Titli Starlife update Sunday 16 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli getting shocked seeing the fire. She calls Garv and says the shop caught fire, everything got burnt, come fast, please. He looks on. He says stop crying, I m coming. Hiral says I will get fever and I will get sympathy from my family. She acts unwell. Jaishri says I don’t want to talk to you. Paresh and Baa come. Hiral acts and faints. Paresh holds her and says she has fever. He makes her lie down. Hiral acts good.

The store owner comes and asks what did you do, my dad sold the store to you, you burnt it. Ankit comes and looks on. Garv says mind your language. He scolds the guy. He asks is there any proof against Titli. She says I don’t know about the fire. Ankit taunts Garv. Hiral says I was worried for Paresh. Jaishri says you could have helped Paresh instead taking revenge. Ankit says I should investigate about the fire. Garv says I m a lawyer, I also know the pain. They argue. Manikant sees Dada ji fallen on the ground. He runs to him.

The family worries for Dada ji. The guy says Titli has to pay the loss. Garv asks about the insurance. The guy says insurance got expired. Garv says Titli respects your dad, it’s a big loss if she doesn’t stay happy, I will pay the money. She says I don’t want to take money from you. He says I really wish I could help more, let me do this, stay here, I will make settlement and come. He goes with the guy. Manikant says you forgot to take BP medicines. Dada ji says I did not take food. Maina and Alpa blame each other. Dada ji says I went to ask for food, I fainted and fell, where is Koel, she worries for me. Maina says no. Manikant scolds her.

He praises Koel. Hiren scolds Alpa. Dada ji says call Koel, she knows what I should eat. Manikant asks Maina to get food or call Koel. He asks Dada ji to have the medicines. Garv signs the cheque. He crushes the cheque. He beats the guy. The guy says stop it. Garv says no one has a right to talk to my wife like that, your store burnt, you didn’t have insurance, you won’t get any money from me, I will send you to jail, you deal with drugs, right, I have your kundali.

The guy says don’t tell my dad, I promise I will do as you say. Garv says good boy, come, smile, say sorry to my wife. The guy says sorry Titli ji. Garv says he realized he should have not blamed you. The guy lies that he got the money. Ankit says I m sealing the property, forensic team will come and investigate if it was an accident or someone’s plan. Garv and Titli leave.

At home, Titli recalls Garv’s words and holds his hand. He says you don’t need to think much, we are husband and wife, everything is ours. She says I don’t understand how did the fire catchup. He says I can’t see you in stress, forget it. She thinks of the fire incident. Chintu talks to Dhara on call. She says I m sure you are doing everything to help your dad. He says don’t tell Titli about it. Dhrishti goes out of the house. She meets Sandy. He compliments her. They sit in the car to leave. Titli comes in front of the car.

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