My heart knows update Wednesday 2 February 2022

My heart knows 2 February 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar telling Pawar that Kalyani and his phone got exchanged and says I didn’t ask her to tell you that. He shows Mugdha’s pic and asks Pawar to find out about her. Kalyani gets the file and comes to know that Mugdha is Atharv’s wife. Atharv tells the Doctor that he will support her financial to make his hospital and asks him not to give her overdose that she dies. He asks him to handle her for few more days. They come to the cabin.

Kalyani hides hearing them coming. She leaves after they leave. Malhar receives Atul’s call on Kalyani’s mobile and makes Constable talk to him. He asks her to talk to Atul feigning Kalyani’s voice and asks him to message. Atul messages her and sent a pic. Malhar sees Mugdha’s pic in the photo frame. He calls Kalyani. Kalyani says their phones are exchanged. Malhar tells about Mugdha with Atharv in the pic. Kalyani tells him that Mugdha is Atharv’s wife. Malhar is shocked. He asks her to leave from there immediately and tells that he has sent his jeep there.

Kalyani gets touched that he sent his jeep. She comes to hospital and asks Anupriya to come and says they will not go with Atharv. They come out and see Atharv there. They hide.Kalyani comes home and tells Atul that she never lost her vision, it was temporary due to the medicine effect and the conspiracy is done by…Atharv says the conspiracy is done by Malhar and brings the chemist, and says Malhar tried to harm Kalyani’s eyes. Atul gets angry on Malhar. Malhar comes there and tells that Atharv bribed the doctor to prescribe that medicine. Kalyani shows Mugdha’s file, but it is Atharv’s test report.

Atharv thinks what do you think that I will not know if a saree clad woman goes to Doctor’s clinic as Kalyani and he called the dr. Adhikari to know if Mugdha’s file is missing. He smiles and also recalls Kalyani plan to expose him.Malhar asks Chemist to tell how much money he has taken. Atul scolds Malhar and tells that he will complain to Commissioner. Atharv says I have already complaint and tells that he will not let malhar spoil his marriage. Kalyani tries to tell Atul about Mugdha, but he doesn’t believe her. She comes to room and finds Anupriya missing.

She calls her and comes out. She finds Anupriya locked in the car. She asks what are you doing here. Anupriya is tied. The goons sit in the car. Kalyani tells them that they are messing with the wrong girl and tries to pull out the goon from the car. The goon pushes her and escapes taking Anupriya. Atharv comes there on the bike.Kalyani fall down and bike ?stops near by, it turn out to be Atharav.. Kalyani shout for telling his truth to whole deshmukh family, when Atharav inform her that Anurpiya has been kiddnaped by his men.. He call? his men and scold them for keeping anupriya mobile ?on and ask to hurt? her by showing video call? to kalyani.

Kalayani shouts to stop and ask what does he want?? Atharav ride on his bike ?and ask her to get him married as soon as possible and save anupriya.. Kalayani agrees asking him to leave Anupriya, but Atharav say he shall leave her as soon as their marriage is complete, and if she betrays no-one will able to find Anupriya body even.. Kalayani cries???At home Malhar come with all proofs against Atharav, but Kalyani throw them helplessly and show anger ??to Malhar saying now she will not fall in his words.. Atul Come and ask about matter..

Malhar tell him Atharav truth how he got money??, his marriage everything, but Atul doesn’t believe him on top of that Kalayani shut him saying he is wrong… Malhar understand that she is being blackmailed or under some pressure, and ask about it holding kalayani, but she show fake anger?? to save Anupriya.. Atul take Malhar gun ?to stop him, and Malhar keep on asking Kalayani, seeing Atul with gun ?Aaji and Atharav get tense.. Aaji try to stop him, while Atharav think ?if Atul shoot gun, his whole truth will be out in inquiry and get tense..

Kalayani is shocked? and think? she know both atul and malhar, who are stubborn, and need to do something herself.. She shout and throw gun ?by diverting them and declare that she will marry Atharav with in 5 days.. Atharav smile cunningly ??while Malhar start crying??… Kalayani too turn sad?, but hide her sadness and say sorry to atul for not understanding him, while agree to marry atharav.. Malhar goes crying??…Later outside Atharav sit on well and ask Kalyani to sit near his expensive shoes??.. Kalayani do as he says..

Next he ask her to get up and jump from well and ask her to do proper rituals for marriage, otherwise anupriya by threating her.. Kalyani say she will do whatever he says but don’t hurt anupriya..

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