Faltu Starlife update Friday 22 December 2023

Faltu 22 December 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu asking Ayaan to leave, she can’t meet him today. Ayaan asks why. Kinshuk calls out Rocky. Ayaan hears him and says Faltu is also here. Some time back, Ayaan asks Faltu where is she. He says I feel you are around. He turns and sees Rocky. He stops Rocky. He asks what are you doing here. Faltu says nothing, I was seeing the farmhouse. He goes. She says I don’t understand what you want to do. Kanika says I have to make an imp announcement today, Tanu is going to join business, I don’t have anyone else, I want her to know things well.

Janardhan says yes, its good. Kanika asks Tanu to get involved in business. Sid says yes, come with me to office, you will learn everything. Janardhan says he is right, he will teach you everything. Tanu says I have to talk to mom. They go. Dadi asks what do they want to talk. Tanu shows Faltu’s video getting viral. She asks who has made this page. Kanika says I will find out, relax.

Govind and Kinshuk come and say we have also seen the viral page, injustice happened with Faltu. Kanika says we also think so, who made that page. Govind says no, I don’t know who is helping Faltu. Faltu hears this and thinks who wants to get justice for me.

Ayaan writes Faltu’s story on the page and asks the people to support Faltu. Faltu gets coffee. Ayaan says sorry, don’t get angry on me. She says everyone is talking about the viral page about Faltu, who is she, why is she in the news.

He says she was trapped in a controversy. She says it would be right, maybe she did something wrong and got caught. Ayaan asks Rocky to go and do his work. She asks who can support her, are the academy people mad to remove a good player. Ayaan says sometimes wrong happens with right people, someone made a page for her, it means someone trusts her innocence, go and do your work. She says you are getting angry like I have said something about you. She thinks I will remove your mask today.

Ayaan waits for Faltu. He says I have to tell you the truth. She says I have to get ready and go to meet him, but how will I change. Harsh comes. She asks do you want something. Harsh asks where are you going, are you planning to run away. Tanu comes. Harsh and Tanu ask Rocky where are you going. Faltu says I was keeping this bag aside, this is the result of hindi movies. They laugh. She asks are you doubting me, why did you come. Harsh says we want ginger tea and pakodas. She says I will make it, but you just had lunch, won’t you take rest. He says we came here to have fun. Tanu asks Rocky to come soon.

Faltu says how shall I go and meet Ayaan, he is waiting for me. Ayaan calls Faltu. Tanu asks him to come. Faltu says Ayaan didn’t call me. She checks the phone and says its off. She calls Ayaan and says sorry, I can’t meet you today. He asks why, you have to meet me. Kinshuk calls out Rocky. Faltu asks Ayaan to just leave, she can’t meet him. Ayaan hears him and says I heard Kinshuk, what does it mean, Faltu is also here. Everyone likes the pakodas. Tanu says I will go and check Ayaan. Ayaan asks Kinshuk where were you. Kinshuk says I was here playing badminton. Ayaan asks did you go anywhere. Kanika says he was with us, what happened. Sid asks what’s the matter. Ayaan runs and looks around. Faltu worries. Ayaan lies to the family. Tanu asks him to have pakodas. Sumitra asks are you hiding something.

Ayaan says no, we will go inside. Faltu says he had heard Kinshuk’s voice on call, I shouldn’t rush. Kanika and Tanisha worry that the page is getting famous. Kanika says this person knows Faltu well, he wrote her life story, academy wants to know the truth, my reputation will get ruined, we tried to expose Ayaan. Tanu asks her not to panic. Kanika says the matter is going out of hands, ask Sid to help us in finding Faltu. Tanu asks will Sid agree. Sid hears them and asks why won’t I agree.


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