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Karan comes to meet Tapsi. She thinks he must be here to pressurize her. She doesn’t let him explain and says she knows well how to get her love back. He needn’t give her any favors to get Prithvi. Today, Prithvi was with her when his fiancé was even in the same house. Karan gives Prithvi’s engagement card to Tapsi.

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He says Tapsi knows well that she must have been in place of Preeta with Prithvi. He wouldn’t have let his true love by someone else’s. He hands the card to Tapsi and leaves.

Shrishti was upset while she helped Preeta get ready for the engagement. Preeta asks about the reason. Shrishti says Preeta is marrying a bored person, she must have married Rishab, Karan or Sameer – they are good people. She then asks her to ignore Sameer’s option, she is a mismatch with Sameer.

She tells Preeta she still has time to change her decision, and turns to leave. Preeta stops her as she feels strange today. Shrishti says she really feels Preeta can get a way better partner than Prithvi, like Karan. Prithvi is always creating dramas. Preeta recalls about Prithvi’s explanations today. Shrishti asks if Prithvi has ever looked into her eyes and know about her heart; or has she ever seen him smiling to full. Karan does, because he loves her and does a lot for her. She accepts that Karan is a flirt, but she is sure his love side must be really good. Preeta tells Shrishti to stop this now. Shrishti asks why is Preeta much concerned for these societal norms.

Preeta says Karan doesn’t want to marry, not any girl. Shrishti suggests about Rishab then. She reminds Preeta that it was Rishab who always stood with them when they were in trouble. Prithvi has never helped them in any case. Preeta says it’s better Shrishti changes her opinion. She has reached a point of her relationship with Prithvi where they can’t take a U-turn. She says their own’s lives are also effected by their decisions, she can’t break the hopes of her loved ones. Shrishti was annoyed at her indifference.

Sarla was looking after all the arrangements at the wedding hall. Shrishti held her head on a side, and decides to calm Sarla down. She thinks Preeta looks beautiful, Sarla’s tension would be reduced. She comes to tell Sarla Preeta’s bangle is missing, and her earring is also broken. Sarla counts the list of decoration that is remaining and leaves Shrishti downstairs to take about the arrangements. In the room, Sarla stops for a while watching Preeta ready.

Shrishti watches Sarla emotional and calls her beautiful. She watches Preeta had worn the bangles already. Shrishti hugs Sarla from behind and asks if she is angry at her? She says she sent Sarla her to reduce her stress. They mother daughters hug each other.

Karan plays the recording in the room on his laptop. He thinks what if Prithvi makes a story and proves this video as false, then Preeta would again believe this video. He says he must do something to fume Tapsi up

Rishab comes to the room and take Karan downstairs. Karan says he wish to break Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement. He tries to peek in what he was watching in the laptop. Karan doesn’t let him see, and asks for a pen drive. Rishab inquires what he wants it for. Karan instead asks if Rishab would be his side of he attempts to break Preeta’s engagement. Rishab assures his support to Karan. Rakhi comes to take them downstairs, they must leave as it’s already late.

At Arora house, Sarla prays for Preeta, blesses her and cries while blessing her. She shares she feels worried at heart as Preeta would soon leave to her in laws. Preeta was sure they share a strong relation. Shrishti hugs Sarla as her mother looks cute while crying today.

In the car, Rakhi says they must have reached earlier to help Sarla. Kareena taunts that it’s not their son’s marriage, they are guest. She asks Rakhi not to be over excited, she fear Aroras want to take advantage of their family’s worth. Mahesh recalls about not inviting Sherlin. Kareena says they must have remembered Sherlin is their daughter in law to be, and not that Preeta.

Sherlin was helping Prithvi get ready. His phone bell rings, it was Rakhi and wonders why he picked the call, she had called Sherlin. Prithvi was alert and notices their phones had the same covers. He makes up that it must be a cross connection. Rakhi agrees. Prithvi warns Sherlin to always inform her about such changes.

Luthra’s arrive at Kumkum Bhagya hall. Sarla welcomes them. Luthra’s offer Sarla their help and divides all the work with each other. Sarla was emotional and gets weepy over their offer for help. She says its like a family standing beside her today and was thankful to them. Karan jokes that he thought Sarla feared he might steal some bottle from here; that’s why Sarla is crying. Before they head to work, Bee ji asks for her share of work. Rishab gives her the supervisory position. Sarla goes to kitchen to look after the food.

Karan comes across Sherlin at the door. She asks why he is welcoming the guests here. Karan taunts he wish to see the intentions of invitees here. Sherlin was irked as Karan is still behind Prithvi. Karan asks Sherlin to go inside, he can’t bear her for long. Tapsi arrives at the function and asks about Prithvi. Karan says he is the chief guest here. Tapsi promises to create the biggest drama of the evening today. Karan was happy.

Later, Karan gets the pen drive from the car and decides to go inside and open up Prithvi’s secret through this secret. He was sure this small arm will create a huge blast. Prithvi was gone for sure.

Sarla does a tillak for Prithvi. He thinks these Luthra’s are so idiots, they run a huge business empire and quite sensible but it seems he and Sherlin are a little too smart for them. As Sarla feeds him sweet, Kratika asks if he always smile like a toy or is he really happy? Sarla goes to make him meet a few friends. Shrishti argues its not a smile of shyness. Prithvi qualifies this is smile out of happiness. Kratika says it was a smile of victory, as if he won a fight. Sarla and Rakhi stop their daughters but Prithvi says they were only teasing him.

Tapsi was upstairs. Karan calls her that he is here and Prithvi also arrived.

Shrishti places Name Plates of dishes on food tables. She then comes to place water bottle over the dispenser. Sameer comes to help her with the heavy bottle. He keeps his stare on her face. Shrishti gulps hard while Sameer looks away. They don’t speak to each other. Shrishti wonders what’s happening to her, Sameer waves her before leaving. Shrishti regrets not saying a thanks to Sameer, then curses herself for taking so much time for petty matters. She regrets always misbehaving with him. She thinks it seems he loves her, but at least he must say something to her about it. A lady comes to suggest Shrishti go and ask that guy directly about it. Shrishti curtly replies to that lady but decides to know what’s in Sameer’s heart today.

Sarla introduces Prithvi to Kappu. Dadi brings Janki

as she wished to witness Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement. His mother asks him to touch her feet. Prithvi was reluctant. Dadi asks if there is some problem, he must consider Janki a member of their family who has always helped them in times of need. Prithvi says he really pities over her condition. Dadi places Janki’s hand over Prithvi’s head, Janki clutches her hair.

This is fate March teasers

Sarla was apologetic to Prithvi. Prithvi goes to set his hair when he comes across Tapsi. Shrishti and Kritika discuss the intense stare they share. They go to speak to Prithvi, Kritika looks on and asks what he is staring at.

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