Dream girl update Wednesday 2 February 2022

Dream girl 2 February 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha going to her cabin. Her friend Nidhi tells her husband Akshay that next film, he can direct and he hopes so. The staff lady taunts Ayesha’s brother for not getting any launch. He says Manav and Ayesha will have a big launch for him and smiles. Bau ji curses the watchman and speaks against Navrang studios and Sareen. Laxmi says don’t curse Samar, I came here to become his heroine, what if he has brother, I have talent. Samar smiles. Laxmi says I have a story, I will show my talent.

Samar says the one who did this did not do right. Laxmi says I will see him, and jokes on Samar. He thinks she is right, her struggle is right, I m just having its workshop, shall I help her, if I get caught, I will ask Ayesha. Ayesha’s brother Karan asks her to do something. Karan asks till when, I did a lot of work here, Samar is getting his launch, tell Manav that I should get the next direction. She gets Samar’s call and Manav comes there.He asks about Akshay, and Akshay joins them. Manav tells a story and Nishi asks the director.

Karan asks for a chance, as Akshay is busy I post production. Manav says you worked hard Karan, I feel you need to become more mature, direction is not technical, you should have life experience, you need time. Ayesha says heroine should be found. Manav says we need a new face and asks Ayesha to find someone close to her shadow. Ayesha asks Nidhi to keep auditions. Karan asks her about his priorities. Ayesha says I know, but Manav… Karan says you know Manav will do what you say. She says no, he is very particular, else Samar’s film would have released, I will think something, but you wait for some time. She leaves. He says no, I won’t wait now.

Laxmi asks Samar to come out, she also have to take bath. His phone rings. She sees Bhabhi on it and she calls out Samosa wale, and thinks if there is any order for him. She takes the call. Ayesha asks who is this. Laxmi thinks its Ayesha’s voice, and says Raj went for bath, is she giving any order. She asks is she Ayesha, her voice is like her. Samar takes the call and throws the soap. Ayesha asks who was this. Laxmi says ill mannered and leaves. Ayesha asks is there any love story. He smiles and asks how is she. She says all is fine, everyone is happy, we need to find a new heroine for the film. He turns to see Laxmi and ends the call.

She says her voice was like Ayesha. He says you see Ayesha in everyone. He tells about Navrang studios, his bhabhi was saying they are finding a new heroine and audition is open. She says thank her and steps on the soap. She slips and he holds her hand. They see each other. Hara hara mai do nainon se hara…………..plays…………… She goes for bath.Later on, Laxmi says her lines and he smiles seeing her. She practices for her auditions. He recalls their first meeting. She asks Bua ji to hold phone right and asks Samar to make a good video. Bua ji goes to see her dish on gas stove.

Laxmi says I will call my dad and brother, and make a new home first, then call them. She says she will set her brother’s business and then go on long family holiday. He laughs on her lines. She scolds him. He gives her tips on acting, and says stars are made stars by saving their goodness in them. She looks at him.She says only he can say her. She asks why is he giving her lecture. He says you told me and poses like her. They smile. The watchman tells the girls if they got the call, then they will get selected. Laxmi says she did not get the call and gets an idea.

She goes and guard stops her. She says Manav Sareen called her. He asks about the appointment letter. She says I will tell Manav your name and he lets her go. She goes in the studios. She smiles seeing the huge Navrang studios.She imagines herself as the dreamgirl and walking in Navrang studios. She sees all her pics on walls. She says she is Laxmi Mathur, and says she gave auditions many places and got calls. She wants to commit to her first choice Navrang. The lady asks her to go calling her Miss Oversmart, and asks her to go. She says show my audition to Ayesha.

The peon says Ayesha came and her mood is bad. Everyone run. Laxmi stands and sees Ayesha walk in, recalling how she saw her in childhood. She smiles seeing Ayesha.She thinks her talent will talk to her. She hears Ayesha has sympathy with blind people. Amrita tells Ayesha she is feeling that the one who will take her place is reaching her very soon. Laxmi acts like blind and comes to them. Ayesha says I will talk later and Amrita asks her to take care. Laxmi sees Ayesha and smiles. Ayesha thinks who is it and how will they reach him. Laxmi comes inside and asks where am I? Ayesha sees her being stunned.

Laxmi talking to Ayesha and her staff. She holds a table showpiece and her lie is caught that she is not blind. She says she can become anything that Ayesha says. Ayesha asks her to get out. Laxmi says her way was wrong, give me one chance, I have talent, I will not annoy you. Zoya says what a girl, I thought history repeated itself, Prem uncle told me about your success story, you also came to become an actress and went in Prem’s cabin as mad girl, then he casted you and you become a top actress, Manav’s wife and then the owner of this studio, looks like this office got a new Ayesha.

Ayesha asks her to just be Samar’s GF, nothing else and taunts her. She gets a call that Manav came. Laxmi waits for Ayesha that she will come and call her, I gave solid performance, I m looking good too. Ayesha and Manav have a talk. He says he has seen Samar’s heroine. She asks who. He says Ayesha Sareen junior, I have seen a girl who is like you, a bright girl. She asks who is she. He says don’t know name, I saw her in office, orange salwar kameez, innocent face. Ayesha recalls Laxmi and says that girl. She says no, she is very desi, she does not know to talk and no sophistication. He smiles and says his eyes can go wrong, but not his instincts, that girl has something in her, she has a right factor.

Ayesha asks what. He holds her hand and says its Ayesha Sareen, the superstar factor. He says she will get trained being with you, this girl will be Samar’s heroine, trust me. She says ofcourse, anytime. He kisses her and leaves. Ayesha recalls his words and Amrita’s words. She calls Nidhi. Nidhi asks guard to kick out Laxmi. Ayesha comes there.Laxmi tells the guard that she will come in this office one day and become heroine, then Ayesha will get her inside the office. Ayesha says stop. Laxmi smiles seeing her. Ayesha walks to her and asks is she her fan, wants to work in navrang studios, and gives her the contract. Laxmi is stunned.

Laxmi sees it and smiles. Ayesha says congrats, Navrang studios need you. She turns and smiles. Laxmi says Navrang studios need me, Ayesha told me, and jumps happily. She dances and comes to Bua. She hugs Bua ji and calls her brother. She tells she is selected as heroine for Navrang’s new movie. He is glad and says he will give sweets to everyone. Bau ji thanks Lord and hugs her. She says show the contract. Laxmi says first we will place near Lord and then read.

Bua ji and Laxmi are in auto. They read the contract and Bau ji is stunned by the post. She says its written personal assistant. Laxmi says it maybe be PA’s role. Bua ji says Laxmi will ge given Rs 10000. Laxmi says it will be 10 lakhs. Bau ji says no. Laxmi checks it and is stunned. She asks why PA, I gave heroine audition, why did Ayesha give me PA job. She shouts no and the auto driver hits a cycle man by her scream. The cycle man is Samar and its again you reaction. Manav tells the film’s characters to Amrita and Akshay. Ayesha joins them and gives her opinion.

She says people want happy endings, fairy tales. Manav says story should look real, and we should keep spome struggles, we have many girls who want to become heroines, did you talk to that girl. Ayesha says yes, she is not interested, she did not come for acting, she came for job, she does not have acting passion. He says strange and asks her to talk to her, he wants her to do the movie. She says sure. He asks Akshay to focus on story where a guy and girl are finding dreams and managing each other, there will be many such couples. Laxmi holds Samar’s hand and smiles.

Samar gets up and she says sorry, are you hurt, its because of me. He says no, why are you sorry, I m unable to balance the cycle. She asks then which cycle do you ride. He says no, it got old and it has samosa box too. She says she will hold the box. He says I will give free samosa. Laxmi says everyone would have known it in Jodhpur till now. He asks her about her audition. She says she chose me as heroine, I gave solid audition, Manav was also clapping, as Samar was saying congrats. He laughs and asks did he say anything.

She says he was shocked seeing my acting, Ayesha hugged me and said we got new Ayesha, I signed the contract and then Manav told me to call Bhaiya, as I m family now. He asks did Manav not say to take car as she is heroine, and Ayesha asking her to take studio flat, as image will get down. She says he knows much about them. He says everyone know and many dream to become star. He says she will find some other way. She says you talk well. He says this is my way to find way to success and thanks for support. She says I left holding it, you have driven the cycle. They smile.

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