Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

Evil Affairs 22 April 2024: Aarohi comes to Nikki’s room and says she wants to talk to her. Nikki asks her to sit and asks what happened, why you are so serious. Aarohi recalls Sumitra’s words and says I doubt her intentions. Nikki says her intentions are clear. Aarohi says I don’t want your heart to break and tells that she has seen something just now, and tells her.

Nikki is shocked and says this might be a misunderstanding. Aarohi says I wish, it was a misunderstanding, and says she was getting closer to Piyush and he was very uncomfortable. Nikki says how can Vero do this. Aarohi asks her to be careful, and says you are good and that’s why thinks others are good, and don’t know about the secrets in people’s hearts. Malik tells Kapalika that he is feeling weak, and asks when Nar bali will happen. Kapalika says 4 hours later and tells that you will get your feed.

Piyush asks what we will tell Nikki, where Veronica went? Sumitra says don’t worry, I have arranged, now Nikki will not ask anything about Veronica and will think that we have sent her back. He asks Piyush to take Veronica for nar bali. Piyush says how can I? Sumitra says Veronica wants to get you, and will believe you. She says Rachna will help you, and says Veronica herself will go to narbali place. Piyush says but. Vikram says if you have any option then tell me, and tells that 4 hours left. He tells Piyush that Sumitra couldn’t fulfill the rasams and then Malik took his Chacha’s life. He says when Aarohi couldn’t do the rasam, he has taken her unborn child’s life and cursed her that she will not become a mother again. Piyush says he will do.

Nikki thinks if Veronica came to get Piyush. Piyush tells that he will make everything fine, will sacrifice Veronica and calm down Malik’s fury. Rachna comes to Veronica and praises her fashion sense and says Piyush likes her, but couldn’t talk openly in this palace. Veronica thanks her. Rachna says why did he marry Nikki and says she must have done black magic, and says Piyush is innocent like cow. Nikki still thinks about Veronica. She says Aarohi can’t misunderstand and can differentiate between modernity and seduction. Rachna takes Veronica’s earrings and gives her Piyush’s letter, in which he is asking her to come to purani haveli.

Aarohi comes to Nikki and shows her the photos and video sent by Veronica to Piyush. Nikki is shocked and says who sends such photos to friend’s husband. Aarohi says enemy is better than such friend and tells that she will talk to Sumitra to send her today itself. She comes out and asks Bhavani to keep eye on Nikki, and she shall not go anywhere. Nikki realizes Nikki wants to seduce Piyush and snatch him from her, and says that’s why she came to Bhurangarh. She thinks to ask her why did she do this? She is about to go out.

Malik asks Kapalika, how much time is needed. Kapalika says just as Piyush takes Veronica there, I will sacrifice her and will relieve your hunger. Piyush and Rachna are outside Purani haveli. Piyush asks Rachna to bring Veronica inside, just as she came. Rachna is scared and tells that she didn’t go inside the haveli. Piyush says I am with you, don’t worry. Rachna says I will not let you fail. Piyush says Veronica is coming. He says you shall leave after seeing me there

Nikki comes out of her room. Bhavani Singh asks her to back to the room, as it is late night and she can’t go out. The lady guards try to stop her, but Nikki pushes all of them and orders Bhavani to move from her way. He moves away. Nikki goes.

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