Every Girl’s Dream update Wednesday 22 March 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 22 March 2023: Dev is in the car with unconscious Krisha. He brings her to the hospital and she is taken to the OT. Rati and Vamika arrive there too. Vamika asks Dev how is Krisha? Dev sits in silence. The doctor tells Rati that we can’t say anything right now, she took a strong dose. Dev asks Rati to go and pray for her. Rati leaves.Kach brings baby clothes for Minakshi and says I bought it for Vamika’s baby. It’s our Aarav’s baby so that baby will become an heir. Minakshi says I don’t have time, I am going to the hospital for Krisha. Kach says you should focus on getting the rights for Aarav’s baby as then we will rule this empire. Minakshi says I don’t want to hear anything from you.

Dev prays to the idol Krisha gave him and says please save her. Vamika says God can’t do anything, I understand that you and Krisha love each other. I also fell in love with you, she holds his hand and says I worry about Krisha too but she needs to understand. Dev says I won’t move away from my duties but the price can’t be Krisha’s life. Vamika says there is an old mandir, it’s said that if you go there barefoot and pray there then God listens to you. I will go there and pray for Krisha. Dev recalls all the times Krisha said that Vamika is against her. Dev thinks Krisha always doubted Vamika but she is doing all this for Krisha. He says you don’t need to do this.Vamika says just focus on Krisha, she leaves. Dev says Krisha doubts Vamika but Vamika cares for her. He sees Vamika leaving from there and smiles.

Scene 2
Dev comes to Krisha’s room, the doctor says she is out of danger so she will wake up soon. Dev thanks him as he leaves. Dev smiles looks at Krisha and leaves from there.Vamika comes out of the hospital and meets Jaya. Jaya says you lied to Dev? He must be impressed with you. Vamika says how did you know I lied to him? Jaya says I have an eye on everything. I am impressed with your plan, you made Krisha take those pills by fooling her. Vamika says let’s go and celebrate.

Krisha wakes up and asks who brought her to the hospital? The nurse says Dev, I will bring him in. Kaka calls Krisha and says I need some files in the hotel. Krisha says I am in the hospital because of Vamika fooling Dev. Kaka says I am in a meeting in a club and Vamika is here. She is dancing happily here. Krisha asks if she is alone or with someone else? Kaka says she is alone. Krisha ends the call. Dev enters her room. Krisha tries to sit up but Dev stops her. They sadly look at each other. Krisha says you wanted me to go away from you so don’t show concern now.Kaka sees Vamika dancing in the club, he leaves before Jaya enters there.

Dev tells Krisha that I know you are hurting but I am stuck between promises and love. Krisha holds his hand and says your duties are my duties. If it was to save our family then I would have let you marry anyone but that girl Vamika is not good for anybody. She is a selfish woman who thinks about herself only. I want someone in your life who can love you and care for you. Dev says what’s wrong with you? You hate Vamika so much but other side Vamika has gone to the mandir barefoot to pray for you. Krisha says really? She lied to you, she is partying in a club. Dev says enough, I know you are jealous of her but stop burning yourself. Krisha says you can’t see the truth, I am not jealous of her.

How to make you explain this? She gets up from the bed and says it’s time you open your eyes and see everything. Let’s go and see how Vamika is praying for me.
Dev and Krisha are in the car. Dev says you should stop doubting Vamika, you will be proven wrong. Krisha says let’s go there and see.Jaya and Vamika are dancing in a club. Dev and Krisha arrive there. They look around but can’t spot Vamika. Dev says where is Vamika? Krisha says she was here only, Kaka saw her here. She asks some people around but no one saw her.

Vamika and Jaya hide from them. Dev calls Kaka and asks if he saw Vamika in the club? Kaka says no, I never saw her and I never told anything to Krisha, he ends the call. Krisha says he is lying. Vamika and Jaya are hiding in a storeroom so a staff member locks them in. Jaya tells Vamika that it’s good I saw them coming here and hid you both. Dev tells Krisha that let’s go from here, I will take you to the mandir and show you that Vamika is praying there for you, they leave. Vamika says we are stuck here, I will be exposed today.

Dev and Krisha arrive at the mandir. Dev tells Krisha that if you are proven wrong today then you will do as I say. They find Vamika praying for Krisha there. The priest says she is praying for someone with a pure heart. Dev glares at Krisha.Jaya gives money to the mandir staff to lie to Dev.Krisha tells Dev that Vamika was not here. Vamika smirks and thinks I had to do a lot to reach here. The flashback shows how Vamika got out of the club and drove away to the mandir. The flashback ends. Vamika sees Dev and says I was praying for Krisha. Dev says she is fine now. Vamika says I was sure.

Scene 2
Krisha comes back home. Jaya says I was worried for you. Dev says Krisha was being foolish but Vamika prayed for her sincerely. Vamika says I have nothing against Krisha. Dev thanks her and goes away. Dev brings the divorce papers and asks Krisha to sign them. Jaya says give her some time. Dev says I don’t want her to do stupid things again. Dev asks Jaya to start preparing for his and Vamika’s wedding. Krisha is stunned.

Vamika tells Jaya that Krisha will be thrown out of this house soon. She thanks Jaya and asks how did you deal with Kaka? The flashback shows how Jaya threatened Kaka with hurting his daughters. Jaya tells Vamika that I won’t be silent till I take revenge for my family.Krisha comes to her room and cries recalling Dev asking her to sign the divorce papers. Dev comes there and sadly looks at her. He asks her to sign the papers as they don’t have another choice. Krisha thinks nothing can be saved now. Dev says you put yourself in danger so it’s better that we separate, just sign the papers. Krisha asks if he doesn’t love her anymore? Dev says not at all, I love you but I am doing my duty by marrying Vamika.

I am just thinking about my family. Just sign the papers and go away from my life as I just give you pain. He leaves from there. Krisha looks at the divorce papers and says I will leave Dev’s life if he wants but I know that Vamika is fooling Dev. I don’t understand why Kaka lied to Dev.Krisha comes to mee Kaka, he tries to avoid her but she says I know you lied to Dev, why? Kaka says I am begging you to not pressurize him. He says my tongue is shut but God is watching everything. I just request you to be with Dev always, he doesn’t know who his enemies are.Krisha says what was Kaka trying to say? She gets the idea to use a CCTV video.

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