Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

Evil Affairs 20 April 2024: Malik telling that he is very hungry and needs more blood. He comes to Nikki’s room to drink her blood and then thinks he can’t drink her blood now, as she has to complete shaitani rasmein. He says someone will be punished today. He looks at the heart in the house, and says come out.

The lady comes out holding knife and slits her throat. He kills her and drinks her blood. He thinks he will taste Nikki’s blood after the narbali and mohar rasam. Nikki doubts Piyush’s love and cries, asking God to save her. Piyush thinks if he had not brought her here, then this wouldn’t have happened. He thinks he shall think how to save his family and her. Aarohi tells Prateik that she wants the baby, but what will be in baby’s destiny. He says until the baby comes, all rasmein will be done and we will be free from fear. He blames Piyush. Aarohi tells Prateik that Papa will not let anything happen to Piyush, and the sword is on our necks. Sumitra tells Vikram that it is her mistake that she couldn’t convince Nikki for the rasam, and asks him to sacrifice her.

Nikki comes out. Piyush sees her. Nikki sees him and asks if he knows what has happened? Piyush says he knows that rasmein didn’t happen and asks her to send Veronica from here. Nikki tells him about Sister Anita’s death and says Veronica is like her sister. Veronica thinks to get Piyush. Nikki tells that today his mother slapped her. Piyush says we will talk about it later and asks her to send Veronica so that the rasmein can happen. Nikki says to hell with your rasmein.

Rachna comes to Nikki and asks her to have food. She asks her not to feel bad about Sumitra slapping her, and tells her that she is a mother and loves everyone. She recalls Sumitra’s words asking her to convince Nikki. Nikki tells her that she feels bad about Piyush’s behavior and she feels lonely. Rachna says I am with you, your younger sister. She thinks Sumitra will be happy to see her acting. Veronica makes dancing videos in revealing nighty and thinks how can a suppler ignore me. Piyush checks and thinks why she is sending vulgar videos to me. She thinks she will search a way to cut the hard nut.

In the morning, Prateik comes to the dining table. Sumitra asks about Aarohi. Prateik says she is unwell and I asked her to come. Vikram asks if they have taken the decision. Prateik gives a suggestion. Vikram says Kapalika told that the nar bali shall be given of someone who is our own. He says if Kapalika takes a decision then we can’t refuse. Kapalika comes there and says nar bali will be taken of Prateik’s brother. Everyone is shocked.

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