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Shakti tells Shiv that I won’t let any injustice happen with Shiv, she rushes to him and they both stare at each other. Ragunath says this is that girl. Mandira thinks this girl keeps destroying my plans. Shakti apologizes to Shiv for being late, he says sorry that you had to come here because of me.

They both smile at each other. He says take me out of here first and then stare at me. Shakti goes to the inspector and says you are a public servant but you are harrassing people? you locked up an innocent person but I will tell you what actually happened. She gives her statement how the goons were harrassing her but Shiv saved her. The inspector says he beat up people so I won’t spare him. Shakti says he fought for a safety of a person, our religion and law say to fight against injustice and make society a better place. She tells the inspector that if I expose you in the media then your job is gone, leave Shiv and arrest those goons.

Manorama is angry that Shakti wanted to save Shiv when his family insulted them. Chacha asks her to calm down. Manorama says that Koyal was a witch, she has raised my BP. Chacha asks her to calm down. She says how can I? Manorama gets a call from Rajma and dances around. She tells the family that I have a good news, the groom’s family is thinking about their decision again. He would be so good with Rimjhim, we will tell them that the news about Shakti is a misunderstanding. I will take Shakti with me. Rimjhim comes to her, Manorama says I will go to Shakti’s room to take her with me. All are scared.

The inspector tells Shakti that we have an FIR against Shiv. Shakti says I am witness in this case, who filed it? The inspector is scared and messages Mandira that he has to leave Shiv now. Shakti asks the inspector to take her statement and free Shiv. She smiles at Shiv. Mandira thinks she needs to do something. She takes the newspaper and goes to an officer, she gives him some instructions, she says nobody can fail my plan. The inspector gets the newspaper and shows it to Shakti. He says you both look good together as a couple, I didn’t know you were having an affair with him. Shiv shouts at him to shut up, what is this rubbish. The inspector says the lover is angry, it shows their love story. He shows the news around and says this is a raunchy love story, he taunts Shakti for being characterless. Shiv shouts to not cross the line.

The inspector says you crossed all lines, its like casting couch but to become a doctor. She gave Shiv herself to get the scholarship and now giving us lecture about religion and laws. She says Shakti is here to save her lover. Shiv shouts to stay in his limits. The inspector tells Ragunath that his son is shameless, he didn’t even care about being exposed, they could have gone to a hotel. Shiv says I won’t spare you. Shakti asks him to remain calm and asks the inspector to leave him. The inspector says don’t teach us our work when you are doing everything to get what you want, did you cross the limit with him only or there are others too? Shiv gets angry and starts hitting the cell. Shakti thinks why is he behaving like this. Ragunath tells Mandira that Shiv is getting an attack, we have to do something. Mandira thinks if Shiv has an attack then our reputation will be destroyed. She tries to calm Shiv down but he is going crazy and shouts everyone is wrong. Ragunath asks Nandu to try to keep him calm. Shakti thinks I have never seen Shiv like this.

Gayatri gets the news that Shiv is having an attack. Dadi says if its exposed then everything is destroyed, Gayatri takes his medicines and says I will go there. Dadi says stop.. Gayatri says please don’t stop me, people can’t find out his attacks. Dadi says he is in this condition because of you, if you go there then he won’t get better at all.

Shiv is trashing things around the cell and shouts everyone is wrong. The inspector tells Ragunath that he is crazy, we can’t bring him out and might have to lock up his lover too. Shiv shouts enough.. you all are bad. The inspector says he needs to be stopped otherwise we will have to in our way. Mandira thinks we need his medicine, our family secret can’t come out just because I wanted to teach a lesson to Shiv and Shakti. Shiv is trashing things around. Shakti rushes to him but Shiv shouts everyone is wrong, Shakti says what’s wrong with him? she is confused.

Shakti tries to calm down Shiv but he shouts everything is wrong and starts hitting the walls in the cell, Shakti says what’s wrong with him? she asks him to calm down but he trashes things around. Mandira tells Ragunath that this girl might find out about his attacks. Shakti asks nandu what’s wrong with him? Ragunath shouts at her that he is in this condition beccause of her, his son is behind bars because of her. Shakti says I am sorry, you can scold me but first we have to bring him out, I promise to bring him out. Ragunath says we couldn’t do anything so what can you do? Mandira thinks she can’t find out about Shiv’s panic attack, I have to send her off.

Manorama comes to Shakti’s room and thinks she is sleeping under the bed, she says we will go to the groom’s house and talk to them. Rimjhim comes there and says she must be tired so let her sleep. Manorama says we have important work to do. Rimjhim says let her sleep. Manorama thinks something is wrong, she says okay let her sleep. She rushes to her bed and takes off the blanket to find only pillows under. She glares at the family and looks around. She finds red color gone from the gate and says that girl didn’t honor my limits, she went to save that Dr. Shiv, who is he?

Mandira tells Shakti that she can’t do anything. Ragunath asks her to leave, Shakti says no, Lord has to help us to free Shiv. Mandira thinks she is stubborn.

Dadi tells Gayatri that you destroyed Shiv’s life, your hands are smeared with blood. Gayatri cries and says yes, I keep getting punished for it but please let me go for Shiv. Dadi says you are not allowed to leave the house, if you go then our secret might get exposed. Gayatri says I never ask for anything but please let me go today, Shiv needs me. She is about to leave but Dadi says if you leave then you can’t come back to his house, we will throw you out forever. Gayatri stops and cries. Dadi leaves from there. Gayatri beats herself up and cries.

The servant brings Shiv’s medicines to the police station and bumps into to Shakti. Before she can see the medicines, Mandira takes them and hides. Shakti goes from there. Nandu is taking medicine to Shiv but the inspector says you didn’t take our permission to give this to him. Mandira says its his medicines. The inspector says he doesn’t look unwell. Ragunath says I am requesting you to gibe medicine to him. The minister comes there and says no.. he didn’t give scholarship to my daughter so he won’t get his medicine. Mandira tells him that we are a team but he needs his medicine. He says I am on my daughter’s side and I will not spare him for destroying my daughter’s education. He shouts at Shiv that he will pay now. Shiv shouts at him to shut up.

Chacha tells Manorama that Shakti didn’t remove your line, it got swept away from wind, Shakti helps everyone and that guy helped her. Manorama says Shiv’s sister taunted us so much and she went there. His family must be hurting her so much, they must be blaming her for Shiv being in the jail. Can’t you people understand that I am protecting Shakti. She asks Dharam to take her to the police station. She goes with him. Rimjhim and Chacha go behind them.

The minister tells the inspector to beat up Shiv so he can’t walk ever again. Shiv shouts that this is all wrong, he starts hitting the cell. The inspector says we will teach him a lesson. Ragunath tries to stop him the officers grab him. The inspector smirks and takes the stick. Nandu tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Mandira says this is all wrong, she thinks Shiv won’t spare him. The inspector is about to hit Shiv but Shakti comes there and holds his stick. All look on. Shakti says don’t you dare hit him. The inspector says you are back? I won’t spare you, you will get punished for him. Another officer is about to hit her but Shakti says you are misusing your power, you all know the truth and you did injustice by putting him in the jail. She brings people there from her society. The inspector asks who are these people? Shakti says these are eye witnesses. All society people come there and Shakti says I have full force of civilians with me.

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