor ( ha go tell him do not try, let her die ). Daadi is very worried ( she is one heck of the PENDULAM.

NO ETHICS OR RULES IN LIFE. How can she ignore what devtaara did or doing to geet abhi bhi ) Meera goes to dev and samjhofy him that this is not the time to run away, ( hahha mera naam hi bhagoda dev hai) face it, go apologize to MK, he is here, if you can not face him now then will never, just go ( seems dev thinking nahi yaar MSK is too strong, I can not emote and mujhe poora ka poora khaa jaata hai acting main .).
In the out house geet wonders that neither he called nor he came back, hope all is all right. Then she thinks she should pack coz he is going to take her to mansion if I do not then he will be angry. ( nope nw he is going to move in to out house, NT apna sapna money maoney fulfill karegi, she wants MK out and rule the Khuraana’s)
Dev goes to MK ( finally ) and apologizes, asks punishment from him, daadi meera watches, MK replies your crime is such a huge that forgiving you is not so easy and walks off to sign the papers (
abe biwi dev ki hai why you signing it, let dev do it ) while MK signing the papers, police comes in ( hmmm so NT asks to call the police what a pla n) doctor says yes he was going to report suicide case, inspector says no it’s attempt to murder (
bola thaa na MK call the police when she tried to push geet, nahi suna lo ab she only called it, smart woman) all are shocked am not, she is not the one who killed her self. Inspector says some one tried to kill her, MK asks what are you talking, who told you, he says NT her self. ( daadi lo ji family hai.)
MK says this all is rubbish, why would some one try to kill her (
she is the one who kills the people ) Inspector says according to information, someone in Khuraana family is responsible for her condition (
kya phasaaya. Dev or MK???kaun hai) MK is shocked ( I can see now, live in track ahead and NT-dev back to mansion, thatis what NT wants. Maoney power and KC) . Meers jumps in saying that is not true, tells him about dev bringing her here, how all are worried ( meera beta tu bachhi hai, NT doing two birds in one stone, get you out of dev’s life and get MK out of mansion) Inspector says we need statement only from NT.

Dev goes in NT’s room to ask why she has filed fake report, who tried to kill her ( dev nahi samjhe biwi ko??? If she can come out of the jail how do you think she would let you go to meera so easily and let MK have property) Nt innocently replies I am telling the truth ( ab yeh baat alag hai ki mera JHOOTH hi mera sach hai ) she says possible that you only added poison in drink, or your family is involved in conspiracy too. Dev asks her to shut up and says you made the drink, all know it, she goes but inspector does not and would not believe you ( oh man hats off to actor who plays NT ) dev regrets for bringing her in hospital, she says this much anger is not good for you and if inspector hears this then I need to do nothing. Dev says you want me to send jail. NT says well I am helpless, I have to do something coz I do not want to go to jail either.
Dev says you are misunderstanding, if I am in jail then you too will be in jail for the attempt to murder geet ( oh CV remember that ), NT says I know that and that is why I want to send you jail first and your family too by proving they all involved in it, but if you make a deal all can be saved. (
kya business woman hai, now pakka MK is out, NT gets what she wants,) Nt says promise me you will not send me jail, I save you and vice versa ( great this way, she can keep meera away too) She asks him to hurry, he agrees. Screen reezes on NT’s smiling face.

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