Every Girl’s Dream update Monday 20 March 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 20 March 2023: Minakshi beats the goon who accepts that he killed Aarav for money. Kach stops her and says Aarav died because he was behind a common girl, if he had stuck to our plan then he would have become a king. Minakshi slaps him and says we lost our son because of your greed. She tells Krisha you knew him, tell me he wouldn’t do all this. Krisha says yes, I am sure Aarav wouldn’t do all this. If he wanted money then he could have asked Dev. Jaya says he wanted to run away with a girl common girl, that girl must have asked him for money and relocate to another city so he must have gone to a goon as he couldn’t ask for money from us.

Krisha says I don’t believe all this, I am sure Vamika’s baby is not of Aarav because he loved Aditi, he was loyal to her and i am sure I will find proof. Jaya says you are acting like we didn’t know Aarav. Dev says enough, Aarav is no more so stop fighting.All family members sit down for Aarav’s prayer meet. Dev comes back and tells Rati that we couldn’t see him one last time.Dev comes to the poolside and sees someone jumping in the pool. He jumps in and saves her. It’s Vamika and she has cut her wrist. Dev brings her out of the pool and screams for help.

The doctor checks Vamika and tells Dev that Vamika is under serious depression. Jaya says she gets bad news one after another. The doctor says she is pregnant so take care of her. He leaves. Jaya tells Dev that you promised Vamika that you would bring Aarav back but what now? Ask her to abort her baby otherwise act like a royal and fulfill your duties. She brings the divorce papers and says just sign them. You have to leave Krisha to fulfill your duties as a royal. Vamika takes a knife and says I will kill my baby. Dev stops her. Jaya says this girl will die, just take up your responsibility. Dev says enough, Vamika is my duty so I will do what it takes to save her. He signs the divorce papers with his blo*dy thumb. Krisha comes there and finds the papers. Dev sadly leaves from there.

Krisha comes to Dev and says you are divorcing me? Dev says I am also in pain. Krisha says our relationship is not broken. Dev says I have to do this sacrifice as a royal. Vamika’s baby is our heir so I have to marry her. You have to accept this truth so just sign these papers. Krisha says I am tired of this royalty, I won’t let you sacrifice our love for this. Dev says enough, there is nothing bigger than my duties as a royal. Our relationship is dead to us. Krisha says our relationship will die when I die. Dev says there is nothing bigger than my royalty for me so just sign these papers. Krisha cries and runs from there.

Krisha is crying and tells Rati that Dev is leaving me. I feel alone today, he has broken me down today. I can’t leave Dev as I won’t be able to live without him. Rati says I won’t let you break down when you need me. I will be your strength. Minakshi comes there and says me too. I will be with you from today. I couldn’t respect Aarav’s love but I will not make you lose your love. Krisha hugs her and cries.Dev gets drunk and tells God why do I have to go through all this? I have only loved Krisha and I have to leave her? I know she will fight for me but I will make her hate me so much that she will sign the papers herself.Krisha prays to Lord and says I will fight till my last breath for my love.

Krisha comes to the mandir and prays for her love. She says I will never stop my duties as a wife. She brings out clothes for Dev and says my perfume on his clothes will keep reminding him of me. She asks the servant about Dev who says he got ready already and went to breakfast.Dev sits with Vamika and Jaya for the breakfast. Vamika thanks Dev for wearing the clothes that she chose for him. Jaya says he looks good. Dev says you can choose my clothes from now on. Krisha comes there and says Vamika you are sitting in my chair besides Dev. Vamika says I don’t see your name written on it. Krisha says you can’t find a place in Dev’s life by sitting beside him.

She sits on his other side but Dev ignores her. Krisha says why are you ignoring me? Dev tries to leave but Vamika stops him and says I feel depressed when you leave so please stay. Krisha says he can stay here with you. Dev says I have to go to the office. Jaya says Vamika can go with him. Dev says that’s a good idea and goes with him. Krisha is hurt seeing that.Krisha comes to the mandir and prays. She says you have to protect my sindoor. Krisha is leaving the house for Dev’s office but Jaya stops her and says why don’t you understand that your relationship with Dev has ended. Krisha says I am still his wife.

Jaya says your relationship has destroyed our honor. Vamika is right for him so I am choosing her for my son. Krisha tries to leave but Latika pushes her back. Minakshi comes there and says I am going out with Krisha to do pooja for Aarav. Jaya says you can take Rati but Krisha won’t go anywhere. Minakshi glares at her and says I have lost my son but I can’t allow anyone to stop me from praying for my son. You are a woman so understand my pain as a mom. She asks Latika to pooja stuff in her car and takes Krisha from there.Krisha tells Minakshi that I want to go to Dev’s office after the pooja. Minakshi gives her the car keys and says just pray for my son and fight for your love. Krisha thanks her and leaves in another car.

Scene 2
In the office, Vamika looks at Krisha and Dev’s photo. She says you don’t need this. She throws their photo away and says I will make you drink the juice. Dev stops her and says I am giving my name to your baby as it’s my duty but don’t expect anything more from me. I am giving you space in my life but not in my heart. He takes Krisha and his photo and puts it in the drawer. Vamika is hurt hearing that. The servant comes and says he has been called for a pooja.

Dev and Vamika to the lobby to find Krisha preparing for the pooja. All staff members are there. Vamika tries to sit beside Dev but the priest says only his wife will sit beside him. Krisha asks Vamika to sit in the back. Krisha sits with Dev and they do the pooja together. Krisha holds his hand while doing the pooja. Krisha offers parsad to him, he takes it. Krisha gives parsad to all others. Vamika asks the priest if she can do the pooja for her baby? He says yes and asks for the baby’s father’s name. Dev says it’s Devraj. The priest asks them to sit together for the pooja. Vamika tells Krisha that I have already taken your place.

Krisha comes back home and finds servants moving Dev’s stuff from their room. Dev comes there and says we don’t have a relationship so there is no point in staying in the same room. Krisha sadly looks at him and says I might not be able to live with you but please take this, she gives him a Bihariji’s idol. Dev takes it and leaves.


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