Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 19 April 2024

Evil Affairs 19 April 2024: Suguna telling Sumitra that she didn’t do right by stopping this rasam. Sumitra says I can’t let the rasam happen infront of outsider and says now nobody can save from Malik. She asks the ladies to leave. They hear someone scream and find the dead bodies.

Suguna says don’t know this new bahu will be responsible for how many deaths. The guy asks Vikram to save them being the killed. Vikram asks Piyush how did Veronica came here and doubts him that he informed her. Piyush says he didn’t talk to her.

Kapalika comes to Malik. Malik asks if she has brought Nikki’s blood. Kapalika says the rasam couldn’t happen. He asks if she refused? Kapalika says no, Nikki’s friend had come. He says he can’t bear his hunger. Kapalika asks him to accept her blood and he bites and sucks her blood. Kapalika feels pain. He says your blood is not powerful as married woman’s blood, but it relieved me for sometime. He says he can’t forgive them and asks her to go and kill them.

Kapalika says if I kill them then who will do the rasam, and says she feels that Nikki is the one, who is courageous, has strength and fearless. She says the rasams will become more dangerous. He asks her to go and tell them that he wants a male sacrifice now. Kapalika says ok.

Nikki comes to Veronica and hugs her. Veronica asks what happened to her, and why did she wear white saree. Nikki is about to tell the rasams, but stops. She asks her to make her talk to Sister Anita. Veronica says she has died, and tells that she was worried for her during her last days. She says her fear was wrong, as you have landed in Palace. Nikki says all that glitters is not gold, and tells that they are hell bent about the rituals, but she feels that something is wrong with them and these rasams are shait…Just then Sumitra comes there and takes Nikki out. Veronica says Nikki had snatched Piyush from her, she has problem to do the rasams, I will do the rasams and will get Piyush back. Sumitra slaps Nikki and asks how dare you to tell her about our rasams. Nikki says I didn’t tell her. She cries. Piyush also cries.

Kapalika comes to Vikram and tortures him. She asks him to sacrifice one of the man from his house and tells that she will decide about the first victim, and tells that she will kill his vansh one by one, and will keep him alive till the end. She says that they have to do nar bali. She says see you in the morning and goes. Vikram informs his family members about the same and asks them to decide. Everyone is shocked.

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