Dream girl update Wednesday 23 March 2022

Dream girl 23 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha thinking who is it to call her and did not come till now. She thinks to call and gets message, that change in plan and new timing. Ayesha goes there and she gets message again, to reach somewhere else. She drives to that place and looks around. She thinks what does this person want. Ayesha gets another message and goes. Sona looks for Samar and tells Manav. Manav says when Ayesha is not at home, maybe they went together. He calls Samar. Samar comes in disguise and says he tried finding Laxmi all night.

Manav says she went by her wish. Samar says sorry to say, if Ayesha did this, would you not find her. Manav says he is finding Laxmi and asks him not to worry.Ayesha comes to the place and sees a man hitting the tree. She asks whose idea is this. The man looks scary and she goes. She sees darkness in the studio and asks is anyone here. She gets scared. She says whats this, there is no one here. Some pics fall. She checks it and gets shocked seeing her and Laxmi’s pics. She says I know Laxmi is doing all this, and comes out. She thinks where did that old man go.

She sees someone near her car and goes to see. She asks him to move, and gets stunned seeing him. He says there was a nail, tyre would have punctured.She says you… He says long time, how are you. She asks why did he come back. He says same attitude and anger, you did not change. She calls her wild cat and she had time for him before. She says she does not have time for useless people. She leaves. He says she will see my face from now on.Its night, Sona says Ayesha is careless, she did not call or message. Samar and Sona make each other have food.

Ayesha comes home and thinks she has to answer everyone now. Manav asks where was she. She starts lying that her phone was not working, she was at office and had much work. He says I called at office. He says he spoke to Nidhi. She gets tensed.She says how will Nidhi know, I had personal meeting and tells a fake story. Manav says its ok. She says sorry, this won’t happen again. She asks about Laxmi. Manav says no need, but commissioner recommended an officer to find her, he is very smart and I m sure he will find Laxmi. Its morning, Bua ji thinks Laxmi has come and opens the door. Its Karthik. She gets sad and shows she is strong. He says you show you are strong, you made Laxmi’s fav food. She cries.

He says he forgot that Laxmi can’t be stopped by any problem, she will come back. She hugs him and Laxmi’s dad cries seeing them.Ayesha wakes up and sees Manav is not there. She calls him and goes out. The same guy comes to meet Manav. He says he is investigation officer. Ayesha sees Manav and gets relieved. She gets shocked seeing that guy. Manav talks to Abhimanyu and introduces him to Ayesha. Abhimanyu says he has a bad news, he got a dead body, of Laxmi Mathur. They get shocked, and Samar too hears this.Abhimanyu saying there are chances that Laxmi is dead, they will investigate that its suicide or murder. Samar says she is alive.

Manav and Ayesha stop Samar. Samar asks Abhimanyu not to say anything and holds his collar in anger. Manav takes Samar asking him to control himself. Abhimanyu talks to Ayesha and says it happened like she wants, big home, rich husband, good family and career, she chose a good life, now he understood why she left him. She says I understood that you came to take revenge from me. He says it means you agree you did wrong with me. She says he never deserved him.

He tells a funny story of a drunkard man and laughs. He says he will not be after her, he knows her well, it means she has done something with Ayesha. He says Manav is a good man, we will be friends, as there is common thing between us, that’s Laxmi’s case, not you. She gets a message that she is alive and will be proved soon. She taunts him and leaves.Samar is hyper and Manav asks him to cool down, Abhimanyu is doing his work. Samar argues and says Laxmi can’t die, she can’t leave me. Manav hugs him and says we will get Laxmi.

Ayesha thinks whats happening, this is Laxmi doing this. She says whats Abhimanyu doing here, he is lying to me, I have to find out.Manav tells Abhimanyu that Samar is fine and apologizes for his side. Abhimanyu says even I wish its not Laxmi’s body, I will find her if it happens such. Abhimanyu questions Manav, Samar and Ayesha about Laxmi. Manav says everyone loved her. Abhimanyu says jealousy can make anyone hurt her. He asks Samar when did he meet Laxmi. Samar says they shared flat and fell in love with her. Samar tells about his misunderstanding about Laxmi and Karan. Ayesha gets a CD and takes it.

She says she had magazine shoot, she will get this work done. Abhimanyu asks is this imp now, I have to ask few questions. Ayesha says ask Samar and Manav, I will just come.Ayesha panics on seeing the CD. She sees Laxmi and her video, with message that she killed Laxmi. She gets shocked and says someone is trapping me. She says no one can trap her. Abhimanyu tells Samar that even he wants to find Laxmi. Ayesha comes to them and they all get Laxmi’s temple video. Ayesha gets tensed. Samar says this is wedding day video, she got shocked seeing someone. Abhimanyu checks all phones and says same video sent by same person.

She asks Ayesha does she know. She denies. Laxmi’s dad and Bua ji come and show the same video. Samar asks them to sit, Laxmi is fine. Her dad asks where is she. Abhimanyu tells them about getting a body similar to Laxmi, its not official. Samar says its not Laxmi. Ayesha thinks who can do this to target me by sending that video clip.

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