Dream girl update Friday 25 March 2022


Dream girl 25 March 2022: The Episode starts with Manav asking Abhimanyu not to let Ayesha fall in any trouble and not put her in lockup. He says he will arrange bail and come soon. Ayesha asks him not to go. Manav says I will come soon, and leaves. Karan sees her and leaves. Abhimanyu asks inspector to give her VIP treatment. They make Ayesha stand and does not let her sit. They ask her to remove her jewelry and keep it there. Ayesha is annoyed seeing their rudeness. They ask her to remove her hair pins, a its pointed. Ayesha removes the pins and says she won’t remove her wedding ring. Abhimanyu says let it be. They ask her to remove her sandal and give a old slipper.

Ayesha says no thanks. She signs on the register. Abhimanyu asks them to put her in lockup. Ayesha says wait, you told Manav that you will take care of me. Abhimanyu says I m caring as precious things are kept in lock, sorry to be rude, I m police officer. Abhimanyu taunts Ayesha, and says he loved with her innocent face and then got cheated, she does good acting, your husband got restless seeing you, I don’t blame him, even I got restless, I don’t know to be happy or worried, I won’t get sleep today, not even you, this is not any film set, there will be criminals in lockup who hate rich people, all the best. She says he will stay here in police station tonight at her service.

Ayesha is put in lockup. The media stops Manav and questions him did Ayesha kill Laxmi. They ask Samar why is he supporting Ayesha. Manav gets a call from Prem and says bail could not happen, it will happen on Monday, you try it. Laxmi’s dad scolds Karan and cries for Laxmi. Karan says I can’t console you, but the culprit will be punished.The lockup inmates start troubling Ayesha. Ayesha asks them not to hurt her and cries. She thinks where is Manav. The ladies trouble her a lot. Ayesha gets tensed. They are brought out and Ayesha is still there. She asks about Manav. The constable says he did not come.

The lawyer says he tried all contacts, they have to wait. Manav gets angry and asks him to free Ayesha today, do anything, we will pay money. The lawyer says I will try my best. Sona asks Manav to have food and he refuses. Samar says this is done to trap Ayesha, Laxmi is fine, but where is she.Samar walks on the road and misses Laxmi. He recalls her. Main Tenu samjhawan…………plays………….He says does Laxmi too realize my love, where is she…. He shouts Laxmi……Ayesha having tough time in the jail. Abhimanyu asks the staff not to give her water, as she drinks just imported water.


Manav is worried for Ayesha. Abhimanyu talks to Ayesha and says how she was before, she used to dream with her roommates, drink in same glass, sleep on the floor, how did she change so much? Ayesha argues with him. He says Manav won’t be restless seeing you here, when he knows your truth. Ayesha asks can she do a call. The lady constable refuses and asks her to talk in morning. Ayesha cries.Ayesha gets the jail food, and does not eat it. Abhimanyu taunts her and goes. Ayesha gets a chit in the food and hides it. She evaluates who is doing this, as if someone captured when she spoke to Laxmi, it means Abhimanyu has framed her.

He gets overthinking and sleeps.Its morning, Abhimanyu reads the news to Ayesha. Manav says I read the paper, I think someone is framing Ayesha. Samar says Karan is framing her, as she has exposed Karan for that MMS, Karan is bad to use Laxmi and then using this matter to frame Ayesha, if he does not keep relations, we will also end ties and not stop now. Samar goes to meet Karan and gets angry. Karan asks why did he call him. Samar asks where is Laxmi.Karan says you were marrying her, how would I know. Samar argues with him. Karan says Ayesha has done this, she is selfish.

Samar says you did not be loyal to your sister, what can we expect. Karan tells against Ayesha and says you will realize your mistake soon. Samar says I will drag you to jail when I get any proof. Karan says I will be waiting.Abhimanyu does not give mineral water to Ayesha. The lady says she can get unwell. He says I know, she can faint, but Manav will free her tomorrow, so I have to make her accept the truth today.

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