Gangaa update Thursday 1 October 2020

Gangaa 1 October 2020: Gangaa saying maybe you can see what Sagar himself cannot see. Sagar is not yours even when he is not with me. Sagar is mine even though he is with you! This insecurity is making you do it.

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Janvi tells her to stop it. Ganga points out that her reaction proves her right. Janvi challenges Ganga. I will end your image and your place in this house! Ganga tells her to do what she wants. But next time, don’t make such a weak move. It wont work. This house is mine. We have all nurtured it and relations with love. It is impossible for you to break it!

In her room, Janvi thinks of Ganga’s challenging words. Sagar asks for her laptop and data cable. He notices her sad face and sits down beside her. Are you upset by what Ganga said? She says I don’t really care what she thinks about me. what matters to me is what you think about me. Do you trust me? Sagar tells her not to compare herself with Ganga. Your and Ganga’s place is different. You and I are friends since some years but Ganga is my friend since childhood. Even I don’t understand myself better than her.

You don’t know her well enough. Once you win her heart, she will do anything and everything in her will for you! When one makes a place for himself in her heart once, becomes her for forever. Ganga has overheard what all he said about her. She thinks she thought of him to be hers only but he did not agree.

Janvi thinks Ganga has accepted him as her own but I am not ready to let her have you. Sagar tells Janvi not to think too much. He is heading out when he collides with Ganga. they hurt their heads when they bend down to pick up the fallen clothes. Janvi recalls that Sagar did not take data cable. She takes it to give it to him. Outside, Sagar stops Ganga from going. They share an eye lock.

Janvi looks at them. Sagar lightly hits his head against Ganga’s head once again. You only said that one time hit is bad luck. They both go separate ways. Janvi closes the door of her room miffed. She angrily starts throwing stuff in her room. I don’t have time. I have to do it all now. I will have to get Ganga out of my way so she cannot come between me and Sagar ever! I will have to do it asap.

Madhvi gives milk to Supriya as per the ritual. You both are going to start a new life together. Supriya thinks of Pulkit’s words. Madhvi tells her not to hesitate in sharing anything with her. Supriya nods. Madhvi goes from there. Supriya thinks of Pulkit’s far off reactions. Pulkit picks up his pillows to sleep on the sofa. She says I understand we both will take time to accept this new relation. She tries to know the reason behind his behaviour. He says I am feeling suffocated since I got into this relation.

Ganga is studying in a room. She thinks of the childhood days. the lamp flickers. She checks the light in the house. Its all good. She thinks her life has also become dark like this without Sagar. She sits down in another place to study. I am running for light in different directions. Sagar says you don’t need it. He replaces the lamp with an electric lamp. Sit here and study or you will catch cold. She says I am fine here.

He scolds her to go inside. She asks him who he is to scold her. He tells her to not say like this. I tell the world proudly about my best friend Ganga yet you say this. She goes inside finally. Sagar sits down next to her. Should I help you in studies? She denies. He takes the book from her. I only used to teach you in childhood. She gets angry. I very well know what happened in childhood. You only remember things as per your convenience.

Don’t try to remind me. I have to do everything in life on my own. I don’t need your help or pity. He shares that he will leave next week. Will you behave with me like this only till then? She is in tears but composes herself. You are going to build your life. I will also do something with mine. He sadly leaves from there.

Pulkit tells everything about his past to Supriya. She is sad to realise he pitied her for her family background. You have actually punished me. You should have told clearly that you are doing this marriage to keep our problems at bay. I would have made a decision then. Marriage is no compromise. Two people come together in marriage. I did not expect it from you. She cries. Ganga’s words echo in Pulkit’s ears.

Ganga is tensed thinking how she scolded Sagar just now.

Madhvi observes Sagar lost and sad. What happened? Will you not tell me? You will leave next week. Don’t hurt me like this and go. He shares that he dint come to hurt anyone. Ganga is also upset with me. She is my childhood friend. I cannot see her upset. How do I make her understand that I worry for her. I only want to see her happy but!

Ganga feels bad for speaking like that to Sagar. He only came to help me.

Madhvi tells Sagar Ganga must have gotten upset as you spoke to Sahil about her marriage. She will understand you as she is your very good friend. Sagar nods hopefully. I am not upset with you. I cannot be. She nods. He bids goodnight to her. Madhvi thinks I understand your pain but whatever is happening is good for all of us. Maybe this only will bring the necessary distances between them. Sorry son, I cannot do anything to ease your pain. This pain only can shape your life.

Ganga feels helpless. I fail to stop myself from scolding you as my own, whereas the truth is; you have snatched that right from me! Anyways, I should apologize to him for my outburst.

Sagar is sleeping when someone caresses his cheeks. Sagar wakes up with a start. He is surprised to see Janvi there in a nighty. She says I am not sleepy. I want to sit and talk to you for a while. She forcibly hugs him as well.

He tells her not to do so. What if someone sees us together? Ganga is on her way to Sagar’s room. Janvi agrees to leave. She walks up to the door when she notices Ganga coming up. She intentionally tells Sagar some insect fell in her clothes. She asks Sagar to check. Ganga looks on from outside the door in shock. Janvi is delighted to see her shocked expressions. Sagar is uncomfortable in touching Janvi’s back. Ganga leaves from there teary eyed when Janvi tells Sagar the insect is out. She bids him goodnight and leaves.

Janvi calls out after Ganga. You felt very bad, right? Ganga stops in her tracks. Janvi tells Ganga it was nothing. Tomorrow’s game will be more dramatic. Then tell me how much you enjoyed! Ganga replies she isn’t afraid of people like her. I have very well understood how low you can stoop down. She walks away from there. Janvi remarks she will have to see now what I do tomorrow.

Next morning, Supriya is leaving for Pag Phere. She thinks of Pulkit’s words. Amma ji taunts Supriya about the stuff she is sending in Pag Phere. Madhvi takes Supriya’s side. Pulkit looks at Supriya as she sits in the car. Ganga gives something to Supriya. Pulkit tells Supriya he will send Sagar to bring here. She replies it isn’t needed. What will I do by coming here when no one likes me? Ganga overhears their convo.

Pulkit tries to make Surpiya understand but she tells him to let it be. It is too late now. She closes the window. Ganga too closes the dickey. The car leaves. Later, Ganga asks Pulkit about the matter but he says nothing. She is sure something is there. He looked upset.

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