Dream girl update Thursday 3 February 2022

Dream girl 3 February 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi and Bua ji talking about her job as PA, if she went to apply for heroine role. She says its good that Ayesha did not send her empty hand. She sees Koffee with karan, and says Parineeti also worked for Yash films and then she got the heroine role. She says she will work under Ayesha and came in Manav’s sight, he will then cast her as heroine seeing her talent, and says Raj’s lines. She thanks Lord. Manav talks on phone and is glad.

His mum asks is Meera coming. She says yes, no centre can serve as a mum does, she will be coming and will need mum, but Ayesha will get busy in her tours. Ayesha comes and says she came early as Meera is coming.She says she will order food from hotel for Meera, and his mum says Meera will ask for her mum’s hand made food, she will miss Nandini, I think we should call her. Manav sees Ayesha upset and says I don’t think so. Ayesha says Maa is right, I think you should call Nandini. He goes.Its morning, Bua ji asks where did you go. Laxmi says to buy saree, its my first day at office, I have to impress Ayesha.

Samar asks is there audition. She says I got a job. He asks where. She thinks she should not tell him and says its new company, he does not know. She applies facepack and he gives her tips. She asks how do you know. He says he knows it by parlor client, she taught me when I went to give samosa. He says all the best. She says he is samosa wala and has full eyes on clients.The staff talks about Ayesha hiring Laxmi and discuss what happened last time. They all ask the peon Hasmukh to stop it. Laxmi comes in the red saree to set an impression, and smiles. She greets everyone and says I m Laxmi Mathur.

Ayesha’s PA. They ask about her dream to become heroine. Laxmi says whatever fate had. Karan greets her and says nice saree. Laxmi says Ayesha had also wear such saree and did PA role, so I wore this so that she knows my dedication. Zoya asks Laxmi to go for her dreams. Karan says we will record a scene and maybe Ayesha will like the audition. They all fool her and ask her to play bubbly girl.He asks her to come from the slide and he will show the tape to Ayesha. Laxmi says from up to there. Zoya says yes, Ayesha likes such characters. Laxmi says no, you see my action. They all laugh. Laxmi goes on the slide. Zoya says Karan, if Ayesha knows this.

Karan says Ayesha will come late, and Manav won’t come, just have fun. Ayesha walks in the office. Karan asks Laxmi to give her best shot. Laxmi comes on the slide saying she is very happy today and falls over Ayesha. Everyone is stunned. Laxmi says sorry. Ayesha recalls Amrita’s words. Laxmi gets up and gives her hand. Zoya says she will get a slap now. Karan says her slap is not seen, but felt.Laxmi says sorry Mam, I did not see you. Ayesha recalls Manav’s words. Laxmi says they told me about auditions. Ayesha asks audition? Laxmi says Karan and Zoya told me about second audition to show you and you can choose me as heroine. Laxmi gets tensed. Ayesha asks whose saree is this.

Laxmi says yours, I mean mine, you wore such saree in the film you did PA role, I thought it will be good start, but all ruined, I think its unlucky. Ayesha says your taste is very good Laxmi, keep it up. Laxmi smiles. Ayesha asks all staff to be inside in 5. Laxmi says shall I take this as good start or bad.Samar gets a good place to sell samosas. He tries to sell the hot samosas. All vendors look on and ask is he selling samosas in train, while dancing and laugh on him. No one buys the samosas. The girls find Samar cute and go to buy samosas. He gets glad to start the sales. More customers come and the vendors taunt him of being handsome and getting all girl customers.

The police comes and the vendors hide. They ask him to run, else he will be caught. Samar goes from there speeding his cycle.Ayesha talks to her staff. She asks who will say, and says Laxmi they were not taking your audition, they were making fun of you. Karan says its her first day, some ragging is fine. Ayesha says you think she knows your sophisticated jokes, will she know ragging, she is from a small city. She asks Laxmi not to get into their joke again. Laxmi feels Ayesha likes her and there is something between them. Samar is driving and thinks if police catches him, the media will know it.

Ayesha welcoming Laxmi to her job. She asks Laxmi to remove Zeera from her Salad, as her nutritionist told her not to consume Zeera. Laxmi says fine and Ayesha gives her 10 mins. Laxmi says this is good, I will get chance to say this in KWK. Ayesha says see how your smile goes. Amrita asks Amrita about her seat and Amrita gives her the desk. Amrita gets her daughter Mini’s call and gets stunned. She scolds Akshay for taking the red car which has Mini’s dress and argues with him. Amrita asks Akshay to become responsible and Akshaya apologizes. Laxmi looks on. Amrita says she will manage and asks Laxmi not to stare her, and do her work.

Laxmi says husbands have a bad state here and jokes. Ayesha sees Laxmi getting the salad and thinks she is energetic. Laxmi says just 7 mins and gives the salad. Laxmi says she is feeling bad that everyone got scolded because of her, she is foolish. Ayesha says no, she is intelligent and she needs to explain this to everyone, they played a prank to show she can be controlled by fear, she can’t be afraid, tell them by prank that you are not fool. Laxmi praises herself and says they are my colleagues. Ayesha says such jokes and power games goes on, if they get your complain, I will ignore them, but I need my PA to be very strong. Laxmi says yes mam, and gets glad that Ayesha is like boss and guardian, she will reach Samar soon.

A man asks Samar about samosa while he is resting under a tree. He wakes up and sells the samosas. He says this place is safe for business, but what about others, I did not see them, I will tell them about this place. He goes back to tell them and see them at same place. The man says the guy run by the siren sound and laugh on him. Samar hears him as they play siren again. He asks why did they lie. They laugh on him. Samar says I m new here. The man says we are old here and you came in our business. Samar says I got loss by you all. The men asks him to leave. An old man requests Samar to leave.

Amrita and Ayesha are leaving. Laxmi says bye from behind and they stop. Ayesha reminds her what she told and Laxmi says it will be done. The staff looks on and Amita asks Ayesha whats going on. Ayesha says I don’t want any gossip top reach Manav, Laxmi will get herself leave this job, see what happens, she will ruin herself by her smartness and hardwork, just wait and watch. Laxmi comes home and asks Bau ji to think something, she has to show her smartness. Samar washes his face.

Laxmi says we have to show everyone we are not less than anyone. Bau ji gets an idea and hugs Laxmi. Bau ji says we will mix chillies in samosas. Samar hears this and says what the hell. He stops Bua ji from touching his samosas. Laxmi asks was he inside. He says yes, and I heard everything. He says he has heard all planning. Bua ji says its not for you. Samar says this was to show me down, why did you plan this then. Laxmi scolds him and says she was ragged in office, so this was for them. Samar says with you too? Bua ji says means with you too? Laxmi says we innocent, what did we do, that they trouble us. Samar says I hate tears, the world is such.

Bau ji says we will mix chillies in samosas and make everyone have it for free. Samar refuses. Laxmi says he can’t do this and Samar says office people will not leave her. Laxmi says filmi lines. He goes.Ayesha plans for Meera and Nandini asks her mum in law Sona to get some homemade food. Sona says she will manage everything. Her husband says he will call Manav. Ayesha says she spoke to Meera’s counselor and says she should not have any rehabs, we should not make her feel guilty about her past, we can continue her therapy at home. Nandini says my daughter is not addict, she is traumatized, which child can see parents separation. Sona says yes, children should b with parents. She goes.

Nandini says whatever you do and try, you can’t take my place in this house, they are my kids, my mum in law loves me, you are living on things I left here. Ayesha says you said right, I can’t take your place, I don’t want to, the kids are yours, one is drug addict and second loves me a lot, mum is in your favor but Manav does not like to talk about you, he wakes up and wants to see my face, wants to spend day with me, I think I have made my point. Nandini leaves.

Laxmi laughs knowing he run by the police siren, why did he not see back. She says her boss is very cool. He says he is scared of jail. She says I was born in jail. He asks really? She says foolish, everyone is scared of jail. She gets an idea that everyone get scared and waves cloth, which hurts his eye. She blows in his eyes and takes care. She asks is he fine. He says he can see everything and smiles. She falls on him and they get under the cloth sheet.

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