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Nikki says sorry to Piyush. Piyush says whatever happened is for good, and tells that now we can lead a new life. He says my past will not affect our life. Nikki says I will fulfill all the rituals for our new life. Vikram, Sumitra, Prateik and Aarohi come there. Sumitra says choti bahurani.

Nikki apologizes to her and says I will agree to all your sayings and will not give a chance to complain. Vikram says we just hope this from you. Nikki asks Piyush to be with her always and says since we came here, you are not with me. Piyush says I want to be alone for sometime. Nikki goes. Vikram says we were scared that you might tell truth to her. Piyush says I love her, but I love you all also. Kapalika looks at Piyush’s photo in the tab and tells that she is happy that he didn’t tell truth to Nikki and chose Malik at last. She looks at Nikki’s photo and says how did she come to know about Anjali, when nobody told her. She says if you are the one whom Malik and I are waiting. She chants some mantras and finds about which next rasam.

Piyush thinks of his lies about Aarti. Prateik comes there. Piyush says he sees his life with Nikki and he lied to her, and feels guilty about it. Prateik says whatever you did is for your family and the people of Bhurangarh. He says you lied to her for her own safety. He says it is good that you didn’t tell her that Kapalika had killed Aarti as she refused to do the rasams. He says you have compensated for thinking to run to London and says I am so proud of you.

Vikram is happy that Nikki doesn’t come to know about the truth, though she knows about Anjali now. Sumitra says it is time for next rasam, but till now don’t know what rasam, it will be. Just then the kalash falls there. He picks it and says Rajat Kalash, and says next rasam is ‘well’ rasam. Sumitra says nobody could do it until now, and even Aarohi couldn’t do, and fears that Nikki might fail too. Vikram says why Kapalika wants Nikki to do this rasam.

Malik asks Kapalika if she is mad to give well rasam to Nikki so soon. Kapalika says she feels that Nikki is the one. He says if you trust then go and wake him up, because of whom, “well” ritual is not possible. Kapalika goes and wakes up a skinny man/ghost with injuries on his body, and asks him to find out if she is the one, that new suhaagan.

Sumitra comes to Nikki and asks if she is ready. Nikki nods her head. They come to the well, where many women are waiting wearing black dress. Nikki sees Tantrik there and says why he looks at me this way. She looks at him. He throws ashes on her and asks if she is ready for the Rajat Kalash ritual. Nikki asks if I have to pull it using rope. He says no, you have to go to the depth of the well, and get the kalash.

Sumitra says you have to go to the depth of the well, find the kalash and fetch water in it and come out. Nikki says she can’t do this, as she is scared of water and also darkness, but here both are there. Sumitra says the well is not deep as you are thinking and asks her to come near, and says she will show her. She asks Nikki to come. Nikki looks down the well and it is very deep.


Sumitra throws a stone in the well. Nikki refuses to do the rasam. Sumitra asks her to take the first step and end her fear. Nikki takes a first step and asks if there is no way to do this rasam. The old lady says you are not the first one to do this rasam, your saas and bhabhi had done it before you. She asks her to come forward. Tantrik asks her to do the rasam and says mahurat is ending. Nikki says she is scared and he is worried about the rasam. Sumitra says you don’t know what will happen. Aarohi says if you don’t do this rasam then big inauspicious thing will happen. Nikki tells her that the well is so deep, how I will get down in it. Sumitra signs Aarohi. Aarohi pushes her in the well. Nikki falls down and then says Mummy ji. She says nothing happened to her after falling down from height. She says someone pushed her. Sumitra, Aarohi and old lady asks her to get the kalash and come out. Nikki says she will not search Kalash. The old lady says if you want to come out then search the kalash. Nikki says you people don’t care for me and search for the kalash. She finds the kalash and tries to get it, when she sees the skinny man and gets shocked. He crawls towards her. Nikki shouts asking Sumitra to save her, and says someone is here.

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