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Shakti tells the inspector that I have eye witnesses with me, she calls all society people there and says this is civilian power. The inspector asks what are they doing here? people start protesting against the police. Mandira thinks they can’t see Shiv in this condition. She takes the medicine and goes to Shiv, she tries to give it to him but he doesn’t take it.

She says you need this medicine. Shakti tries to check on him but Ragunath blocks her. The inspector asks them to leave but Shakti says that they realized that they have to speak up against injustice because of Shiv. They didn’t speak up for me but they won’t let you do injustice with Dr. Shiv. Keertan comes there too. Shakti tells people that they all can see Shiv is not well but he is keeping him in the cell. The minister whispers to the inspector to not free Shiv at any cost. Shakti tells the inspector that you didn’t believe my statement but how can you ignore so many eye witnesses? they all saw what happened there and how those goons were misbehaving with me and Shiv saved me. You know the whole Banaras is here to be witness for Shiv’s character, you have to free him now. All people chant to free Shiv. The inspector shouts at them to stop it, he says I will put you all in the cell if you don’t stop. He asks the officer to arrest this girl for interrupting their proceedings.

Manorama comes there with Dharam and says stop.. Mandira thinks what’s going on? Manorama tells the inspector to dare touch Shakti and she won’t spare him, she is from the priest family. You should be arresting the goons but you are misusing your power and have put this poor doctor behind bars. She tells the inspector to stop misusing his power. Mandira gives the medicine to Shiv and he calms down. Manorama tells the inspector that Shiv is from a reputated family and you are doing this with her? Ragunath asks who is this woman? Keertan says she is Shakti’s aunt. Manorama tells the inspector to leave Shiv. She keeps arguing with him, he asks her to stop it, you keep talking.

Manorama says why did you arrest Shiv? who is paying you for this? They all turn to look at the minister. Nandu whispers to Shakti that this minister’s daughter was rejected because Shiv chose you for the scholarship. Manorama tells the inspector that Shiv is innocent and he just protected Shakti. The people say we all saw him saving Shakti from the goons. You can’t arrest an innocent man, Shiv told us to stand up against injustice, we will not be silent now. The inspector asks them to leave, we can’t do anything. This case will go to court after 3 days.

Mandira smirks and thinks Shakti’s plan is failing. Shakti tells the inspector that I know you are doing this because of this minister. She says this minister have a grudge against Shiv because he didn’t give scholarship to his daughter. Shiv chose me because he thought I am a deserving candidate, Dr. Shiv is like God for me and he is paying the price for being in the right. People shout that the minister is misusing his power. The minister thinks I can’t let people go against me as I need votes. He asks them to calm down and says they are all thinking wrong, he came here when he got to know that Shiv got arrested, right Mandira? She looks away. The people say that we can’t let corrupt ministers do injustice.

The mob starts attacking the minister and he tries to hide. The commissioner arrives there and asks what’s going on here? The inspector says that we got the complaint that Dr. Shiv was beating people up in the market so we arrested him and these people are forcing us to illegally free him. We arrested him to maintain pece in the city. Rimjhim comes there and says this is all a lie. I have proof that Shiv protected Shakti from the goons. She plays live recording of goons harrassing Shakti and then how Shiv protected her. Nandu tells Shiv that I thought only Shakti is a lioness but her whole family is filled with lions. Shiv smiles.

The commissioner tells Rimjhim that this is okay but we have to follow the court. He asks the inspector who filed an FIR? you must have arrested him on someone’s complaint right? who complained? The inspector gets scared and says it was the minister’s complaint. The minister gets scared and says I didn’t file any complaint, I just called the inspector to maintain peace, I didn’t ask him to arrest Shiv. I came here to free Shiv. The commissioner asks the inspector to free Shiv and we will have an inquiry against him.

Mandira is angry and thinks my plan failed because of Shakti. Ragunath tells the inspector that this won’t end here. The commissioner apologizes for the corrupt inspector and says thank you for calling us. Ragunath thanks him. The officer frees Shiv. He comes out of the cell and is about to trip but Shakti rushes to him and holds him in her arms while all look on. They both stare at each other and Shakti’s chain (Shiv’s chain) gets stuck in his shirt, Teri ore plays as Shakti tries to free herself. Nandu thinks if the family sees Shiv’s locket with Shakti then a new drama will start. Manorama glares at them. Mandira is going to them while Shakti is trying to free her locket.

Mandira is going to Shakti and Shiv but Nandu takes her away. Shiv thanks Shakti for bringing him out of the cell. Nandu whispers to Shiv that what will he do about his locket? He says nothing. Ragunath thinks to thank Shakti. Manorama is excited. Mandira tells Ragunath that dont fall for her words, this girl is smart to trap shiv. They see Shakti offering water to Shiv and holding his hand. Mandira says how can all this play out like this, she plotted all this to trap Shiv. I knew this when he went against you to go to her. This girl has done some magic on Shiv, he went to the jail because of her and went against you. We have to keep Shiv away from this girl otherwise she might become a danger to our family. Ragunath says you are right, I will take him from here.

Mandira goes to Shiv and says lets go home. Shiv thanks Shakti. Shakti asks him to take care, he starts leaving but turns fo smile at her. She smiles back, he leaves. Shakti sees Shiv’s button and says I should return it but Manorama stops her and says I can see what disease you have. You crossed my line today which insulted me. Rimjhim says papa is here, they will know Shakti is his niece. Manorama says they should thank us for saving their son. Shakti thinks to give the button to Shiv.

Rimjhim goes behind Keertan. Manorama goes to Ragunath and introduces herself. Chacha says Shakti is my niece. Ragunath grabs him and drags him away. Manorama says you can reward us if you want. Ragunath shouts this woman is crazy. Manorama says we saved your son. Ragunath says you trapped my son and then pretended to save him. You all are scammers. He tells Chacha that you are a scam priest and just greedy for money. You could have asked for money but using your daughters is cheap.

Rimjhim goes to Keertan and says I want to talk to you. She says our family saved Shiv, I think its time to talk about us. Keertan shouts what talk? You people are sinners and just trap guys like us. Your sister trapped Shiv and now you are being shameless, don’t talk to me again. Rimjhim says I just love.. Keertan shouts that you have no idea about love, you people are just scammers to trap rich guys. Koyal was right about you. Your mother is your leader right? Rimjhim says please dont say all this. Keertan shouts that you are a characterless girl. I was a fool to like girls like you, you get lost. He goes from there while Rimjhim cries.

Shakti is looking around for Shiv and says I didn’t even ask if he is okay. Shiv is walking to his car and feels like Shakti is near. Nandu teases him.

Mandira comes out of the police station and meets with the minister. He shouts that I did all that on your saying but I got trapped. Mandira says Shiv is our enemy, I won’t spare him. The minister says I don’t want anything with you. He leaves. Mandira turns around to see Shakti there. She says how can you do this with your family? Shiv was innocent but he got arrested and I thought he is so nice so why all this happened with him but it was all your plan. I thought you are just against me but you are playing games against your own family. Why? How can you be Shiv’s enemy? You let the inspector do injustice with Shiv but you just didn’t care. Mandira shouts how dare you? Shiv is like my son, I can never hurt him. Shakti says I heard everything so don’t try to lie.

Nandu says to himself that Shakti saved Shiv like his protector. Shiv sees Shakti with Mandira from his car and is confused.

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