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Pulkit tells Ganga that he got parole for only a very short time. Ganga is surprised to know Palash did it. Pulkit tells her what he witnessed in the police station. Thank God Sagar is safe now or he could have fallen in a bigger problem. He goes. Ganga regrets doubting Palash. How could I make such a big mistake!

Amma ji is so happy to see Sagar home. How did you get these wounds? He helps her sit up. I am here only. It is nothing. She hugs him and kisses his cheeks. There must be so many problems that you would have faced in jail. I wont let you go anywhere now. He assures her. Promise me you wont say no to medicines. I cannot see my Dadi in this condition. She smiles. Why do I need medicines now! He still makes her promise him. Everyone gets emotional. Sagar makes her eat medicine. Amma ji tells MAdhvi to make Sagar’s favourite food daily. Pulkit is about to tell her truth but Sagar stops him. Sagar feeds food to his Dadi and vice versa. Ganga goes out of the room as she is unable to control herself.

Ganga is sitting outside Palash’s house. He comes home finally. She profusely apologizes to him. I am worried for Sagar. I said all that in tension. He keeps ignoring her and goes inside. She follows him. I understand my mistake. I will be indebted to you for forever for what you have done for Sagar. Forgive me once. He calls it his duty. I cannot fight this case anymore now. I am sorry. He hands over a file to her. She again requests him to forgive her once. He says trust is the basis of any relation, especially in our profession. I got to know how much you trust me. I would suggest you to hire some other lawyer. You wont get anything by working with me. Niru is a great judge. He can hire more expert lawyers than me. Why me then? I am not interested. She requeets him not to leave this case. I trust you completely. I regret saying what I said in anger. Please don’t leave this case. Only you can free Sagar. He talks of her self-esteem. You considered your self-esteem above everything always then why are you folding your hands before me today? Why are you doing this then? She replies that it isn’t more important than Sagar. I can do anything to save Sagar. He says time will tell about it. She agrees. Ganga can go to any extent, can do anything for her Sagar. You can even take my test if you want.

Palash keeps two conditions before her. You will never doubt or question me now. You will have to believe it that I am doing it for your good only. Do you accept this? She is all quiet so he asks her again. Tell me if you have a little doubt even. I wont touch this case again. She promises him. He asks her to share anything related to the case with him. You wont hide anything. It may or may not be in Sagar’s favour. You wont hide it from me. She nods. He tells her to go home and question Sagar. Try to remind him what all happened that day. You don’t have too much time. He will have to go back at 9. Ask him every possible question you can think of. Find any clue which might help you get him out of the jail. The next hearing is far. Go now. She leaves.

Palash thinks Ganga is only a puppet now. I have your strings. You will do as I say now. Sagar is your weakness. I can make you do anything through his name. I will get all the proofs through you only which can prove Sagar innocent. I will keep destroying them all one by one so he can never be free. I will close all the doors to his freedom one by one. Your fight to free Sagar is going to cost you badly. It’s not going to be easy. Remember that!

Sagar relates everything to Ganga. Janvi called me, asking me to come home. the door was locked from inside. I thought she is inside only. I knocked but there was no reply. She asks him what happened next.

Madhvi is shocked to know that Sagar has come out on parole only.

Ganga asks Sagar to speak up. We don’t have time. He says I knocked again. I saw that the door was not locked from inside. I walked in and saw Janvi hanging by the fan. She holds him. Was there anyone else? Did you see anyone? She looks at the clock. It is almost 9.

Inspector asks for Sagar. Madhvi asks him if Sagar cannot stay with them for a day. His Dadi is unwell. He will come tomorrow. Please. Inspector is helpless. Call Sagar. Pulkit says he will come. He knows he has to go with you. Inspector says did he flee. Pulkit replies that Sagar is in his room only. I will call him. Inspector goes with him.

Ganga asks Sagar what time it was. Did you see? He shakes his head. she asks him if any of the window was open. There must be something. Please think. He says maybe. She asks him if he met someone when he came home that day. Someone might be hiding here. Did you sense someone’s presence? Did you see anyone before or after meeting Janvi? He shouts back that he dint see anyone. Inspector asks Sagar to come. It is time. Ganga breaks down seeing Inspector coming to take Sagar. Pulkit holds her. Sagar thinks of Ganga’s questions. He recalls meeting Mehri that day when he had come home. He takes Mehri’s name. I met her when I was coming towards the room. I asked her about Janvi but she said that she does not know. She left then. Inspector takes Sagar with him.

Madhvi packs dinner for Sagar. Ganga advises Sagar not to sign any papers in lockup. Madhvi gives lunch box to Sagar. Your papa will free you. You are not alone. We are all with you. Inspector returns it to Madhvi. You need to take permission for it. Madhvi tries to make him understand. It is only food. Pulkit says it isn’t allowed. Please understand. Madhvi is in tears. It is no crime to give food to my kid. Put me in jail too if it is a crime but I wont hear anything. Sagar assures her he is fine. Don’t cry please. I wont be able to go otherwise. He seeks Inspector’s permission to see his Dadi once. Inspector allows him.

Sagar holds Amma ji’s hand while she is still sleeping. He kisses her hand.

Madhvi tells Sagar not to worry. We are with you. your papa will be home soon. She hugs him. He says I am fine Ma. Nothing has happened to me. Sagar tells Sudha Bua to handle Dadi when she wakes up. Don’t tell her anything about me till she takes medicines.

Madhvi asks Ganga what papers was she talking about. Tell me what you are hiding. She dismisses the question. She asks Maharaj ji about Mehri. He shares that she was expecting her baby. Ganga wants to know since when she hasn’t come. He checks the calendar in kitchen. She dint come since 21st. She asked for leave from 25th though. Ganga realises that Mehri has not come to their house from the next day of Janvi’s death. I am sure Mehri knows something about Janvi’s death. She might have seen something or heard something. We must meet her. Madhvi tries her number but it is switched off. Maharaj ji knows where she lives. Ganga, Pulkit and Maharaj ji decide to go to her house. Madhvi hopes they find some clue there by which they can prove Sagar innocent.

Palash notices Pulkit and Ganga going somewhere. Where would they go at this hour? Did they get some proof?
Ganga gets Palash’s call. He says I was feeling worried about the case. Did you get any clue regarding the case? She agrees. It seems like a clue. Sagar said he met Mehri Didi that day when he came home. we are going to her house only. He acts to be upset with her. Dint you feel it was important to tell me? She says sorry. I couldn’t think of anything. I was about to tell you everything after meeting Mehri Didi. He says ok. I understand. But take care. Someone must be keeping an eye on you. You wont hide anything from me from now onwards. Send me her address as well. I will join you soon. He gets Ganga’s message and calls someone. I am sending you someone’s address. Ganga has gone to meet her. you very well know what you have to do. He ends the call.

Mehri tells her kids to stop making noise. They are hungry. She tells them to sit quietly. I will bring milk for you. Don’t go out. She is feeding milk to her little one inside. She calls out for her other kids but gets no reply. She goes out but someone is pointing knives at her kids’ throat. She looks at them in shock.

Ganga is still on her way. Maharaj ji is a little confused about the house as he has come only once. I came in day time last time. It is night now. She makes Pulkit stop the car at a side and asks someone. She gets to know of a shortcut. Pulkit parks the car.

Mehri requests the guys to leave her kids. I wont tell anything to anyone. I have even stopped going to their house. They say that it isn’t right for her to stay here. Leave this house. She says where will I go at this hour. They don’t care where she goes. No one should find you. She says I will go in the morning but they stay put. We will kill your kids otherwise. She shouts. Don’t do it please. Maharaj ji, Ganga and Pulkit are on their way. Mehri packs her stuff and leaves with her and the goons in their car. She hides her face she notices Ganga coming there. Ganga notices the car that passes by. She is curious about the lady who was sitting in the back of the car. She was about to follow it when Pulkit asks her to come. They find the door locked. A man tells them that Mehri just left in a jeep. Ganga chases the jeep shouting Mehri Didi. Mehri does not even look back at her in fear. Palash holds Ganga as she has been running madly on the streets. She asks him to let her go. I have to stop Mehri Didi. He tells her to come back in her senses. We don’t chase witnesses like this.

What if Mehri gets scared and refuses to give a statement? I agree we have to find her. we will do it. Control your emotions first. Ganga is distressed. We lost such a big clue but couldn’t do anything! She left right in front of my eyes. He tells her nothing has happened. we will do something. He sends her with Pulkit as it is their hearing tomorrow.

Palash says just wait and watch Ganga what happens in court tomorrow. You just lost a witness today. Slowly you will lose the most precious thing of your life – Sagar!

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