Imlie starlife update Thursday 18 April 2024

Imlie 18 April 2024: Annapurna orders Dolly to serve Sharifchand/Titu’s plate. Titu stops Dolly and says he himself does all his job. Sonali says Agastya told he has 100 acres of land, does he plough the land himself.

Titu says he tries to plough it himself and though he has many servants, he considers poor servants equal. Pallo fumes thinking Titu insulting her. Annapura asks Dolly not to serve her sweets as her mind is sweetened with Titu’s sweet words, one who respect poor are really good people. After dinner, Daadi thanks Imlie’s family for coming and offers them gifts before leaving.

Titu says as per custom, he should have even water of his daughter’s house, but Annapurna fed him a feast, he is thankful to her and can’t accept her gift. Pallo snatches gift from Annapurna’s hand.

Imlie asks Annapurna if she can drop them till the door. Annapurna permits her.Imlie gets a call and walks aside. Bulbul gets suspicious and follows her. Imlie picks call and tells the man that she can’t perform for him as bar owner had taken money from him long ago and not her and doesn’t perform anymore. Bulbul asks what will she do after her wedding drama ends in 6 months, no man will accept her after seeing knowing about her shady past.

Imlie says that is none of her business, tongue lashes her, and sends her away. Back to room, Agastya gives her daily allowance in her hand and says her sister was right that no dignified man will look at her after knowing her true colors. Imlie lectures him as usual and says only a true hearted man will understand and accept her the way she is.

Next morning, Bulbul and Pallo call her crying and ask her to reach home immediately. Imlie gets worried thinking something happened to Ashu and rushes towards home.

Daadi asks Agastya to call Imlie for a kitchen ritual. Agastyas says she is not in her room and he thought she is downstairs. Family doesn’t find her in whole house. Sonali taunts Agastya. Imlie reaches home and finds Pallo and Bulbul enjoying. She asks about Ashu and Titu. They say Ashu is in the hospital and Titu must be lying somewhere after getting heavily drunked. Imlie tongue lashes them for lying to her. Bulbul demands money and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t give her money. Imlie refuses to give her money. Agastya calls Imlie repeatedly. Imlie rejects calls at first, but then picks and goes aside. Bulbul asks Pallo to punish Imlie if she doesn’t give them money.

Imlie shouts at Agastya. Agastya informs that Annapurna wants her to perform kitchen ritual. Imlie refuses to perform the ritual and demands 10000 rs. Agastya says he already gave her 5 lakhs and is giving her daily allowance, what else she needs. Imlie argues and disconnects call saying she will not perform ritual until he gives her 10000 rs. She packs her trunk, walks out of the room, steps on burning coal, and falls down writhing in pain. Pallo says it’s a punishment for not giving them money. Daadi gets angry with Imlie’s careless behavior and tells Agastya that they shall perform a ritual in the afternoon. Imlie struggles to walk and messages Agastya that she doesn’t need his money and would reach home soon at any cost. She wears her shoes with great difficulty and walks towards home.

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