Evil Affairs starlife update Sunday 21 April 2024

Evil Affairs 21 April 2024: Kapalika telling Vikram and others if they didn’t decide whose sacrifice to give before her deadline ends, then she will give Piyush’s sacrifice to Malik. She vanishes. Veronica comes there with Nikki and tells that she will sit with her jija. Sumitra thinks the rasam couldn’t happen due to her, and she is talking nonstop. Veronica says she came to know that they are royals in Goa itself.

Piyush asks her not to talk and eat the food, as everyone can’t get royal food. Nikki tells that Veronica is my friend and guest here and asks him not to insult her. Veronica says its ok. She thinks she has to trap Piyush. Veronica asks Piyush to take her for the Palace outing. Sumitra says Piyush is busy and asks Nikki to take Veronica to her room. Nikki and Veronica go from there. Veronica tells that she has seen Piyush ignoring her and asks what is the matter. Nikki doesn’t tell her. She asks Veronica if she shall take her for the outing, but Veronica refuses excusing herself.

Vikram tells that they have to decide whose sacrifice to be given. Sumitra asks him to sacrifice her to save Piyush. Vikram says you are my wife and I can’t sacrifice you, I shall protect you. He says he will give his head to Malik and will give himself for human sacrifice. Sumitra says and you will make me widow, no. Prateik says you are very important to us. Vikram says we can’t give Piyush’s sacrifice for this royal life. Prateik says we shall talk to Malik directly and tell him that it is wrong.

Vikram says you knows the rules of Bhurangarh since your childhood and love has made you weak and your weakness will sacrifice all of us, and it is better that I give my sacrifice. Prateik says no, we shall not sacrifice ourselves. He says we shall sacrifice the one because of whom this situation arised to give the human sacrifice.

Piyush asks what do you mean, I will not let you give Nikki’s sacrifice. Prateik laughs and tells that Veronica. Piyush says Malik wanted sacrifice of one among us. Vikram says if Malik comes to know about this, then he will not agree and might kill us. Piyush says it is wrong, it will be a cold blooded murder and says we can’t plot anyone’s murder, she is a human. Prateik asks if you want to give your bali and says narbali means human killing and says we have to give one sacrifice to save all the family. He says Dai Maa was innocent too and her family, they were all killed. He says I can’t let my second child die, and says Veronica has to die. Kapalika comes there.

Prateik says we have decided, Veronica’s sacrifice. Kapalika laughs and says I am really enjoying this. She appreciates Prateik for his answer and says you can give Veronica’s bali, as Nikki is the part of the family and Veronica is like her childhood friend, just like a sister, so Malik will accept Veronica’s bali. She asks such uninvited guest shall be punished, and says tonight Veronica will become Malik’s delicious dish, and asks them to keep her ready before the mahurat. Everyone gets shocked.

Piyush thinks Nikki will be very alone after Veronica’s death. Veronica says you are mine Piyush. Nikki thinks there is nobody, except Veronica. Veronica comes to Piyush’s room and says you didn’t comment once for my photos. He says the photos didn’t download. She says let me present you something. She starts dancing. Kapalika sees her and says fulfill your wish before your sacrifice. Veronica says lets make reel and falls on Piyush. Aarohi comes there and asks what Veronica is doing here. Piyush says you are thinking us wrong. Veronica says she is his saali and half wife. Aarohi asks her to go and says she wants to talk to Piyush.

She tells that they are royals and don’t cross limits. Veronica goes. Rachna tells Sumitra that Nikki will break down and might rebel if Veronica is sacrificed. Aarohi comes there and tells everything to Sumitra. Sumitra tells that destiny is with us, we shall use Veronica’s foolishness carefully. She says Nikki calls her as her real sister, so go and tell her that her sister is trying to snatch her husband and suhaag, and you want to save her marital life,so that Veronica’s reflection don’t fall on Piyush, and tell her that you will send Veronica back, and Nikki will think that Veronica name eclipse is gone from her life.

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