Titli Starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

Garv convincing Titli. He says I have fallen in love with you, there is no pressure on you, I just had to tell you what I know, no one can love you as much as I do, I can keep you happy, its me, only me, you have a habit to reject my proposal, I may get lucky the second time, take care. She turns to go.

He cries and thinks control Garv, be strong, men don’t cry. Titli thinks why am I feeling like breakup when we had no relation. They leave.

Dadi asks Paresh to put chilli and lemons at the door. Chintu jokes. Titli comes home. Jaishri asks what happened. She asks Hiral to get a cup of tea for Titli, else she will catch cold. Dadi asks did you like Sanket. Titli says I don’t want to marry him. Jaishri asks what.

Chintu laughs. He says this isn’t needed now. Jaishri asks Titli to sit and say what happened. Dadi asks what bad did you feel. Titli says his vibe. Paresh asks what did he do. She says I didn’t like him. Dadi says call Sanket and find out what happened. Titli says no, I don’t like him. Dadi says no, you did something. Paresh says I want to find out the matter. Titli thinks Sanket will tell about Garv.

Manikant scolds Koel. Garv comes home. Maina says Monica praised Titli a lot, she saved the day. She asks Garv to give Titli’s number. Garv tells them. Dhrishti says Garv remembers her number. He says my memory is good. She asks about her number. He says I don’t remember. She teases him. He says we used to talk every day about marriage. Koel says say for Monica’s marriage, her marriage went well, we have to find a girl for Garv.

Paresh calls Sanket and asks did you meet Titli. Sanket says yes, I met her, but this relation can’t form. Paresh asks what, did Titli make any mistake. Sanket says yes uncle, I have made a mistake, she is very nice, I don’t deserve her. Titli thinks why is he praising me. Sanket says I can’t take good care of her, she deserves a better person, she will find one soon. He ends call.

Titli thinks why did he lie. Sanket says I will take revenge on Titli soon. Dadi asks why did he get scared. Titli says its good, forget about my marriage for some days. Dadi says Hiral’s marriage is also due, do you think any prince will come and ask for your hand, no. Jaishri asks Titli to change clothes. Maina says guys have no pressure, they can get a nice girl in any age. Koel says I will find the girl for him. Dhrishti says I guess he has found a girl for himself. Koel asks Garv to say. Garv says I will go and do my work. Koel says I will know if any girl reaches his heart. Manikant taunts her.

His dad praises Koel. Manikant says I know how I lived a suffocated life. Koel says I will find the world’s best girl for Garv. Maina says yes, I trust your choice. Manikant says she has to become capable to find someone capable. He goes. Maina asks Koel to find the best girl for Garv.

Titli thinks of Garv. She recalls his words. She thinks to message him. She calls him by mistake. He takes her call. He asks did you call to give reply of my proposal. She says no. He says I have to make a new start with you. Koel asks pandit to make Titli away from Garv. She says she is after my son, she knows we are rich, we have everything, anyone can get greedy, I m sharp, I can identify greedy people, no one can cheat me, Garv is simple. Pandit asks her to get her son married to someone else. She says we are finding a girl for him. He says we get many proposals, shall I send the family to your house. She says good. She gives her address. She goes. Pandit says fool, you will get cheated tomorrow. Titli comes to Garv’s house to collect payment. Koel says its good everyone went out, I can meet the girl’s family peacefully. She cleans the house. The fake family come there to fool Koel. Titli sees them. The lady says we have come for our daughter’s marriage with Garv.

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