Force of Attraction update Tuesday 18 June 2024

Force of attraction 18 June 2024: Manorama shouts at Shakti to stop taking Dr. Shiv’s name, we are not going to talk about him anymore. She tells Chacha that we couldn’t even go for Rimjhim’s proposal. She tells Shakti that my daughter will pay for your mistakes too, you are smart and beautiful, you will find a good guy but Rimjhim is a dumb girl, she isn’t educated and who will marry her now? everything is finished.

Rimjhim cries and recalls Keertan’s harsh words that she is characterless. She tells Manorama that you should call that groom and ask for another chance. We will go there tomorrow and talk to them. You don’t need to find another guy for me, I am ready to marry that groom Ranjan. Shakti is shocked and thinks why is she agreeing to this? Manorama gets happy and hugs her.

Shiv comes back home and Dadi says I knew Lord wouldn’t let anything happen with you. She brings sweets. Ragunath says he went to jail. Dadi says he is okay and back home so its a good news, I am happy so let me celebrate.

Padma whispers to Mandira that her plans are failing, you wanted him to be locked up for 3 days but he came back in 3 hours. Koyal asks Shiv why does he look unhappy? He says I am tired and leaves. Keertan whispers he must be missing Shakti. Mandira whispers that this all failed because of your stupidity. All family members leave. Mandira says that girl threatened to expose me, I did a mistake by underestimating her, I have to become her fear.

Shakti asks Rimjhim why did she agree to marry that guy? Rimjhim says Maa was right that I am not like you, I should be happy with the proposel I got. Shakti tells Manorama that Ranjan will be lucky to marry Rimjhim, she shouldn’t compromise. Manorama says she will be happy with him. Shakti thinks that guy is cheap so I don’t know why she agreed. She recalls Mandira’s words and says I need to tell Shiv that his Chachi is his enemy.

Scene 2Shiv tells Nandu that I don’t understand what happened with Shakti’s family, they were all nice before and so protective of Shakti but I don’t know what happened. Her Chachi said that they were insulted, there were with Papa and Mandira.. We can’t ask them but there was another person who is weak.

Nandu and Shiv come to Chacha. Shiv says you did so much work to save me. Chacha says yes, Ragunath put Shakti’s family in place as they were flying high. He tells them how Ragunath insulted them and says they won’t ever be able to look at us again. He leaves. Shiv says they saved me and my family insulted them so much. This is wrong, I should apologize to them. Shakti wanted to talk to me as well. Mandira comes there and says you won’t do that. Shakti calls Shiv but Mandira cuts the call. She says its better for everyone. She turns off his phone.

In the morning, Manorama asks Shakti and Rimjhim to get ready to go to Ranjan’s house. Manorama tells Rimjhim that she should confess that she liked him. Rimjhim recalls about Keertan and says I kept thinking about him, I fell in love in first sight. Shakti is confused. They are about to leave but open the door to see Shiv coming there with Mandira and Padma. Shakti is confused. Shiv asks if they can come in? Chacha welcomes them in. Manorama says we can’t even offer them anything as we are cheap people. Padma says its very hot here. Manorama asks if they want green tea? Mandira says we don’t want anything. We just came here to apologize. She apologizes to the family and says what happened was wrong, I know Ragunath insulted you all but he was wrong so I am here to apologize. She smirks at Shakti. She thinks what is she upto now? Mandira says yesterday was a trouble day for us. So much happened and Ragunath didn’t know who he could trust. Once we went back home then we realized you people helped us so much. I am sorry for the insult you had to bear. Shiv says I was coming here to apologize but she suggested to come with me. The flashback shows how Mandira told Shiv that she will go with him to apologize to Shakti’s family. They will forgive us then. Shiv thanked her. The flashback ends. Shakti thinks I will expose her soon.

Shiv apologizes to Manorama. Mandira tells her that we have hurt you so we came to apologize. Padma recalls how she asked Mandira what is she up to now? Mandira told her that Shiv can’t be stopped from meeting Shakti so we have to win his trust and then he won’t trust Shakti’s words against me, I will go with him to apologize, the flashback ends. Shakti is confused and thinks what’s her plot now. Rimjhim says this is not your full family who insulted us. Shiv says I know Papa didn’t come but I apologize on his behalf. Chacha says its okay. Manorama says their elders insulted us and then sent younger ones to apologize. Shiv says I am younger but Mandira is not, she is the elder and caretaker of everything in our house, her position, her respect and her relationship is above everyone in our house. She runs the house, business and hospital for us. She is like a mother to me, he apologizes to Manorama and says if Mandira was there then no problem would have happened. Shakti thinks she won Shiv’s trust so he wouldn’t trust my words. Shiv says Mandira was busy trying to free me from the jail so she couldn’t stop Ragunath from insulting you people. She also said that we are way below your family in front of Lord, thank you for helping us. Mandira says its not wrong. Shiv says you can never be wrong. Mandira says I did wrong by supporting that minister’s daughter, thank you for giving the scholarship to Shakti. Shiv says you can never do anything wrong but if you do then you accept it and rectify it, you have taught me how to accept right and wrong, I listen to Chachi when I am troubled, she always taught me to apologize and accept mistake if we do anything wrong. He apologizes to Manorama and thanks her for bringing him out of the jail. Manorama says the sorry won’t work. Mandira says please forgive us. Manorama says its not that simple. Chacha says we can end this matter. Mandira says the matter will end when Shakti will forgive me as she brought my son out of the jail. She goes to Shakti and smirks. She says I will never forget what you did yesterday, she hugs her and thanks her. She whispers to her that you think Shiv will listen to you when he said that I am his standard for right and wrong. Don’t you ever come near me again. Manorama says its okay. Padma says you people are lucky that Mandira is apologizing. Mandira says thanks for accepting our apology, we should leave now. Shiv says one minute, he goes to Shakti and says you wanted to tell me something yesterday, what was it? Shakti glares at Mandira and says nothing. He asks sure? Shakti thinks you won’t be able to accept it as you are blinded by your Chachi. Shiv starts leaving with Mandira but Shakti thinks she can’t let her keep hurting Shiv. She stops Mandira and hugs her. Shiv smiles seeing that.

Shakti thanks Mandira for coming here and honoring her family but what about my insult? I was insulted publicly and my family had to go through so much because of the news. Mandira says that minister did it and he would never apologize. Do you want me to apologize for that? Shakti says you don’t need to but we should make that minister for his crimes, Shiv has taught me that we should be angry about wrong and stop the problems, we should become part of the solution and raise voice against wrong. Shiv says you are right. Shakti says we have to force that minister to apologize and expose him. Manorama says don’t get into this mess. Shiv says Shakti is right, both the families suffered because of that minister. Shakti asks if he will help her to expose the person who did all this? He says sure. Shakti says I feel like there was plan behind everything that happened last few days. I was locked in the store room, then our news got published, then Shiv got arrested. We have to expose the person behind all these crimes. Shiv says don’t worry, I am with you, we are a team. Shakti smiles and holds his hand. She says we will always be in one team. Shiv says the criminal will be punished. Shakti says the enemy can play all games but I know how to checkmate, right Mandira? She says yes but that minister is dangerous. Shakti says when Shiv-Shakti are together then we don’t need to be scared. They both hold hands and smile at each other. Mandira glares at them.

Shiv comes home and calls people in the hospital to send CCTV footages.

Padma tells Mandira that Shiv will find out who locked Shakti in the store room. Mandira says Shakti is digging a grave for Shiv and they both will fall in it.

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