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Hina is scared and looking around for Zeenat. Gulnaz comes there in a veil and starts going towards Haider’s room. Hina cries and says please don’t hurt my kids Zeenat. Gazal comes to her and asks what happened? Hina says please stop your mother, she wants to kill my Haider, I am your sinner so please ask your mother to punish me but leave my Haider alone.

I accept that I did sin, Zeenat died because of my allegations, she lost her life because of me, I am responsible for her death. Gazal is shocked. Hina says it’s time that you know the full truth. She says it was about a time when Haider was a kid, I took him to a shop but I saw your father running away with Haider, I couldn’t stop him but I caught your mother and alleged her for stealing my kid. The mob started beating her, I tried to stop them but they beat her to death. Gazal is shocked hearing all that. Hina tells her that I can’t bring your mother back but I promise I will always take care of you, please stop your mother, please save my Haider, I did a crime but he is innocent. She falls down and cries. Gazal takes a vase in anger and starts moving towards Hina. Gulnaz is shocked seeing that. Gazal is about to hit Hina but she sees Haider coming there so she throws it away. Haider sees Gazal sitting with Hina and rushes to them. He asks Hina what happened? why are you distressed? where is Dua? Hina says I am okay. Haider asks if she saw a bad dream? Gulnaz thinks they shouldn’t find out I gave that medicine to Dua to make her sleep. Gulnaz comes to them and says I will take care of Hina. Haider looks at Gazal and asks why is she crying? everything is fine. He takes Hina from there while Gazal glares at her.

Haider and Gulnaz bring Hina back to her room. Gulnaz sees Dua sleeping and thinks she won’t wake up till tomorrow. She asks Dua to wake up but she doesn’t. Haider asks if she is okay? Gulnaz says she doesn’t have fever. Hina says let her sleep, I am okay. She asks Haider to go and sleep. Haider says if you wanted anything then you could have called me, its good that Gazal came to you and helped you. Hina says I am totally okay, just go and sleep. He nods and asks Gulnaz to let her rest, Gulnaz leaves.

Haider tells Hina that you will be okay, we will go tomorrow to mosque and pray for you. Hina recalls confessing to Gazal and is in daze. She asks Haider to go and sleep. Haider looks at Dua sleeping deeply and thinks what’s wrong with her? she never sleeps like this. Haider starts leaving from there but Gulnaz comes to him and says I didn’t like Dua sleeping this deeply, so much happened and she didn’t even wake up. Haider says don’t worry about Dua, just pray for Hina. Gulnaz says I always do but it won’t be wrong if you accept Dua’s mistake. Haider angrily leaves. Gulnaz smirks and thinks I will use Gazal to separate Haider and Dua.

Hina cries and says I told everything to Gazal, I don’t know what she is going through. She tries waking Dua up but she doesn’t.

Gulnaz knocks on Gazal’s room door and says I know you are hurt but please open the door. She is about to leave but Gazal opens the door. Gulnaz hugs her and says you are not alone, I am with you, I know you are very hurt but at least you know the real faces of these people. When I got to know the truth, I wanted to tell you but they all stopped me. You know what Dua said? She said that she wouldn’t put her family’s happiness at risk for an outsider, Hina’s peace matters to her the most and Gazal can live without knowing the reason behind her mother’s death.

I was shocked and told her that Gazal is her friend but then Dua said that she befriended you out of pity and as her duty, she said she would give you some money to help you. How could she put a money on your mother’s death? I won’t let them hurt you, she hugs her and says I can’t stay here for long so I have to go but don’t worry about anything, if you need anything then just call me. She leaves from there while Gazal is in a daze. She recalls how Hina confessed to her mother’s death. She takes a knife and starts playing with it in a psychotic way.

In the morning, Dua wakes up and has a headache. She sees Hina awake in distress and asks if she is okay? Hina says I did a big mistake, I shouldn’t have done it. Dua looks on.

Dadi tells Rahat that this is the first time Dua didn’t wake up for prayers, lets check if she is okay.

Dua tells Hina that you shouldn’t have done that. Hina says her mother was threatening to harm Haider so I told everything to Gazal to protect him, now she knows that I am responsible for her mother’s death. What did I do.. Dadi, Rahat and Gulnaz come there. Dadi shouts you did what I was afraid of. Gulnaz tells Rahat that you threatened to divorce me if I disclosed the secret to Gazal but she did it herself so divorce her, all are shocked. Dadi shouts at her to stop spitting venom for a second, that girl will destroy this house, she tells Hina that you shouldn’t have done that. Hina says I did a mistake. Dua says I will go and talk to Gazal. Gulnaz thinks Gazal is ready to eat her up.

Dua knocks on Gazal’s door and says I know you are hurt but please listen to me for our friendship once. Gazal looks at a knife and recalls Hina confessing to her. She opens the door, Dua enters there and says you won’t hug your friend? Gazal hugs her and imagines herself stabbing her. Dua hugs her but Gazal stops herself from stabbing her. Dua says I know this truth is difficult for you but trust me Hina’s mistake was unintentional, she would never imagine hurting anyone deliberately. I know you had to live your life without your mother but I know you have a big heart so please forgive Hina, I am begging you as this regret will kill her. You might have lost a mother but think that God is giving you another mother, please forgive her. Gazal is angry and leaves from there.

Scene 2

Gazal comes to Hina’s room with Dua. All look on. Hina tells Gazal that I had no grudge against Zeenat, I didn’t do anything deliberately, I even tried to stop the mob but I couldn’t save Zeenat. Gazal goes near Hina and hugs her. All are confused. Gazal says we can’t change what fate has in store for us, she had to leave and we can’t change that, you didn’t do anything deliberately so I can’t blame you for anything. Hina says its my bad luck that I couldn’t fulfill my promise to Rahmani.

Gazal recalls how Gulnaz told her that her father came to talk to Hina and the family, he had a proposal for Gazal and Haider’s marriage but Hina broke her promise so her father’s couldn’t bear it and died because of that. The flashback ends. Hina tells Gazal that I don’t want to keep any secrets between us anymore. Your father came to us with a propose for your and Haider’s marriage but we had already fixed his marriage with Dua so we couldn’t fulfill your father’s wish. My Dua is innocent so don’t have grudges against her. Gazal nods and hugs Dua, she says how can I have a grudge against Dua? I just know that she is a very good friend and I want to be a friend too. We can’t have more than what we deserve. Dua had a fate to have Haider as her husband, have this family but my fate had just pain and being an orphan. Hina says don’t you call yourself an orphan again, I am your mother. You are my daughter from now on. All nod.

Hina tells Rahat that I have 6 kids now, Gazal is same as Haider, Ruhaan, Kaynaat and Noor. She asks Gazal to call her Ammi from now on. Dadi says thank God. Rahat says Gazal have a big heart, we will never forget this forgiveness. Gazal tells Hina that you have cried enough Ammi, I won’t let you cry anymore. She hugs her and says I will go and get ready. She leaves. Gulnaz is confused and thinks what’s wrong with Gazal? Dua thinks who tried to scare Hina yesterday? She asks Hina who did you see last night and why didn’t you wake me up? Hina says we tried so much, even Haider tried but you didn’t wake up. Dua says but I don’t sleep deeply. Dadi says leave all that, everything is okay now. Dua says we should find out who that woman was. Dadi says you know Hina must be hellicunating.

Gulnaz comes to Gazal and shouts that I was a fool to help you, you are a cheap and stupid girl. These people are snatching your right and you hugged them? you don’t deserve to have this right, your dead parents must be cursing you for taking their killer’s side, they would pray to not have you after seeing this. Gazal gets angry and slaps her hard. She grabs her and says I am not stupid but you are, you don’t know that I have to take them on a padestal to bring them down. I am an orphan and I have lived my life alone so who are you to get me my rights? I know how to snatch my rights. You thought I would create a scene in front of Hina and Dua? even if Haider had found out the truth, he wouldn’t leave his mother.

Dua and Haider would have remained together and I would have lived my remaining life by crying but no.. I won’t cry anymore. I will bring tears in Dua’s fate only. I won’t compromise on my life now, what’s my right is what I want. She says I have become their daughter and soon I will become their daughter in law. Gulnaz smirks hearing that. Gazal calls her closer but she is scared. Gazal says I know Hina is Haider’s weakness and Dua is his strength so I have to break her, she has seen my friendship till now but now she will see my animosity. My father’s last wish was for me to become this house’s daughter in law and I will fulfill it any cost. Haider and Dua’s relationship will fall apart soon.

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