The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 14 June 2024

The evil eye 14 June 2024: Urvashi grabs Adi who is running in jungle. He tries to run and goes on a roof of a tank, he falls down and is hanging from building. Pari sees him hanging and flies in air to grab him. She asks him to give hand. Piya comes in jungle and tries to find Pari. She sees Pari holding a hanging Adi.

She brings him up. Piya recalls Ansh flying like Pari and thinks she has powers. Pari brings Adi down. Piya asks Adi if he is fine? Why are ou scared? You should trust God, who is with you? Adi says I am finding my mom. Piya asks his name? Ansh comes there and says Adi. Adi goes to him. Piya cries and recalls Ansh telling her to not comeback till she has powers. Adi rushes to Ansh. Ansh asks where were you? Adi says I want you to meet a friend. He brings him in jungle but Piya hudes with Pari. Adi says

she is gone, I went to find mom. Ansh says you cant find someone who left you, you have to forget her. Piya cries hearing it.

Scene 2Piya tells Nishant about Pari’s powers, evil powers can attack us now. Nishant says she saved Adi, she can fight over evil powers. Piya says we dont have any evil power here so stop her powers like you did for Adi.

Ansh brings Adi home. Vedsheree asks how he got hurt? Adi looks at Urvashi and is scared. He is silent. Shekhar says you can tell us. Adi says I dont know. Ansh asks him to calm down and sys dont leave us again.

Nishant says to Saanvi that we have to be careful of Pari’s powers.

Vedsheree says Adi must miss his mother. Ansh hears Adi crying for his mom in sleep. Ansh recalls his wife.

Ansh says to Urvashi that Piya is Adi’s mom, I thought he would forget her but he didnt, he wanted to find her, I had difference with Piya but this is wrong with Adi. He takes off his ring and says I am sorry I cant marry you, he leaves. Urvashi says its okay and if you think this is right for you And Adi then I wont say anything.

Urvashi says to Mohana that problem is Adi, I thought he was easier but he is not, he wants to bring Piya back. Mohana says thats not good.

Nishant uses liquids and ashes of priest’s papers to find out about evil powers, they wait for results and see liquid burning. Nishant says it means these powers way powerful than we thought.

Mohana says to Urvashi that if Piya comes back then we wont be able to fight back. Urvashi says dont worry, I have an idea.

Piya asks Pari how she is using her powers? Pari says some days. She grows her braid. Piya is scared and prays for her. She hides her braid. Nishant comes there and offers Pari ice cream, she runs away with is. Nishant says her powers are increasing but it wont be easy to stop her powers like we did with Adi. Piya asks if something happened? Nishant says no but you have to accept that she saved Adi.

Sehkhar asks Ansh if he decided for sure. Ansh says yes, Adi needs Piya so I will bring her back but we have a lot to cover, we separated for a long time.

Piya says to Nishant that Ansh is starting a new life but I have to know that Adi is fine.

Nishant gets Vedsheree’s call. She says I want to know where Piya is, you must know. Nishant sees Piya behind and says I dont know where she is. Vedsheree hears Pari’s voice and says I could hear Piya, does she have a daughter? Nishant says yes. Vedsheree says I didnt know she moved on, I wont ask about her anymore, she ends call.

Ansh is on road and he sees a woman getting attacked by a big bird. He sees that old woman is Mohana.

Piya is taking Pari out, she asks her to not use her powers even if to save people as then they will get scared.

Vedsheree tells family about Piya’s daughter and says she married again. Shekhar says we have to tell Ansh. They see Urvashi leaving, she says I cant stay here anymore. She starts leaving but glares at Adi. She is about to open lift but Ansh comes out of with with Mohana limping behind. All are shocked. Chitali says witch bhabhi is back?

Piya is changing Pari’s school and says other school is better. Pari starts leaving with her but uses her powers in principal office.

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