Force of attraction update Friday 14 June 2024

Force of attraction 14 June 2024: Shiv is sitting in the cell and recalls Shakti hugging him. She says she was punished for coming close to me. She hugged me to calm me and not beating up the goons. Why did she put herself in danger in front of all just to protect me? what’s this relationship? Otherside Shakti thinks why does he always save me even if he has to put himself in danger.

She looks in the mandir and says what’s our relationship. I will reach Shiv and take him out of the jail at any cost. She thinks to go to the police station.

Chacha is angry with Manorama for locking up the girls. Manorama says we can’t be scared of people and stop them from taunting us. She asks him to eat something, I do so much for you so do something for me. Chacha says think about Shiv saving Shakti so she should save him too. Manorama says stop it. Chacha says Shiv saved Shakti so she should go to save him. Manorama goes to Shakti and Rimjhim’s room. She tells Shakti that I am scared of God so go. Shakti hugs and thanks her. Manorama says Dharam will go with you, she asks her to go and save Shiv.

Shakti opens the door and finds Keertan-Koyal standing there. They are all shocked. Rimjhim smiles seeing Keertan. Keertan glares at Shakti. Koyal asks where is she going? to trap a rich man? Manorama says I won’t spare you both. She looks at Koyal and asks who are you? Koyal says I am from high society, she asks Shakti to come with her to save Shiv from the police station. Manorama says so you are Shiv’s sister, don’t be so arrogant. Koyal says do you want money from us? you cheap people keep trapping rich people like us. Manorama says you have no manners, didn’t you get education? I will teach you a lesson if I become your mother in law. Koyal tells Shakti that she used Shiv for her gain. Manorama says we don’t take anything for free, I can slap some sense into you but you are our guest. Koyal says how dare you misbehave with me? you are like our servant. Manorama says get lost. Koyal asks Shakti to go with her, why does Shiv keep putting himself in danger for you? have you trapped him because he is innocent and wants to help poor people. Manorama asks Shakti to shut her up. She asks her name. She says its Koyal.

Manorama says you are so bitter and your parents did a mistake by naming you Koyal, you should be Kaviri like a crow. Koyal says shut up. Manorama shouts at her to shut up, you are a mad girl. You want to put down my Shakti? she is so pure and my Shakti is so genius and she won the scholarship, she loves everyone irrespective of their status. You are just egoistic because of your parents’ money, what have you earned on your own? you are rich but poor from your heart. Koyal says women like you are my servant, don’t you dare raise your voice on me. Shakti shouts at her to shut up, don’t you dare say a word to my Chachi. Rimjhim asks her to get lost. Dharam asks her to get lost. Koyal says don’t you remember the slap from before? Manorama says you hurt my son? I will not spare you. She takes a slipper and is about to hit Koyal.

Shiv is in the cell, Ragunath comes to him and says don’t worry, your father is alive and won’t let anything happen with you. Shiv sadly looks at him. Ragunath turns away and is in tears. Shiv sadly looks at him. Nandu asks Shiv why is he smiling? Shiv says its good to see that he still loves me, Ragunath leaves from there. Mandira sees them and thinks I have filled Ragunath’s mind with poison but he still have love for Shiv, I will kill it today.

Koyal asks Shakti to go with her to save Shiv. Manorama says how dare you order her around? She takes a broom and a slipper, she is about to hit her but Dharam and Rimjhim hold her back. Keertan holds back Koyal and says we just want Shiv to be free from the jail. Manorama frees away and starts beating Koyal. Keertan tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Manorama throws Koyal and Keertan out of the house. Shakti says I should go to save Shiv. Manorama says didn’t you hear her insulting us? are you deaf? she called you so many names and you still want to save her brother? think about our honor first. Shakti says but Dr. Shiv.. Manorama says is he above your family’s honor? I told you before that I can live without money but I can’t lose my honor. Shakti

says but Shiv is not like that, he respects everyone. Manorama says I don’t care. She puts red color on the gate and tells Shakti that this is her line, I won’t stop you from going but if you go then remember Koyal’s insults and if you leave then I will think you killed our honor. You can go if you want. She leaves from there. Shakti looks on.

Gayatri is crying for Shiv and says I thought that girl was a blessing for Shiv but don’t let me be wrong. Otherside Dadi cries for Shiv and says he is my friend, Shiv is very innocent and wouldn’t do any sin so please don’t punish him. Padma thinks that they can pray all they way but Mandira won’t let their prayers work.

Koyal calls Mandira and tells her that she did her work, Mandira says I am proud. Koyal says I learned planning from you. I insulted Shakti’s family so much that they won’t let her near Shiv ever again. Mandira says Shiv’s game is over too.

Shakti prays in the mandir and says one side is Manorama who raised and otherside is Shiv who fought the world for me. One side is my Chachi’s honor and otherside is my upbringing that I shouldn’t let an innocent get punished.

She starts praying and otherside Shiv starts hicupping. Nandu asks the inspector for water for him. He brings it to him. Shiv drinks it and says I don’t know who is remembering me. Chacha says Lord has to help Shakti because she is praying from a clean heart. Shakti keeps praying in the mandir and suddenly heavy winds blows and Manorama’s line from the gate gets swept away. Chacha says Lord showed her the path. Shakti starts to leave. Rimjhim and Dharam are ready to go with her but she says they need to stay with Manorama. Rimjhim asks Shakti if she loves Dr. Shiv? Shakti recalls her moments with him and is silent. Rimjhim asks her to answer. Shakti says respect is above love.. he has helped me a lot and its my time to return his favors. She says I am coming Dr. Shiv, she leaves the house.

Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and says today is the board meeting but Shiv got arrested so we are here. You know the main trustee’s position get in trouble if there are criminal charges on him but you are a family so please don’t tell anyone. She ends the call and smirks.

She says Shiv will lose his position, he shouldn’t have challenged my position. Shakti won’t come to help him. She goes back to the police station and tells Ragunath that I am sorry.. I couldn’t bring that girl here. She said no. I sent Keertan and Koyal to her family but they insulted them and said Shakti won’t come to give her statement. Shiv did so much for her but that girl is so selfish. Shiv will have to stay in the jail for 3 days now. Ragunath is angry. Shiv feels something and says Shakti.. Mandira says she won’t come, she just used you and is very selfish. Shiv smiles and says Shakti. They all turn to see Shakti coming there. Mandira is shocked seeing her. Shiv and Shakti smile at each other. Shakti says no injustice will happen with him till Shakti is here. She rushes to Shiv, they both stare at each other. Ragunath says so its this girl.

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